Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Sale 275B, Saturday, 22 February 2020, The Warriner School, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4LJ.

Sale starts: 9.30am, viewing from 7.30am (& during auction). Advance Viewing: Friday, 21 February 4.00-7.00pm.

Great Central Railwayana, Bloxham Auction

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LotSold £Description
1130.00Hornby boxed locomotives, 00 gauge R2342, A3 White Knight, R3114, B1, R3425 Q6. (3)
295.00R2344 Q1, R2744 Blundells, R2713 T9. (3)
3150.00R2586 Sir Keith Park, R3328 S15, R2743 Brighton. (3)
4120.00R3304 Drummond 700, R3333 Adams Tank, R2582 King Arthur Class. (3)
5170.00R3623 6221, Queen Elizabeth, R3594 Duchess Hamilton, R2636 Stanier 4MT. (3)
6150.00R3555 Sir William Stanier, R2637 Stanier 4MT, R3622 J36. (3)
7160.00R2563 William Wordsworth, R2847 Clan Buchanan R2183A 2P 40610. (3)
8130.00R2564 Firth of Tay, R2258 5MT, R2403 Derwent Grange. (3)
9140.00R52229 8F, R2229 8F, R2359 5MT, R3243 K1. (4)
1095.00R2314 Duchess of Kent, R2729 Honourable Artillery Co, R2287 Fowler 4P Tank. (3)
11100.00R2382 5MT, R2250 5MT, R2506 M7. (3)
1290.00R2359 5MT, R2383 City of Nottingham, R2395 8F. (3)
13110.00R2231 Duchess of Rutland, R2382 5MT, R2250 5MT. (3)
14100.00Bachmann boxed locomotives 00 gauge 32-876 Fairburn Tank, 32-354 standard MT tank x2. (3)
15100.0032-352 standard 4 MT, 32-501 standard 5MT, 32-851 9F. (3)
16140.0031-169 LYR 2-4-2 tank, 31-434 Midland 1F tank, MR 109 USA tank. (3)
1770.0031-176 BR Crab, 32-277 K3, 32-951 standard 4MT. (3)
18130.0032-576 Ivatt Class 4, 32-257 WD, 32-179 BR Crab. (3)
1990.0032-576 Ivatt Class 4, 32-154 N Class 31843, 32-507 standard 5 MT. (3)
20130.0032-257 WD, 32-576 Ivatt Class 4, 32-507 standard 5MT. (3)
21170.0031-921 Beachy Head, 35-078 E4 Class, 31-465 C Class 31579. (3)
22150.0031-628DC BR 3F, 31-118 standard 4 MT, 31-626A BR3F. (3)
23110.0031-088 GWR Earl, 31-881 BR 4F, 31-691 Stanier Mogul. (3)
24110.0031-932DC Midland Compound, 31-476A BR 92A, 31-013 BR 7F. (3)
25130.0031-976A BR standard 3MT, 31-978 standard 3MT, 35-052 Webb coal tank. (3)
26120.0031-454 Ivatt Push Pull, 32-225 BR Jinty, 31-450D Ivatt Push Pull, 32-081 56XX. (4)
27130.0031-210 BR Patriot, 32-551DS A1 Sea Eagle, 31-626 BR 3F. (3)
28100.0031-766 NRMA GNR C1 Atlantic, 31-146 D11 Prince Albert. (2)
29130.0032-177 BR Crab, 31-186 Jubilee Baroda, 32-829 Ivatt Class 2. (3)
30130.0032-027A Green Class 20, 32-900 Class 108 two car DMU. (2)
31110.0031-175 Jubilee Hong Kong, 32-876 Fairburn tank, 32-500 standard 5MT. (3)
32110.0032-201 87XX Pannier tank, 32-137 4575 Prairie, 32-226 Jinty. (3)
33120.0031-611 BR VI, 31-450B Ivatt Push Pull, 31-452B BR Ivatt. (3)
34150.00Bachmann 31-910 LBSCR La France, Hornby R2287 Fowler 4P, R6183 breakdown crane set + 12 boxed road vehicles. (15)
35170.00Roco DB 044 119-6, DR 52 2608-9. (2)
3670.00Wrenn SR 0-6-0 tank, plus three Hornby tanks. (4)
37120.00Fleishmann 01 0525-4 plus 89 005, Lilliput 01 1062 Streamliner. (3)
38130.00Dapol LSWR B4 also three Hornby tanks. (4)
39120.00Heljan MET BO BO John Milton, two Bachmann shunters etc. (4)
4050.00Roco DB Electric 103-113-7, 22 012. (2)
4175.00Hornby Dublo Co-Bo, 2 rail/three rail one weathered, both boxed. (2)
4228.00Hornby Dublo, Golden Fleece, boxed.
4322.00Hornby Dublo, Mallard, (in Golden Fleece box).
4485.00Hornby, Duchess of Hamilton (1938 2008 NRM Ed) + Silver Link 1935-2015 Lim. Ed. (2)
4530.00Jouef, Rame Inox Budd Railcar 2 car set boxed. (2)
4635.00Wrenn, Cardiff Castle, boxed.
4730.00Wrenn, SR, Dorchester, boxed.
4820.00Wrenn, LMS 2385, 2-6-4 Tank, boxed.
4925.00Wrenn, LMS 2679, 2-6-4 Tank, boxed.
5090.00Boxed wagons 12, loose wagons 12, boxed GWR coach. (25)
5142.00Bachmann Ivatt tank 41212 + GWR Pannier 7702, boxed. (2)
5238.00Bachmann, SR N Class 31813 + Ivatt 41243 boxed. (2)
5342.00Bachmann GWR 5927, Guild Hall, boxed. (1)
5450.00Quantity of model name and numberplates, GWR etc.
5515.00Two sections of N gauge layout on board. (2)

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Page 2: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
5640.00Hornby 0 gauge two/three rail track, wagons, turntable etc, two plastic crates.
5775.00DJH kit built Clan, 72004 in original box.
5830.00Gem, kit built LNWR, 0-8-0, BR 49093, in original box.
5945.00Hornby-Dublo wagons, boxed & unboxed, variety + Breakdown Crane, boxed.
6048.00Hornby, Stephensons Rocket, Real Steam Train Set, Boxed, Unused.
61130.00Corgi boxed model aircraft, Wellington, Lancaster, Halifax. (3)
622.00Box of track, accessories & controller.
6335.00Gaugemaster track controllers, double & single, latter unused in box. (2)
6440.00Liliput, Tudor Minstrel, in Trix box + Bachmann V2, Durham Lt Infly. (2)
6590.00Hornby, Mallard & Flying Scotsman (2016 rededication) boxed. (2)
6625.00Jouef SNCF 141R, boxed.
6755.00Hornby train pack, 3 car, green, DMU, boxed.
6820.00Playcraft, SNCF diesel & electric, boxed + 6x DB coaches, maker not known. (8)
69110.00Heljan, BRCW 00260, Lion, boxed.
7060.00Sutherland Models, kit built LNER 5782 2-4-2 tank, boxed.
7165.00Bachmann Class 411, 4 car EMU (4CEP) in BR(S) green livery, boxed.
7245.00Liliput, green Class 52 Western, boxed.
7328.00Jouef Class 40, Hornby Class 58, both boxed + Hornby Dublo, Western Crusades in A4 box. (3)
74110.00Hornby, NRM Edition, King George V + Caerphilly Castle, boxed. (2)
7540.00Small parts 0 gauge Glyn Valley Tramway, Sir Theodore, kit built, boxed.
762.00Hornby 0 gauge No.1 crane truck, boxed but box poor.
77110.00Boxed coaches inc. a variety of LNER teak (19) + a few wagons. (28)
7830.00Hornby Mallard + D49, Cheshire + Mainline 4752 tank, boxed. (3)
7985.00Kit builds, Bulldog, Kirtley 0-6-0, Webb coal tank, Bradford train + LMS 16011 & controller etc. (7)
8010.00Hornby Dublo T.P.O. mail van set, boxed.
81250.00Princess Royal Class locomotive & tender - "Princess Elizabeth" - No 6201- 12 volt, 3 rail electric with centre skate pick up. Original motor has been replaced with a (possibly) Bonds motor with integral gearbox driving the front axle - housed within the original motor side plates, original driving wheels also replaced with a very nice, more 'scale appearance' set, also the skate pick up is not an original feature, but runs better on stud contact track. Some overpainting to black areas, most original maroon paint is intact - along with the yellow lining, which is excellent, a few dents to the cab roof - but otherwise very good to excellent. Tender has a coal load added with overpainting to black front area, original maroon sides and rear mostly intact and very good, lower frames and wheels are very good, with yellow lining mostly intact. motor runs well, so, a fine model with lots of originality albeit with the exceptions, modifications and added painting as noted above. Generally very good to excellent and comes with a wooden carry case.
82170.00Princess Coronation 6201 Princess Loco + LMS tender in maroon + 3 LMS maroon coaches + controller in blue Rexine covered wooden presentation box, 14 volt AC 3 rail. Excellent plus condition, circa 1937/38.
8360.00Trix Twin Railways 00/H0 gauge. Red set box containing 'Pytchley' 4-4-0 loco and tender, BR green, 14 volt AC, No 62750 + early emblem tender. With 1 BR(W) brown/cream coach, boxed + 2 BR STD maroon coaches, boxed, + 2 goods wagons, boxed + 3 telegraph poles + 1 controller. Mixed items, excellent loco to unused coaches. 1953/65.
8470.00Trix Twin Railway, 00/H0 gauge. Red set box containing 'Pytchley' 4-4-0 loco & tender, BR green No 62750 + early totem tender, 3 rail 12 volt DC. + 2 long brown/cream GW Bogie coaches + 3 Shorty maroon coaches + 2 goods wagons & controller. Non original configuration (mixed parts). Good condition. Circa 1953/65.
8560.00Trix Twin Railway, 00/H0 gauge. Post war early BR twin passenger & goods set. Containing black 0-4-0 loco & tender, green 0-4-0 loco & tender + 3 BR (E) blood & custard shorty coaches + 5 goods wagons + controllers. Red Rexine covered box with instructions. 14 volt AC. Excellent plus condition. Circa 1953/54.
8665.00Trix Twin Railway 00/H0 gauge. Post war LMS twin passenger set 2/334. Containing 0-4-0 LMS maroon loco & tender 6200 + 0-4-0 LMS black loco & tender 693 with 1 four wheeled maroon LMS coach, 1 long Bogie LMS maroon coach + 3 shorty LMS maroon Bogie coaches, 1 controller. 14 volt AC, 3 rail. In red Rexine paper covered box with instructions. Excellent plus condition. Circa 1949.
8760.00Twin Trix Railway 00/H0 gauge. Twin BR(E) passenger + goods set containing BR green Pytchley 4-4-0 loco No 62750 & late totem tender. With 4 blood & custard shorty coaches + 5 goods wagons + 2 controllers, 3 rail, 12 volt DC. Red box, incomplete interior. Very good condition. Circa 1960.
8840.00(A) Trix Twin Railway 00/H0 gauge. Red set box containing 2 maroon long bogie coaches + Bogie brick wagon, boxed + Bogie bolster wagon, boxed + 2/551 derelict coach hut, boxed + 2 open goods wagons + 3 small empty boxes. Mixed items from mint boxed to very good. (B) Trix Twin Railway 00/H0 gauge. Red set box containing points, track, parts of "Manyways", bag of loco coal + other small parts. Useful lot.
8940.00(A) Trix Twin Railway 00/40 gauge. Red box set containing 2 long maroon Boigie coaches + 1 small LMS maroon tender + 2 Bogie brick wagons + 1 weltrol + 1 Bogie 'Western Fruits Express' wagon + 10 4 wheeled open wagons. Mixed items, good condition. (B) Trix Twin Railway 00/40 gauge. Red set box containing 1 Pullman coach + 2 early LMS shorty coaches + 3 tankers + 9 mixed goods wagons + 2 controllers. Mixed items all good condition.
9085.00Hornby R2219 Blackmore Vale, R154 Sir Dinadan, R2397A Fowler 4P. (3)
9120.00Wrenn 0-6-0 Class 08 diesel shunter.
9250.00Hornby R2313 Princess Louise, R584 County of Denbigh, R3222 42XX. (3)
9365.00GWR City Class kit built boxed also loose Lima King x2, Bachmann Manor + two tanks. (6)
9460.00Hornby R074 Hymek, R072 Class 25, R060 Class 47, Lima Warship. (4)
95100.00Bachmann 82-076 Fairburn tank, R058 pannier, Lima 94XX pannier, 32-125A 45XX, 32-079 56XX, Hornby R353, E2. (6)
9630.00Diesels not boxed, Lima Deltic, Lima Class 33, Lilliput Western, Triang Class 31 green & blue. (5)
9750.00Wrenn Clan Line. Boxed W2238.
9855.00Hornby Railways , Lord of the Isles classic limited edition set, green box.
9950.00Hornby, West Country Dorchester, Princess Elizabeth, not boxed. (2)
10085.00Boxed coaches, Hornby, Lima, Dapol, GMR, inc SR, 2 MR, GW etc. (16)
10110.00Quantity of garden railway track.
10280.00Coaches, Grafar, SR Suburban in original pack (6), loose coaches (21), various wagons + crane.
103100.00Boxed wagons, various makers + types. (31)
104150.00Bachmann boxed coaches, Southern & Western region. (12)
105110.00Hornby boxed coaches, LMS, LMR suburban. (12)
10650.00Roco F23/24 Schwabenpfiz boxed set.
10795.00Hornby R3512 BR H Class push pull set.
10850.00Hornby train pack R2173 GWR 14XX + auto coaches boxed.
1091,600.00Live Steam 5" gauge BR STND Britannia locomotive & tender, a Winson Technology kit, loco assembly complete below running plate, tender assembled, boiler complete (untested), parts & instructions in boxes
11045.00Hornby train Bassett Lowke.
111190.00Quantity of boxed model wagons, variety of types & makers.
112220.00Quantity of boxed model wagons, variety of types & makers.
113170.00Quantity of boxed model wagons, variety of types & makers.
114120.00Boxed coaches, Marklin DB, Bachmann Green Arrow, Hornby Pullmans. (9)
115130.00Bachmann boxed coaches, , LMS/LMR (10) plus one mainline. (11)

