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GCR Fortnightly Sales: Lot 41, Sale 291

Closing Days: Bidding closes on Wednesday, 16 September at 5:00pm with "Final Bid" on Thursday, 17 September & Friday, 18 September 2020

Great Central Railwayana Auction Sale 291, Auction Lot 41

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Lot 41


A shedplate 75C Norwood Junction (1950 to January 1964 to steam. A small allocation of diesel shunters allocated until closure in 1966) In early BR days this ex SR shed had 40 locos, which was reduced to 18 in its final year. A small fleet of diesel shunters also carried this code; 3 03s, 15 08s and 3 of their SR forerunners. Repainted, the Eastleigh BR(S) triangle on the back. £100-200
 This lot sold for £160 to bidder number 2127.

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Great Central Railwayana Auction Sale 291, Lot 41

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