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Page 3: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
116140.00Bachmann boxed coaches, Midland region. (12)
117120.00Bachmann boxed coaches, Midland region suburban. (13)
118100.00Bachmann boxed coaches, carmine & cream. (12)
119120.00Hornby boxed coaches, carmine & cream + southern green. (10)
120100.00Misc boxed coaches + parcel van, misc makers. (13)
12155.00Midland Railway block bell.
122110.00GWR clock face with bezel, no movement, non matching case, no number, original condition.
123260.00Sykes lock & block instrument, To West Box, base bar shortened.
12495.00GWR D wagon plate + Fruit plate. (2)
12532.00BR(E) gauge glass lamp.
12645.00Modern station sign, Norwich, (One).
127300.00Coalville Town BR(M) enamel signal box board, considerable chipping.
128190.00BR(E) loco headlamp, complete.
12932.00Signal box phone, combined handset, wood case.
13060.00Early style ATC indicator assembly from loco cab + Bulleid headlamp, lacking lens. (2)
131140.00Loco headlamp, Lindley, LMS style.
13275.00Cast iron notice, Beware of Trains, Midland Railway.
13375.00LMS handlamp + inspection lamp. (2)
13470.00GWR block switch instrument.
13550.00GWR lamp In/Out indicator.
13660.00Pair of brake van lamps, one black, one white. (2)
137170.00Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway block instrument.
13850.00LNER D plate, LMS T/c plate, container plate, BR crest, NUR fob, ticket box, MRT + sleeper tray & crockery.
13950.00Small bell, LNWR, Electrical & Signal Dept Crewe.
140120.00Midland Railway pegging block instrument.
14180.00Wrenn, W2206, BR 0-6-0 Tank, W2218, 80033 + Hornby Dublo 2224 8F 48073, (all boxed) (3).
14260.00Hornby Dublo boxed coaches/red & blue boxes, LMR, WR etc + one loose Royal Mail van. (10)
14335.00Hornby Class 90, Class 92 + DVT & 2 coaches, (all loose), 2 further coaches boxed. (7)
144100.00Hornby 0 gauge clockwork model Lord Nelson, with tender + 00 gauge Pullman (2)
14530.00Bus registration plate, LUC1.
14655.00Bus registration plate, SMK 676F
14770.00Routemaster numberplate RM227 red, vehicle reg plate style + photo.
14810.00Small punch ticket hand held rack + collecting box. (2)
14955.00Large downlighter lamp with brass Gowshell plate on back.
15020.00Merryweather-London, large brass hub cap + reproduction notice.
15112.00Box of assorted railway paperwork etc.
15240.00Bus ticket machine + strap and box. DCT on top.
15340.00Bus ticket machine + strap and box.
15435.00General Accident & Life Assurance, oval coloured glass agency sign.
15560.00BR(M) LMS type handlamp + cart lamp. (2)
156190.00GWR wall lamp, decorative cast bracket, brass lamp & burner + chimney.
15785.00RENFE (Spanish) brass handlamp, with rear bracket.
15870.00Miner safety lamp.
15945.00LMS First Aid box.
16050.00GWR roundel silver plated tea pot.
16145.00Framed and glazed prints/photos, coat of arms etc. (15)
16230.00London Chatham & Dover Rly mounted coat of arms transfer, framed & glazed.
16350.00Silver plated pint tankard, base marked Reft Dept S.W.R in engraved script lettering.
16410.00Wooden stool, (for ticket collectors).
16585.00Van plate, SR, 57907, Lancing, large size.
166130.00Tenderplate, L&NWR, No. 1664, cast iron, rectangular.
167130.00Underground cab destination plates (chipped), East Ham/Barking (blue), Plaistow/East Ham (black). (2)
16855.00LSWR carriage roof brass vents, (internal). (2)
16932.00LMS Hotels silver plated 12" drinks tray with ball feet.
17020.00Cheffins map of English and Scotch Railways, 1845, framed & glazed.
17155.00Coach plate, GER makers, 1909, Stratford Works, oval.
17255.00LNER large tea pot, script lettering.
17328.00LBSCR large mounted coat of arms transfer.
17485.00Framed limited edition print, 34051, Winston Churchill by Cuneo 85/850.
17540.00Framed print, Clapham Jct by Cuneo, as used for the famous poster.

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Page 4: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
176190.00Tenderplate, L&YR No. 1458, 1904, rectangular, scalloped corners.
17770.00China SER milk pourer, SWR small bowl, LCDR cup, LSWR sugar bowl, the latter repaired. (4)
17860.00Silver plate, LNER rectangular tray + two oval meat dishes, one Coronation pattern. (3)
179130.00Underground cab destination plate, Hammersmith/ Mansion House.
18040.00LNER silver plated bread basket.
18160.00SR sack truck, Brighton, green paintwork.
18250.00Signal box name board, Shrewsbury, No.2, Crewe Bank, loss of beading, rot at base.
18355.00Wooden ladder, Dalston Jct, F.R.Co., on side.
18450.00Plastic station sign, Clapham Junction + Warblington. (2)
18585.00Wooden sign, Great Northern Railway Company, painted.
18690.00North Eastern Railway cast iron Electric Live Rails notice.
187140.00Signal box backboard painted descriptions, include, Aintree & Walton, 149", original condition.
188130.00BR(E) enamel, Holmes Chapel Frame, two sections.
189210.00Pair of route boards from Char-a-Banc, To & From the Station. (2)
19040.00NER bridge weight cast iron sign.
19155.00Carriage panel from EMU, Stourhead, by Edward Pond.
19265.00L & YR three aspect handlamp.
19320.00Eastwood (end loss), Pakistan Rly, Met Cam etc. (5)
19438.00GNR S numberplate 1.
19530.00GWR spirit measure & LNWR whistle. (2)
19645.00LNWR teapot & quantity of other china.
19725.00Box of railway buttons.
19860.00A pair of brake van lamps. (2)
199140.00Handlamps GWR coppertop + BR(W) brass collar. (2)
200130.00GER type sliding knob handlamp + small police lamp. (2)
20165.00Enamel plate, LMS, for cart collection service + Goods Agent wooden doorplate (2)
20275.00Road sign, Cross Roads, red triangle & stop sign. (3)
20370.00Midland Railway cast iron signal finial.
20470.00LYR type signal finial.
20545.00GWR siding signal blade, home, with white circle.
20670.00Small corrugated calling on signal arm, central specs.
20795.00Signal arms, blade only, home. (3)
208150.00Wood sign, Door not to be used by Shed Staff Without Authority.
209200.00LMS enamel trespass notice.
210100.00CLC signal post finial.
211140.00Wooden sign Loch Lomond Piers, all classes, ex Balloch Pier.
21250.00LNWR N.D wooden pattern for boundary post.
21375.00Parcels Office & Cloak Room, wooden doorplate, cast letters.
214190.00Wooden sign, Railway Companies Engines Must Not Pass this Notice.
21585.00Caledonian Railway signal finial.
21675.00Van board, To Work between Swindon & Old Oak Common via Padd.
21780.00Wooden ground frame board, Minera, (near Wrexham), cast letters.
21870.00Wooden road sign, Berwick Stn 1, Upper Dicker 4, Horsebridge 6.
21970.00GNR type signal finial.
220100.00Signal arms, blades only, distant + pair of homes. (3)
221100.00Doorplate, BR(E) Private, enamel, flangeless.
22245.00BR(W) brass collar handlamp, GWR type + Bardic handlamp. (2)
22342.00Silver plated Walker & Hall presentation tray, LNWR Goods Dept Crewe Promotion to Chief Transit Clerk 1916.
22442.00Saltglaze ashtray, LMS NCC, UTA, Shipbuilders + long wood & copper type. (5)
225150.00Enamel sign, Danger, Beware of Locomotive, red on white.
226140.00Enamel sign, Danger Beware of Locomotive, red on white.
22770.00Framed map, Hull & Barnsley Railway + GB Map & modern poster reprints. (5)
22850.00Carriage board, Waterloo, Southampton, Bournemouth/W,S, Weymouth, (wear).
229140.00Carriage board, Paddington, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea.
23040.00Carriage board, London-Liverpool, (wear).
23138.00Carriage board, London, Keswick, Workington, (wear).
23255.00South African Railways mirror showing antelope emblem & clouds.
233150.00Pre Group enamel sign, Booking Office, (long).
234160.00North Staffordshire Railway stove, knot emblem on the front.
23570.00MSLR boundary post.

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Page 5: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
23670.00CLC boundary post.
23732.00Reproduction nameplate, Carlisle, Bishops Castle Railway.
23838.00Handlamps, BR(W), LMS (no glass) + BR. (3)
23955.00Glasses, SR Sundae, SR half pint, BR(E) brandy x2. (4)
240120.00LT handlamp + inspection lamp, Maguire & Catchall, Dublin. (2)
241230.00Wooden sign, Station Master, cast letters.
24260.00GWR signal post finial.
243190.00GER enamel sign, Passengers Must Cross by this Bridge, (pointing hand).
244310.00GWR large hanging sign, Platform 3, cast letters on wood.
245110.00Large enamel sign, Barry Railway, Access to Tip Roads etc, repairs.
246120.00BR modern plastic station signs, Vauxhall NSE, New Malden, Wimbledon Park. (3)
247160.00GWR lever plates, 1 Detonators, 9 Up Main Detonator. (2)
24838.00LNER carriage board, The Tynesider, ex stores.
249800.00Early untitled cast iron notice, Beware of the Trains, long, thin.
25065.00Large Scottish cruciform signal finial.
251390.00BR(E) enamel sign, British Railways Central Dispatch & Letter Sorting Office.
252250.00GWR lever plates, 3, Up Main Inner Home, 5, Up Mn Adv Startg, 30 On Mn Startg, 21 F.P.L. (4)
253180.00Wooden notice, LNER, No Road to the Station, Trespassers will be Prosecuted.
254340.00GWR lever plates, 7, Disc For, 19 FPL For, (longer), 22, Up Main Home, 12, 11 or. (4)
255180.00GWR lever plates, 4, Up Main, Starting, 26 FPL, 9 Main Xover, 15/14. (4)
25665.00GWR square based signal finial.
257290.00GWR lever plates, 2, Up Main Home, 8, Disc for 9, 8 Disc for 7, 23, 22. (4)
258100.00BR modern plastic station signs, Haslemere NSE, Liss, NSE, Weybridge. (3)
259500.00Trafolite lever plate Oxford Facing + Up Mn Good Loop ex Aynho Jct + Ivorines Kings Sutton Water Tank / Pump House. (4)
26065.00Caledonian Railway signal finial.
26135.00LNWR landmine inkwell.
26285.00LNER handlamp stamped Farnsworth.
263190.00Midland Railway enamel fire buckets notice.
26470.00North Eastern Railway large circular bowl, NER cartouche on side.
26530.00China plate, Carlisle Station Refreshment Room on base, Pheasant design, repaired.
26648.00LNER Cathedral plates, set of six. (6)
267230.00L&YR cast iron signal box door notice.
26870.00Bridgeplates LNWR 5 + LMS, 40. (2)
26938.00Bridgeplate, CL Ry, 40.
270200.00NER handlamp, NER vessel & square company plate.
27175.00SC (Self Cleaning) plate, to fit behind shed code.
27285.00East Coast Joint Stock general purpose handlamp.
27370.00L&YR brass shunters/P Way warning horn, working.
274260.00GWR Sugg, copper top handlamp, No. 539.
275560.00GCR inspection lamp.
27650.00L&YR full title step tread + CLC signal lever catch. (2)
27760.00NER waiting room wall lamp, NER plate.
27885.00Small GWR loco whistle, ex loco condition.
279110.00Small GWR loco whistle, ex loco condition.
28085.00Worksplate, LMS Built Derby, fine ex loco condition.
281150.00McKenzie Holland small signal finial, spike detached.
282600.00Numberplate, SE&CR Ashford Works, 31, cast iron, letters & rim appear chromed.
283110.00SR Sykes signal box block bell, small type.
28435.00Signal box control phone, wooden case.
285140.00GWR 1947 double line block instrument.
28642.00Handlamps, BR(S) + BR. (2)
28750.00GWR 1947, lamp In/Out indicator.
28880.00Scottish cruciform signal finial.
289180.00Brass plungers, Push to Release. (2)
29095.00GWR block bell with tapper.
29130.00Signal box control phone.
292120.00GWR block bell with tapper.
293220.00GWR 1947 block instrument with trafolite plate, Okehampton.
29442.00Wood cased signal box phone with combined bakelite handset.
295120.00London Chatham & Dover Rly signal finial.

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Page 6: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
29630.00V.O.L. switch instrument and box, Up Through Line, West End (From West Country BR(W)).
29760.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
298110.00Collection of Voltmeters and similar, one has Telegraph Linemen, Yeovil, Pen Mill, etched in the Bakelite base. (5)
299130.00GWR signal box block bell, requires bell and mount refitting.
300130.00GWR signal box block switch.
30160.00SR brass cased signal repeaters. (2)
302170.00SR brass plunger, enamel ring Down Siding, West points + 2 similar rings & 3x lever plates. (6)
30360.00Bakelite T/C indicator & repeater + bakelite plunger. (3)
304150.00Stratford on Avon & Midland Jc trespass sign.
305105.00LSWR bridgeplate 688.
30630.00LSWR bridgeplate 126.
30730.00LSWR bridgeplate 385.
30830.00LSWR milepost 212.
30970.00LSWR cast notice, Shut This Gate.
31085.00LSWR cast notice, Shut This Gate + Penalty sign broken. (2)
31132.00LSWR gradient arms 440/264. (2)
31232.00LSWR gradient arms 660/250. (2)
31375.00LSWR gradient arms, 61/LEVEL. (2)
31465.00BR(W) finial, GWR pattern.
31575.00BR(W) finial, GWR pattern.
31670.00BR(W) finial, GWR pattern.
31765.00SR/LSWR pattern signal finial.
31865.00SR/LSWR pattern signal finial.
319120.00Ground signal, GER distant repeater.
32035.00Small sack truck, Harby & Donnington.
32132.00Wagonplate, NER, 2689, embossed steel.
32260.00LSWR cast iron notice, Shut this Gate.
32365.00LSWR handlamp, complete with initials on the side.
324250.00LB&SCR handlamp, large brass company plate, lacks top handle.
325120.00Large LNWR train approaching bell.
32648.00Wagonplates, SR 1090 Ashford, MR Derby 1910, D plate, Met Cam 1956, lot 2799. (3)
32742.00Service by Night, quad royal poster, David Shepherd, mounted on board.
32828.00Wagonplate, Clayton Wagons, Abby Works, Lincoln, 1924, (image of lion).
329170.00Carriage step plate, Gloucester C&W Co. 1930, cast brass rectangle.
33075.00Wagonplate, Metropolitan CW & Finance co., Ashbury Works, 1914.
33195.00Wagonplate Met Amalg C&W Co., Old Park Works, Wednesbury, 1910.
33220.00Wagonplates, BRCW, Smethwick 1903, weld repair + brass Glos C&W. (2)
333180.00BR(E) type loco headlamp.
33495.00LMS Wolverton & LMS Duplex pressure gauge. (2)
335unsoldSmall signal box telephone, separate mouth and ear pieces.
336130.00Viaduct plate, GCR, 374 (112), from Leicester.
33775.00Shedplate, 89D Oswestry.
33875.00GNR handlamp, double piecrust top.
33985.00Wagonplates, Hurst Nelson, 1958, Tank Rentals, Standard Wagon, Powell Duffryn, Central Wagon, Wigan. (5)
340120.00Midland Rly cast iron sign, Beware of Trains, corner repair + LNWR 12 bridge plate. (2)
34170.00Wagonplate, Fruit.
34255.00Very small BR(M) enamel trespass notice.
34370.00NER handlamp with NER brass plate & vessel.
34442.00Bridgeplate, WR & GR, 73.
34560.00LMS handlamps, one wartime, the other standard. (2)
34690.00Shedplate, 30A Stratford from a diesel shunter.
34750.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
34880.00GNR cast iron sign, Beware of Trains, Look Up & Down.
349140.00LNER small bulls eye hand lamp with fitting for bracket on back.
35065.00NER cast iron gate notice, Shut this Gate + Penalty for Neglect. (2)
35140.00BR(E) gauge glass lamp, small brass plate added, Bescot, 26/6/60, presentation.
35230.00Wagonplate, GW, 89306 + GWR Regn plate 878, 1928, 31 tons. (2)
353100.00LNEC small handlamp, curved front glass, stamped Ardsley + handlamp with presentation plate, Eydon Road Halt, G. Simms, Guard GCR. (2)
35470.00Shedplate, 40B Immingham
35570.00Wagonplates, Butterley 1964, Wagon Rep Glos, Pickering, Glos RCW, Chas Roberts, 1959. (5)

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Page 7: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
35665.00Pair of Isle of Man Ry 1st Class door handles + GWR brass door closer. (3)
35742.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
35840.00GNR culvert plate, 244 + NER bridgeplate, 89. (2)
359160.00Shedplate, 2F, Woodford Halse.
36075.00SR handlamp, plate on side, Charing Cross S.B.
36170.00LMS Star 1934, LMS Reg'd 1940, SR 2166Van, LNER D, 21T Darlington 1946. (4)
362140.00Set of three GWR, RD pewter tankards, pint, half, gill, waisted type. (3)
36340.00GCR wagon registration plate, 650, 1915 + similar LMS, 1947. (2)
36475.00Wagon plates, LNER Star, BR(E) Star + LNER registration. (3)
36555.00Wagon plates, LMS Star + 1 + BR(M) Star & BR(M) registration plate. (3)
36635.00German shed allocation plate, BW Dortmund-Rbf, ex loco.
36770.00GWR Hotels silver plated tankards, pint & half pint, coat of arms. (2)
36830.00Street direction sign Harringay West Station, blue with red double arrows & bracket.
36940.00Saltglaze flagon, Robert Drane, Eccles Station, (Ex Eccles Road, Railway Tavern, GER).
37090.00BR(W) enamel sign, Gentlemen, (chips).
37155.00Handlamps, GWR brass collar + SR. (2)
37235.00LNER loco handlamp + BR(W) signal lamp interior. (2)
37330.00Modern Stop sign to clamp to rail head.
37420.00GWR salt glaze ink pot, Great Western Railway on the side.
37548.00A box of assorted brass plates, relating to locos.
37650.00Framed waiting room print, M V Cambria.
377230.00GWR collecting tin with brass fittings.
37860.00Oil cans, BR first aid box & wagon plate holder.
37910.00A group of framed and glazed prints. (6)
3805.00A group of framed and glazed prints. (6)
381120.00LNWR platform sign, Bay 1, pointing hand, ex Crewe.
38235.00Gradient post, 1 in 107/1 in 266, cast letters on post.
38390.00Carved wooden sign Cross the Line by the Subway, cast letters on wood.
384180.00GWR distant signal repeater, wood case, red arm.
38538.00Adjustable calendar advertising the BBC Listener magazine, image of microphone.
38670.00Brass step tread, Metropolitan Carriage Wagon & Finance Co., 1927.
387220.00Brass builders plate, Advance, (globe), Road Marshall, (hand & torch). (2)
38835.00PKP Polish Eagle emblem.
38995.00Builders plate, Clayton & Shuttleworth, Lincoln, 46454, incorporating spirit level.
390310.00Clock, 8", (incomplete) comprising, movement, rear box with doors with LNWR enamel plate 2078.
391330.00LSWR enamel doorplate, Ladies Waiting Room.
39242.00LSWR handlamp, initials on side.
39335.00SR gauge glass lamp 1298 stamped on back.
394190.00Brass armband, Licensed Porter No.36, (LSWR origin).
395120.00Worksplate LNER 7620 (?) Doncaster 1931, brass 9"x5", strip missing.
39695.00SE&CR square bodied inspection lamp.
39740.00LPTB handlamp (London Passenger Transport Board) (pre LT).
39850.00Cups & saucers, South Western Rly x2, South Eastern Railway x1. (6)
399160.00LBSCR Prevention of Consumption, tinplate notice.
40070.00Glass carafe, Met Rly engraved on side, also Underground tea cup. (2)
40155.00China, LNWR tea plate, LNER cup & saucer + GNR, NER & LNER saucers. (7)
40265.00Wagon plate, SECR, 16391, Ashford Works, oval.
40355.00Coach plate, Great Northern Railway, Builders, Doncaster, large oval.
40422.00Bottles, GC Rly, LMS Hotels + whisky bottles, Mid Hotel Derby & GCR. (4)
40585.00SR axle box cover, BR(Sc) Star 1954, LMS Derby 1930, Ashford 1940, Swindon 1944 etc. (10)
406110.00BR(E) enamel sign, Gentlemen.
40790.00LT Piccadilly Line route diagram.
40840.00BR(W) route diagram, services from Birmingham Snow Hill, thick card.
4096.00Reproduction works plate.
41090.00Key token, Loudwater-Woodburn Green, (end removed).
41155.00Box of small items inc. GWR cables enamel, AA + RAC badges etc.
412170.00BR(E) enamel sign, Beware of Trains, wear to letters.
41380.00LNWR handlamp, Swansea.
41422.00Cutlery, LNER, NER York, LNWR, Pullman fish knives. (10)
41550.00SR van plate, gauge, Canadian Nat metal tag, 4472 medal, LCDR measure, boxed medal + 2 framed photos.

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Page 8: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
41680.00SR china tea plate, Liverpool & Manchester mug (Jago) NER jug, no handle, MR Derby + MRH cream tots. (5)
417120.00GWR shed sign, Not To Be Moved, with bracket.
41840.00LT enamel, Request Bus Stop, white on red, single sided.
41922.00SAR loco boiler data plates x2, wagonplate, Linlie Hoffman, Breslaw + Hydrant plate. (4)
42070.00Midland Rly 1st Aid Box, MR Co. Ambulance Stores on top.
42138.00Wagonplates, BRCW Smethwick, Met Cam, Mid Wks 1939, Glos RCW, LNER D, 1945. (4)
42228.00Pressure gauges, Schaffer & Budenburg, 0-600 + 0-250. (2)
42342.00Isle of Man Railway axle box covers, one IMR the other with Legs of Man. (2)
42470.00BCN, 21640 boat plate,+ makers plates, Ransome & Jeffries, Horse Rake, Monarch Water Ballast Roller, all cast iron. (3)
42570.00Alloy tablet, Barnt Green Single Line Jct-Redditch North, face drilled & restored.
42635.00Box of non railway china inc Swindon cup & saucer, cup requires repair.
427250.00Box of mixed hardware, inc LNER bell, gauge, oil box, loco act enamel, (poor), LNWR & GWR paperweights etc.
42865.00Vanguard emblem, from industrial loco, cast brass.
4295.00Canadian Pacific Rly advertising ashtray, showing beaver.
430100.00Pair of Isle of Man Rly axle box covers, each showing the Legs of Man.
43142.00Deutsche Reichsbahn alloy plate + pair of cast iron K447 plates, all ex loco. (3)
43238.00NER cast brass hub cap, initials on top. (3)
43330.00Large circular cast iron, Ruston, Lincoln + alloy makers plate, Ruston & Hornsby 1948. (2)
43440.00Brass builders plate, Taylor Hubbard, Leics, Buffalo Pitts, NY, USA, Samco Rapid, Sutton in Ashfield + Crossley. (4)
435130.00Bus Stop signs, Midland Red, Fare Stage, (cast alloy), Railway Special + LCT. (4)
43685.00Original painting, GWR subjects, 5070, Hey, 5079, Bartlett, 2401, 6005 Wheatley. (4)
43790.00Bus & other emblem, Forward, enamel ex Bournmouth bus, BTU, Guy Motors Pioneer. (4)
438130.00Misc enamels, Broughton & Wilks, Banbury, Loughborough, Portway, Wolfs Head + Roe, Road Rollins Ltd & 94E, embossed alloy. (7)
43990.00Bus emblem, Maudsley, Standard, Albion, Bedford TK1260. (4)
44055.00Hand built models, threshing machine + Fairlie loco. (2)
44130.00Cab backplate for Victoria Line destination blind box, Car 3104.
442100.00Victoria cab destination blind in original case, Car 3043.
44350.00BR(W) small enamel bye-laws enamel sign.
44455.00BR handlamps, one brass plated BR Shoeburyness.
44545.00SR First Aid box, Buriton signal box, (near Petersfield) with contents.
44628.00Cast iron bench support, GWR, S. Road, (Stafford Road), one only.
44755.00GER office chair, wooden seat, initials on rail.
44870.00Framed d/r poster, Improved diesel service, Birmingham-South Wales, (shows CC, DMU).
449100.00Framed d/r poster, French & Italian Riviera by Nevin.
45035.00Carriage print, Priory Galehouse, Workshop, Steel.
45128.00Carriage print, Harwich, King.
45225.00Carriage print, Westcliffe-on-Sea, King.
45325.00Carriage print, River Wharf, Russell.
45430.00Carriage print, Pickering, Merriott.
45538.00SR electric flash sauce boat.
45610.00SER china milk jug + LYR cream tot, (spout repair), LMS silver plate dish. (3)
457110.00GER sliding knob handlamp.
458120.00LSWR handlamp, with brass company plate.
459200.00Midland Rly brake van lamp, with large company plate, in embossed brass.
46050.00Handlamps LNER + WD. (2)
461170.00Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway block instrument.
462100.00LNER double line, pegging block instrument.
463240.00Midland Railway rotary block instrument.
464240.00BR(W) enamel sign, Parcels & Left Luggage, double sided with hooks.
465140.00BR(M) enamel sign, Parking This Side Only.
466100.00BR(E) enamel sign, No Parking.
46750.00Box diagram, Littleton Colliery S.F. ( manageable size).
468200.00BR(M) enamel sign, Gentlemen, double sided.
469140.00BR(S) enamel sign, No Exit.
47025.00GWR roundel pattern silver plated small teapot.
47160.00SR handlamp + BR tail lamp. (2)
47210.00Electric isolation switch covers, Sevenoaks Down, Riverhill Up. (2)
473270.00GWR cast iron cab side, 2253, repaired with steel plate to back.
47420.00Parcels van destination board, Hemel Hempstead.
47510.00NUR china figure of Railwayman, by Union Art Workshop.

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Page 9: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
47665.00A quantity of pay checks.
477160.00A quantity of pay checks.
47810.00Model coach, Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, Garden Railway type.
47980.00Key tokens, end removed, St Blazey Bge Xing-Luxulyan + Burngullow-Drinnick Mill. (2)
480190.00Key tokens, end removed, St Dennis Jc-St Columb Rd + Par Bridge-Fowey. (2)
48128.00LNER Coronation pattern teapot.
482150.00Underground cab plates, East Barnet/Hounslow, chipped + Finchley Central/Bushey Heath. (2)
48322.00LNER silver plated bowl with one handle + ice cream dish. (2)
48410.00Framed prints, Trains, Glasgow, Olympia Cinema, London Kingway Tram Subway. (2)
48570.00Silver plated teapot, LSWR Reft Dept on base, decorative ribbed pattern.
48620.00LSWR coat of arms, (Royal Arms) for T.P.Os Mail etc, mounted.
48790.00Enamel destination headboard, Richmond/Croxley Green, white on black enamel.
48818.00GWR silver plated coat of arms sugar bowl.
489180.00Underground carriage prints, Met Line, Aylesbury-Nth Harrow map, Met 1940s Air Raids x2. (6)
490140.00London & Birmingham Rly 1845 timetable Main Line and branches, framed and glazed.
49140.00LNER silver plated sugar shaker, script lettering.
49240.00LSWR carriage panels, Lynmouth (Watersmeet), Freshwater I.O.W + system map, both with some wear. (2)
49390.00Enamel destination headboard, Euston/Willesden.
49470.00Cutlery, LNWR, GER, Pullman, NER, Caly, Met, LSWR, MR Hotels, WCDS, LYR, HR Inverness.
49540.00Brass whistle, organ pipe style, 11 1/4" high, 1 1/4" diameter.
49645.00LNER silver plated gravy boat.
49725.00Great Central Railway mounted coat of arms.
49845.00North London Railway & LNWR mounted coat of arms. (2)
49980.00Enamel destination headboard, Rickmansworth/Croxley Green.
50065.00Silver plated cake tongs, LMS Refreshment Rooms.
50130.00BR station sign Oxford, modern black & white style, 1970s, small.
502120.00LNER double line pegging block instrument.
50355.00GNR type block bell.
50420.00LNER sleeping car blanket.
50565.00LNER Cathedral plates, set of six + three Bergen Line glass paperweights. (9)
50638.00GWR alloy Swindon coat of arms plaque, GCR type gauges etc x3, pay check & pay tin. (6)
50750.00Shut & Fasten Gate, cast iron sign + BR armband & coach paint sample plates.
50820.00Carton of LP steam loco records, mainly Argo, Transacord.
50980.00Carriage prints, Original frames, Cromer, Roman Camp, Tower Bridge. (3)
51055.00Carriage prints, River Wharfe, Sherwin, River Allen x2. (3)
51145.00Carriage print, original frames, Trinity Great Court + River Allen in old Cambrian Rlys frame. (2)
51270.00Carriage prints, Camping Coaches, (NE) + loose prints, faded, stained. (5)
51385.00Original painting 9F at Chilcompton Tunnel + another showing viaduct. (2)
51470.00Signal box diagram, Monsal Dale, 1950, modern frame.
51580.00Paul Twine painting, Country at Snow Hill + GWR 5056. (2)
516120.00GWR Engine Route Map, in original frame.
51770.00Paperweight MR, carriage key, signal key, inkwell, LNER. Also seal, totem badge etc.
51870.00Lever plates, blank, detenator tin, cupboard lock, pay checks etc.
51930.00Departure boards from Reading, Didcot, Tilehurst, Pangbourne etc.
52055.00Cherry Blossom advert, three kittens, tinplate.
52150.00Carriage ashtrays, SR, G & SWR, MR + LNWR toilet roll holder, (with hands). (4)
52240.00LSWR footed bowl with handles, SWR Reft Dept on lower rim + similar ice cream dish. (2)
52335.00Beer bottles, LMS Hotels, GC Rly + whisky flask, Mid Hotel Derby, GCR, Clark Contractors, LSWR. (5)
52438.00LNWR butter dish, creamers x2, early Euston cup + GWR Ref Dept, brown creamer. (5)
52585.00LSWR small laminated notices, re lights, coal, alarm signal + 138 number. (6)
526140.00Pair of LSWR paperweights. (2)
52750.00D wagonplates, LMS, 12T + 13T, one welded. (4)
52840.00D wagon plates, Derbyshire L3063, Cambrian, 3047, McLennan 3143, Met Cam 2748. (4)
52950.00LMS wagon registration plates, 151300, 1937 x2 + 15301. (3)
53045.00D wagon plates, LNER Darlington 13 tons, 1937, 1941, 1945. (3)
53140.00D wagon plates, Ashford lots 3712, 3689, 2236 + Derby 3091. (4)
53245.00LMS wagon registration plates, 151361, 1937 x2 + 151278, + BR Look Out armband. (4)
53340.00D wagonplates, Central lot 3042, McLennan 2797, Pressed Steel 3145, Met Cam 3331. (4)
53420.00D wagonplates, Darlington lot 2740, 3129, 2867 + 13T 1948. (4)
53560.00Badges, buttons, flags, GWR teapot, handle detached, book Solent Tunnel etc.

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Page 10: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
536120.00Southern, small enamel poster header, sunshine lettering.
53735.00SR carriage print, SR Hotels etc, framed.
53850.00SR Eastleigh type handlamp.
53980.00Enamel signs, Trespassers will be Prosecuted + brass sign, Enquiries. (2)
54050.00C.I.E. handlamp, initials on vessel.
54150.00Metropolitan Rly bridgeplate, MR, 87.
542230.00LT cab plates, Golders Green/Hampstead, Elstree/Special, Alexandra Palace/Moorgate. (3)
54330.00Carriage print, Dorset Coast, Go By Train, original SR frame.
54430.00Carriage print, Hatfield, Herts by Horace Wright, not framed.
54545.00Loose carriage prints, Dorset Coast, Nevin, Silas, Lledr Valley, (DMU) all with wear. (3)
54618.00BR(M)M, inspection lamp.
54770.00Embossed road sign, BRB Road, Not For Public Use + D wagon plate, Wolverton 1960, lot 3290. (2)
54895.00Enamel cab destination plate, Broad Street/Watford.
549160.00LSWR carriage panel, Places of Interest, by Photochrom.
55035.00Carriage print, Harpenden, Herts, Silas.
55130.00Carriage print, Lulworth Cove, Photochrom Co.
552310.00LSWR enamel doorplate, Booking Office.
55355.00LSWR silver plate two handle bowl, ribbed body, Reft Dept S.W.R. on base, script engraving.
55470.00Tin of small relics, badges, buttons, whistles, Road Operators Safety Council badges, keys, LSWR fittings etc.
55565.00GN & NE Joint Dining Car, silver plate bowl.
55630.00Metropolitan Railway mounted coat of arms transfer.
557130.00Enamel underground cab destination plates, Baker Street/Neasden, (poor), + Alexandra Palace/Moorgate. (2)
558150.00LNER Hotels wedgwood type china, tea pot (replaced lid) 2x creamers, small bowl. (4)
55945.00South Eastern Railway mounted coat of arms transfer, pre 1899 type.
56045.00South Eastern & Chatham Rly Managing Committee, coat of arms, framed & glazed.
56120.00Royal Cypher coat of arms, SECR origin.
56250.00D wagon plates, LMS 12T, LNER Darlington 10T 1938, LNER Darlington 10T 1938, Hurst Nelson, lot 2 700. (3)
56360.00M & GN china tea plate, black garter pattern.
56445.00SECR Deal Hotel ladle + SR ink blotter. (2)
56535.00SECR system map carriage print, original + Westcliff + box of cassettes.
566260.00BR(M) enamel sign, Car Park (arrow) double sided with side brackets.
567110.00BR(M) enamel sign, Speed Limit 5 M.P.H, chips.
568130.00BR(M) enamel sign, No Exit, small.
569100.00NER handlamp, side stamped, Greenfield, a box near Alnmouth.
570110.00BR(M) loco headlamp + BR alloy van plate. (2)
57190.00LNER/ BR handlamp brass plate, LNER Station Master, Ardsley.
57210.00Stockton & Darlington Rly, two small sections of rail, mounted at Shildon Works.
57340.00GWR brass collar hand lamp, no interior.
574100.00Loco firemans shovel.
575150.00Station Road, cast iron sign.
57655.00Crossing Gates sign, loco, cast iron.
57755.00LNWR pattern short trespass, welded.
57870.00Crossing Gates sign, loco, cast iron.
579160.00Lever plates ex Ross on Wye, GWR X3, Down Main, Advanced, Starting + 4x trafolite + 2x ground discs. (9)
580130.00Handlamps, BR x2, WD, hanging, tail lamp + 2 plastic tail lamps. (7)
58180.00LYR steel desk top stationary rack, LYR on front.
58260.00Signal box power On/Off indicator + box on backboard.
58380.00Brake van lamp, tail lamp & 2x signal lamps, (one SR). (4)
58455.00Framed Lim Ed prints, Hall at Kingswear + Cuneo Royal Albert Bridge & five other GW prints. (7)
58520.00LMS silver plate drinks tray, circular with feet.
58650.00LNER, RC-GE, silver plated tea pot.
58770.00LNER small silver plated coffee pot.
58860.00Tyers No. 6 tablet, Moorehouse Jct-South Elmsell, fibre.
58970.00Signal box phone, separate mouth & ear pieces, trumpet style.
59050.00Transcord LP records, steam subjects, (25) + DVDs, carton full.
591110.00LNWR three aspect handlamp.
59235.00Cast iron sign, Shut & Fasten Gate, long type.
593100.00GWR brass drum clock, requires attention.
594110.00Signal box plungers, one with enamel ring, (2) lever collars x4, enamel Up train bell & workman disconnected. (8)
59575.00GWR semaphore distant repeater, metal circular case, brass rim.

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Page 11: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
596100.00GNR telegraph instrument, with writing slope at front.
597120.00Carriage prints, Harwich (fade) bakelite frame, Lune Valley (loose) + GWR Newquay (loose), St Michaels Mount, orig frame. (4)
59820.00Lever plates 1x LMS alloy + 7x similar trafolite. (8)
59945.00BR(W) small enamel bye-laws plate, LNWR horse brass & LMS cork screw. (3)
60050.00BR(M) small enamel trespass, as displayed at booking office window.
60120.00Original painting, Britannia, Geoffrey Chaucer + print, Blue Peter. (2)
602140.00Worksplate, Built 1959 Derby, Ex 08 609.
60385.00Fingerboard, Purley, East Croydon, London Bridge.
60448.00Fingerboard, Merstham, Coulsden, Croydon, London Bridge.
60532.00LSWR bridgeplate, 6, (or 9).
60622.00The Royal Scotsman dinner plate + 2x Pullman brandy glasses. (3)
60740.00Brass plate, Oxted & London Bridge, (via Woodside) from document pouch or traveling safe.
60810.00LNER brown/cream blanket, Car 200 B.
60918.00Brighton Belle final run tray, menu, photo, LCC Trams booklet, GWR handbills, Ingleton print, (poor), labels etc.
61055.00LNWR cast iron rectangular bridge weight notice, weld repair.
611160.00LMS (LNWR pattern) cast iron rectangular bridge weight notice.
61260.00LMS cast iron trespass notice, 1st August 1924.
61360.00L&Y & LNWR cast iron trespass notice, LNWR pattern.
614150.00Furness Railway cast iron trespass notice, (Aug 1894).
615100.00LYR & LNWR cast iron rectangular bridge weight notice, (LYR pattern).
616200.00LYR & LNWR cast iron notice, Mechanical Capstans Notice, (LYR pattern).
61735.00LNWR untitled cast iron notice, Capstans to be worked by authorised persons.
61865.00LNWR untitled cast iron notice, Capstan No. 18.
61942.00LNWR curved bridgeplate numberplate, LNWR, 8.
62070.00Untitled cast iron sign, Beware of Trains, possibly GER.
621170.00Large LNWR five gallon copper jug with lead customs & excise seal.
62248.00BR(S) enamel ticket conditions plate.
62380.00Train waiting indicator with bell & bakelite case indicator with switches. (2)
62450.00Bakelite repeaters, Weight Bar, Arm/Slot, Distant. (3)
62590.00Bakelite repeaters, Track Occ/Clear, semaphore distant, Home On/Off. (3)
62650.00Bakelite repeaters, Home Semaphore, No Light, stand with plate lever No. 20. (3)
62758.00Carriage print, Firth of Clyde, Mason, framed.
62842.00Carriage print, Loch Lomond, Mason, framed.
62930.00Carriage print, Pickering, Merriottt, framed.
630110.00Carriage print frames, original style. (5)
631220.00LT enamel sign, Bakerloo, Met & British Rail.
63280.00GWR cast iron gate notice.
633120.00CLC type signal finial.
63420.00LNER Scotsman paperweight, LYR WW1 badge + GWR WW2 + Elizabethan pin badge. (4)
63542.00LNWR carbide handlamp, Lucus, King of the Road, LNWR on top, bottom & front.
63618.00LNER clothes brush, initials in bristles.
63720.00Brass key token + alloy R.S Co. staff, (blanks).
63840.00North London Railway mounted coat of arms transfer.
63910.00Eastern Counties Railway System coloured map/GER meeting minutes, framed.
64028.00Pair of signal box lamps, GER origin, lacking chimneys. (2)
64128.00LMS Cars waisted drinking glasses of different sizes, leaf surround. (4)
64245.00LNER chamber pot blue/yellow design.
64348.00GNR brown tea pot and cream & milk jugs. (3)
64430.00Chamber pots G VI R also P&O, the latter base mounted. (2)
64545.00China mug Preston Soldiers & Sailors Buffet + LMS ashtray, repairs, chips. (2)
64632.00Glass whisky flasks, GCR + Midland Hotels. (2)
64720.00SR Shipping, tea plate + saucer, the latter cracked. (2)
64828.00LMS Cars, three waisted drinking glasses, block motif. (3)
64915.00LMS Hotels + LNER glasses. (2)
65080.00NER card lunch boxes, willow pattern, GWR & LMS jigsaws + Hamilton Ellis print, West Lancs. (5)
65132.00Working model of a Schaku automatic coupling.
652110.00LMS (LNWR pattern) platform lamp case with interior fittings.
65375.00LSWR cast iron sign, Passengers Cross Line by Bridge.
65420.00A steel track gauge, stamped Andover Junction, for measuring wear.
65518.00European carriage route plates, Berlin- Hook etc, seat numbers inc brass plates. (17)

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Page 12: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
6561.00Steel gauge stamped I WR 1237 + padlock marked Adlake DCB/WRR. (2)
65735.00Keys with brass tags ex Hamilton House, Liverpool Street.
65832.00Ornate finger plates from doors in Hamilton House, two copper, one plated brass. (3)
65930.00GWR phone circuit framed code, Blaenavon Box-G-F. (small size).
66025.00Pay checks, circular brass, D.O.S.O. Knebworth, (quantity).
661160.00BR(M) enamel sign, Car park, small.
662150.00BR(M) enamel sign, Telephone.
663230.00BR(M) enamel sign, Ladies Room, double sided with hooks.
66435.00BR diesel drivers cap, woven fishtail badge + lion & wheel, unused.
66532.00BR cap with BR(M) fishtail, Guard, badge, unused.
666410.00Clapham Junction target sign, loss of shine.
667360.00Vauxhall target sign.
668270.00BR(M) enamel sign, Way Out, Please Show Tickets, double sided with hooks.
669150.00Mallard Speed Plaque, NRM reproduction 129 of 250, in original box.
67085.00Framed & glazed prints, Bulleid Pacifics, inc Winston Churchill, Cuneo, L.Ed. (5)
67138.00Signs, Repro Crest & horse brasses, BR buttons, LNER plate, badges, Swindon test tags.
672160.00Underground cab plates, Bushey Heath/Finchley Cen, Colindale/ Archway. (2)
673160.00Underground cab plates, Edgware/Kennington, East Finchley/Tooting + numbers. (3)
674130.00Underground cab plates, Hampstead/Golders Green, Moorgate/Alexandra Palace, overpainted. (2)
675190.00Underground cab plates, Drayton Park + Via Charing X/via Bank (yellow) + numbers. (3)
676160.00Underground cab plates, Alexandra Palace/Moorgate + Northern Line + Nos 2/3. (3)
677140.00Underground cab plates, Euston/Finsbury Park, Special/Elstree (overplated Mill Hill East). (2)
67870.00Large copper ships mast head lamp.
67928.00Handlamp, road lamp, hurricane lamp. (3)
68025.00Agricultural wagon plates C. Cole, Chatteris + G. Bratley, Spalding. (2)
6815.00Westinghouse Electrical charger from a box on Westbury-Salisbury route, + two associated plates. (3)
68240.00Quantity of glasses for handlamps.
6836.00Finial parts, broken and incomplete. (3)
68432.00Plastic spectacles for signal arms + quantity of rubber surrounds.
68535.00Miniature replica nameplates, Blue Star, Winston Churchill, Arsenal. (3)
68655.00Original oil painting by Les Perrin, Cornish Riviera, West of Teignmouth.
687130.00Enamel plates, Today, Yesterday, ex 1920s T.P.Os, for mail sorting. (2)
68848.00GER wagon label hammer, Valley B&M Co bottle opener, LNWR carriage key, GER clippers. (4)
68940.00Wooden pay check case with hinged lid, to hold 600 checks.
6909.00China teapot in shape of railway station + small framed Bluebell painting. (2)
69120.00Loco jack, ex Swindon Works.
69210.00Framed & glazed Castle Class loco + box of railway books.
69320.00EWS unused drivers bag with emblem.
69485.00Wooden sign, The Public are not Allowed to Enter this Arch etc.
695220.00LT station fascia sign, Theydon Bois Station.
696130.00LNWR vertical wooden station sign, cast letters, Down the steps for Trains to Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Wednesbury, Walsall, Stafford, Crewe, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Shrewsbury, Rhyl, Llandudno, Holyhead, Ireland & the North, approx. 8' tall loss at base.
697180.00LNWR vertical wooden station sign, cast letters, Down steps for Trains to Birmingham N S, London, Leamington, Coventry, Rugby, Leicester, Northampton, Peterborough, Market Harborough, Cambridge, Wolverhampton, Lichfield, Burton on Trent, Derby & the South, approx. 8' tall loss at base.
69880.00LMS quad royal poster, LONDON, Trooping the Colour, Christopher Clark, framed.
69975.00NER boundary post, rectangular top.
70090.00Shedplate, 56G, Bradford Hammerton Street, ex loco.
70160.00BR(W), GWR type brass collar, four aspect handlamp, Polkey makers.
7025.00LNER Hot Water pot + milk jug, both worn. (2)
70395.00GWR type finial, LNER post cap, SR finial (top only) + crank. (4)
7048.00NBR notice, Scotsgap Lamb Sales + Special Carlisle Train + Whitehaven Jct Rly weighbill. (3)
705130.00LNWR handlamp, Crewe Traffic.
706120.00GCR handlamp, Rotherham.
70765.00GWR cast iron wagon doors notice, Inglis.
70890.00LNER pocket watch.
709110.00Copper ships lamp LNER D.E.D on side.
710140.00LNER hand lamp, Belton ex Axholne Joint.
71120.00GWR type brass collar handlamp.
71240.00Midland Railway handlamp.
71322.00Framed works photo, GER loco 1791.
714180.00Caledonian Railway enamel trespass notice, double sided.
715110.00Isle of Man steamers, Mona's Isle, framed double royal, photo by Nicholson.

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Page 13: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
71645.00LNER oval carriage mirror in brown bakelite frame.
71725.00Wagon plate, BRCW, Smethwick, 1913.
71820.00LNER District Manager Leeds, folding leather briefcase.
71930.00NER conical oil can, NER brass plate.
72080.00GWR brass collar handlamp, Polkey, 1929, makers.
72190.00Two cartons of mixed railway hardware, inc gauge, wagon plate, bell, tea cans etc.
72260.00Box of assorted telegraph insulators.
72340.00Bardic handlamps. (7)
72430.00Bardic handlamps. (7)
72550.00GWR gauge glass lamp, with GWR burner.
72670.00Driver snap tin.
72795.00Quantity of cutlery GWR C of A & roundel, SR Flash, Pullman. (Approx 25).
72870.00GWR large hinged token carrier Ex Ross-on-Wye.
729180.00GWR small alloy token carrier Ex Ross-on-Wye.
73065.00Quantity of badges, small relics, whistles, carriage key etc.
73180.00Guards leather satchels. (3)
73260.00Good quantity of BR & post privatisation uniform, bags, hi viz etc.
7339.00Cornishs map of London & Birmingham Rly, framed.
734190.00Reproduction nameplate, The Fernie + wooden plate Achilles + smokebox, (smaller size). (3)
73530.00GWR cast iron gate notice, corner repair.
73660.00Cast iron signs, Ramps (LYR) + Penalty for Neglect £2, NER.(2)
73740.00NER bridgeplate 59, 82 + viaduct arch plate, 3. (3)
73875.00D wagon plates, GWR, SR, LMS, LNER. (4)
73945.00Wagonplate, Cargo Fleet Iron Co., Middlesbrough.
74080.00Shedplate, 51L Thornaby.
74160.00BR(S) small enamel sign, conditions of Ticket Issue.
7425.00Westinghouse brass makers plate + Gen Repair plate + 1/2 & 2 1/4, sleeper plate. (4)
74365.00D wagon plates, SR + GWR. (2)
74465.00BR(Sc) small enamel sign, Conditions of Ticket Issue.
74525.00D wagon plates, LMS, LNER, Met Camm Lot 2935, Darlington Lot 2741. (4)
74680.00LSWR enamel sign, All Season Tickets to be Shown.
747180.00LT frieze sign, London Bridge, Northern line.
74890.00LT enamels, Tickets + Assistance & Platform 4. (3)
74948.00Large Merryweather copper/brass, fire hose nozzle + SR/LSW signal lamp. (2)
75085.00Carriage print, Tay Bridge, McIntosh Patrick.
75122.00Carriage print, Halesworth, Baldwin.
75225.00Carriage print, Amersham, Wright.
75320.00Carriage print, Ufford Near Melton, Squirrel.
75480.00Carriage print, Coniston Water, Sherrin.
75525.00Carriage print, Liverpool & Manchester Rly + print of Liverpool Landing Stage. (2)
75612.00Small pocket watch, back marked LMR 300, in wooden case.
75760.00Watches, silver & gold colour, NER WW1 badge + Guard, Ian Allen LMR, S&D150 items, buttons etc.
758120.00NUR framed certificate, Aberdare Orphan Fund + GWR commercial map. (2)
75940.00HC & BR Bus Stop sign, Huddersfield.
76055.00SR van plates Ashford, 4500 Gallons, LMS Derby + Gen Repair plates. (7)
76132.00Box of GWR & SR luggage labels.
762110.00Album of approx 400 GWR photos.
76310.00Box of paperwork.
76420.00GWR large card notice, Privilege Ticket Conditions.
76555.00Saxby & Farmer cast iron builders plate with coat of arms.
7664.00Small hand held ticket rack ex Belfast Tramways.
76728.00Great Southern & Western Railway, fishplate gauge, by NE Steel Co., in wood case.
76870.00Pressure gauge 1-30, Gresham & Craven + two gauge glass protectors. (3)
76940.00Brake van lamp + tail lamp + large portable lamp. (3)
7705.00Cast iron oval plate, 6, original condition.
77140.00Handlamps, LMS, BR(M) & LNER loco, the latter lacks top. (3)
77238.00Small oiling cans. (3)
773400.005000 gallons tender capacity indicator, small valve ex King Edward II + indicator. (3)
7745.00LMS Sleeping Cars bread knife.
77580.00Speed restriction sign, 15, from Lineside.

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Page 14: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
77690.00Midland block shelf telephone.
777180.00Midland wall bell (large) with wooden case.
77838.00Repeater + switch In/Out. (2)
779240.00GWR Tyers permissive block, missing faceplate.
780290.00GWR Spagnoletti single pegging block, broken glass, Up Line.
78170.00GWR Spagnoletti single non pegging, no paint on faceplate.
78270.00D type telephone on board, separate ear piece + one other. (2)
78395.00Two GWR Spagnoletti double disc blocks + single top case, spares.
78442.00GNR ampmeter + another. (2)
78570.00Two GWR lamp repeater parts + two GWR relays + signal lenses.
786140.00Misc signalling items, case, bell, lamp on/off sensors, back plate, bell push.
787140.00Old wall telephone, separate ear piece, BTC Clapham label.
78865.00Old table telephone, ornate with call winder.
789330.00GWR Spagnoletti single pegging, no glass, GWR makers, (early).
79038.00Three track circuit repeaters, one with missing case. (3)
791120.00SR brass cabin repeater, GER repeater, GWR brass plunger. (3)
792310.00GC block bell, plated Leicester Goods North.
79370.00GC block instrument, plated Leicester Goods North, incomplete.
79470.00Misc loco fittings, grease top hat with BR(NE) badge, out/In box.
79548.00Two c/i seat supports, two GWR signal lamp brackets. (4)
79670.00LNER Beware of Trains, Look Up & Down, (021 Pattern).
79750.00Shedcode, 55H Leeds Neville Hill, ex loco condition.
7985.00BR(E) Station Masters cap.
79955.00Pair of guards leather satchels, one BR with contents inc old watch + another old satchel. (2)
800280.00GER 60 hour 8" dial clock LNER 3533, Collectors Corner label, ex Cambridge.
80130.00GER Restaurant Car sugar tongs + spirit measure. (2)
80225.00GER brass seal + wooden guards whistle. (2)
803130.00Paychecks, GCR, LYR, GNR, MR, LNWR, NLR etc. (31)
80445.00A pair of carriage prints, Hull Victoria Docks + Sandsend in larger gilt frames. (2)
80540.00GNR Builders Doncaster cast iron coach plate.
80660.00Great Eastern Railway glass decanter, GER initials on side.
80730.00Pair of GER mounted coat of arms, large & small. (2)
808110.00LNER loco headboard, Kings X/Finsbury Park, used on suburban tank locos.
80985.00LNER, loco headboard, Broad St/Moorgate, used on suburban tank locos.
81060.00East Coast Joint Stock inspection lamp initials on vessel & top.
81130.00GER guards cash bag, leather with strap with GER metal badge on side.
81225.00Desk top pen and ink stand with calendar, ex GER station, unmarked.
81330.00Wagon plate, NER Co York, Builders Mar 1919.
81418.00GER wooden cigar box, decorative initials on top and inside lid.
81580.00GER armbands x2, oil can, spoon, gauge, collection box, stands, tin of BA public relations film, replica plates x2 including Green Howard naming etc.
81670.00GER inspection lamp, bevelled glass, brass plate Mr Cookson.
81718.00LNER/LMS loco paperweights, Silver Link, Coronation.(2)
81815.00Painting, Flying Scotsman 1888-1936, by Ric Oldham, nine views + Brookes soap advert. (2)
81940.00BR lion, wheel, crown flamecut panel on green background.
82055.00SR enamel conductor rails sign + calling on signal blade. (2)
821120.00BR(S) enamel sign, Platform 2.
82232.00Headboard, Pathfinder Tours, painted wood.
82350.00Road sign, Cross Roads, (recessed back).
824110.00Road sign, Road Narrows, (with reflectors).
82540.00Road sign, School, (torch).
826130.00Road sign, Hospital, (with glass beads).
82790.00Southern Railway enamel sign, Platform 4.
82890.00BR(M) enamel sign, Way Out, Please Show Tickets.
829120.00BR(W) enamel sign, Platform 2.
83025.00Van plate, SR 55502 Lancing.
831340.00BR(W) enamel doorplate, Lost Property, very poor, but very rare.
83230.00Yellow square carriage board, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle.
83340.00Coach plate, Pullman, Met Cam lot 3281, 1960.
83440.00Coach plates BR Park Royal, lot 30287, 1958.
83535.00Coach plate BR Eastleigh Lot 30326, 1956, (M61133-M61189).

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Page 15: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
836100.00Bakerloo Line short enamel frieze.
83740.00Gloucester brass wagonplate, Sulzer plate, diesel control handle & replica plate.
83838.00Headboard, First Capital Connect, Farewell to Moorgate 20/3/09, card/plastic + photo of train.
83912.00Box of buttons, BR some pre-nat etc.
840300.00Cabside 7827, cast iron replacement, ex loco condition.
84138.00Smokebox 76059,( withdrawn on vendors instructions). Replaced by Midland Railway very large type cast iron trespass notice, A Charles 1899.
842120.00GWR gangers key instrument.
84350.00Brass cased repeaters, signal, On/Off + Track Occupied/Clear. (2)
84460.00Bakelight cased semaphore repeaters 2x home + distant. (3)
84565.00GWR white leather key token pouch for auto exchange, for Barnstaple & Minehead routes.
84690.00Worksplate, LMS Built 1929 Derby, (year engraved), wasting at holes.
84750.00Pair of Matisa worksplates for track machine, shows image of track. (2)
848150.00Ian Allen ABC combine 1951, unused.
84945.00Print, Bentley & the Blue Train, Cuneo, 2x GWR framed coats of arms, print, books & S&DR 1925 copper plaque.
85040.00LNER signal lamp interior, BR armband & brass warning horn. (3)
85110.00Woven rug featuring GWR coat of arms, made by a Tyesley driver in 1950s.
85242.00Midland Railway bridge weight notice, 1875.
85360.00SE&CR cast iron bridge weight notice, rectangle.
85495.00LNWR double paragraph cast iron gate notice.
85555.00LNER cast iron trespass 07 pattern.
85622.00North Eastern Railway signal spectacle plate.
857120.00BR(M) enamel sign, Caution, Drive Slowly, ex Watford Junction.
858260.00GWR wooden case distant signal repeater.
859420.00GWR wooden case home signal repeater, no glass.
86060.00LNER carriage mirror, oval, brown bakelite frame.
86138.00LNER enamel bowl, antimacassar, luggage notice, 4472 paperweight, china tray, model + bardic lamp.
86260.00Carriage print, Berwick on Tweed, Badmin.
86345.00Carriage print, Durham, Causer.
86428.00Carriage print, Hutton-Le-Hole, Wood.
86520.00Carriage print, Cauldron Spout, (sepia) + Wirral Railway, Hamilton Ellis. (2)
86630.00Carriage prints, Pickering, Merriott, Hutton-Le-hole, Wood. (2)
86775.00Original painting A3s & V2 on shed, Stephen Bambridge 2012.
86840.00Set of six LNER Cathedral plates.
86935.00Framed prints, LMS & LNER locos + one SR, 8x framed, 2 loose. (10)
87020.00Framed reproduction posters, sizes vary. (8)
87142.00Framed prints, A4 locos, sizes vary. (5)
87210.00Framed prints/pictures, a variety. (8)
873120.00GWR key token holder, smaller style.
874100.00GWR block bell, cow gong, ex Cardiff area.
8755.00Brass basin taps, ex Penarth Town, one lacks ceramic top. (2)
876220.00GWR handlamp, possibly Welsh constituent. GWR on burner, brass plate, O.
87785.00GWR signal box lamp, brass with burner & chimney with decorative cast iron basket.
87860.00Cast iron trespass sign, Railway Executive, GWR pattern.
87975.00Cast iron sign, Stop, Look & Listen, LSWR/SR.
880100.00Brass vehicle/makers plates etc, Atkinson, Ruston & Proctor, Aveling, Babcock, Bristol, Lancaster, Maudsley etc.
88145.00Framed diagram, Brewery Sidings, 1963, (Manchester), original frame.
882110.00Road roller registration plate, Derbyshire County Council, cast brass.
88320.00Milton Keynes Central modern station sign + Platform 2. (2)
88445.00Portsmouth Harbour, modern station sign.
88545.00Cast iron gate notice, Penalty for not Shutting Gate £2.
88645.00Home signal arm, (blade only) + 2x discs. (3)
88750.00Morecambe, modern BR black/white + 15X speed sign from level crossing. (2)
888400.00Key token instrument, requires restoration.
88945.00Enamel sign, Carriage of Persons Prohibited, white on red.
89012.00GWR roundel pattern alloy ashtray.
89180.00Small industrial loco whistle with top finial.
89285.00LMS/MR loco whistle, polished.
89310.00Small selection of cutlery. (8)
89460.00Brass carriage step tread, South African Railways, Pretoria Works 1927.
89530.00Leather key token pouch.

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Page 16: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
89685.00GWR cast iron doorplate, Pre-Group, Ladies Room, original condition.
897110.00BR(S) enamel sign, Waiting Room.
898150.00LT enamel frieze, Leicester Square, (Picadilly Line).
89955.00GWR coat of arms, silver plated tray, rectangular.
900130.00GWR rug with roundel at each end.
90145.00Collection of five GWR brushes, two with GWR in the bristles. (5)
90235.00Handlamps, LNER loco + BR. (2)
90335.00Handlamps, LMS + BR. (2)
90430.00ASLEF, membership certificate, Peterboro 1925, framed.
90550.00LMS handlamp + LNER signal lamp interior. (2)
9068.00LMS 1937 wagon registration plate + reproduction plate in fibre glass.(2)
90755.00Shedplate, 16A, Nottingham then Toton. Repainted.
90850.00Southern Railway small handlamp, rear wire handles, SR on side.
9098.00Unframed print by David Shepherd (Limited Edition), City of Germiston, SAR.
91060.00GWR home signal arm and spec plate.
91135.00GWR Distant signal arm & spec plate.
91285.00LNWR Marine Dept blanket, brown/white stripes, red wording.
91332.00LNER clothes brush, GPO type brushes x2, pack of pencils, roller bearing & oil seal.
91432.00Jackets etc x3, caps x4 one with LT badge. (7)
9151.00Carton of books + album of tickets 1970's mainly and two prints.
91610.00Globes etc for lamps + 2x mantles. (5)
91785.00Wagon labels, mainly colliery + LNER luggage labels, shoe box full.
91832.00LNER silver dish, cutlery LNER, Mainline 00 gauge Manor , boxed, LNER saucer, 2x ashtrays, ticket tag & F0383 plate.
91938.00Quantity of carriage door locks, pressure lamp + carbide (no front) + first aid box.
920140.00Mallard Speed Plaque, No 44 of 220 + NRM certificate, 2 pictures (framed), paperwork also framed & glazed large print of loco by Cuneo, (signed).
92110.00Framed print, Autumn of Steam, Cuneo + three other prints of Furness Railway subjects. (4)
922100.00BR(W) enamel sign, Parcels and Left Luggage.
92355.00Carriage print, Ben Slioch & Loch Maree, by W. Douglas Macleod.
92428.00Pair of parcel office scales, circular dial.
92540.00Bus Stop signs, reproduction adverts, books, tickets etc.
92630.00Bridgeplates, LMS 246 + BR 74A. (2)
92735.00Railway Executive embossed alloy trespass notice.
928100.00BR(M) enamel sign, Beware of Trains.
92975.00LT small enamel sign, High Tension Danger, London Transport.. Phone Control Room.
93055.00Quantity of trafolite lever plates, ground discs, signal numbers & small hardware.
9315.00Quantity of model railway accessories, track etc.
93240.00Loco firing shovel.
93330.00Pay check tins in original drawer type holder. (60+)
934120.00Replica nameplate, Bhopal, Jubilee Class, cast brass.
93522.00Craven Brothers, Reddish, 1916, large oval cast iron crane plate.
93620.00GWR porters waistcoat with brass roundel buttons.
937280.00Railway Mechanical Engineers Toolbox & contents, R.S Hardy Ex SR/BR(S) 1946-1973 worked at Stewarts Lane & Eastleigh, latterly Bournemouth. Box plated RS Hardy, Ringwood Hants, (his home).
93845.00LNER long type cast iron gate notice.
93975.00GWR 1912 boundary post top + GWR brick. (2)
94010.00LYR 56lb cast iron weight.
94145.00LYR cast iron trespass notice.
94250.00Wooden sign, No Public Entry, by order.
94370.00Modern enamel sign, Ladies Adjacent to Ticket Hall + Platform 1 + 1b + Crossing Line. (4)
94415.00Old style fire extinguisher, red cone type with striking point.
94545.00Modern plastic station sign, Snow Hill.
94630.00Modern Station signs Whitchurch, black/white + Crewe (Virgin). (2)
94770.00Enamel sign, Invercauld Estate, Take Care not to Start Fire. (Ballater Area).
94890.00Enamels, Beware of Shunting, Limited Clearance x2 + SR Con Rails (poor). (4)
94995.00Set of enamel numbers 1-10 from Brighton departure board.
95035.00D wagon plates LNER Darlington 12T & 10T 1939 + LMS 12T. (3)
95150.00Great Southern & Western Rly cast iron gate notice.
95245.00LSWR c/i gate notice + 1 in 563 wooden gradient arm. (2)
95335.00Street sign, Milchley Avenue, cast iron.
95455.00Street sign, Godstone Council, No Bikes, cast alloy.
95555.00BR enamel doorplate, Private, black/white lower case, (usual style) + Fire Extinguisher enamel. (2)

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Page 17: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 275B, 22 February 2020

LotSold £Description
95665.00Enamel road sign, Steep Hill, with reflectors, by Gowshall.
957170.00BR(S) station sign, Way Out & Platforms 3 & 4.
95895.00Enamel advert, Wills Golden Virginia Tobacco, small bracket type.
95940.00Road sign, No Through Road.
960120.00South Eastern & Chatham Railway enamel poster board header.
96122.00LSWR mile post, 224, cast iron oval, (North Devon).
962120.00South Eastern & Chatham Railway enamel poster header, long type.
96335.00Small carriage step treads, BRCW + Cravens. (2)
964190.00SAR brass cabside, E214 class 3E.
96540.00Load to be evenly distributed + use of crane sign, both c/i. (2)
96630.00Carriage step builders plate, Met C W & F Co, B'ham 1926, cast brass, curved ends.
96725.00Wagon plate, To be returned to Hayes when empty, large cast iron rectangle.
96838.00Carriage step builders plate, Metro Cammell 1960, rectangular, cast brass.
96990.00SAR cabside E351 Class 5E, large alloy oval.
9705.00Makers plate, Watford Electric & Mfy Co, alloy.
97150.00F.R. Co, No.7, wagon plate, repair to left end, large rectangular c/i scalloped corners.
97228.00Carriage step treads, Cravens 1954 + Met Cam, 1934. (2)
97350.00Builders plate, Cowans Sheldon, Carlisle, No.1343, 1885, cast iron.
97420.00Carriage step builders plate, SAR, Salt River, 1946, rectangular cast brass.
97530.00Carriage step treads, Cravens 1962 + BRCW Smethwick, 1931. (2)
97625.00Wagonplate, Presented to Llanwrst Transport Group by Esso, 1976.
97775.00Wagonplates, LM & S Ballast, 1138, large rectangle.
97820.00Carriage step treads, Met Cam 1959 + Cravens, 1960. (2)
97922.00Carriage step builders plate, Hurst Nelson, Motherwell 1927, rectangular cast brass.
98028.00Carriage step treads Met Cam Saltley 1938 + BRCW Smethwick 1949. (2)
98155.00Wagon plate, Butterley Co. Ltd, 1518, large rectangle, scalloped corners.
98260.00Carriage step plate, Gloucester C&W Co 1959, rectangular brass.
98340.00Rhodesian Railway buffer numberplate No.513, (two sections) cast brass, ex loco. (2)
98428.00Brass carriage step tread Metropolitan Carriage Wagon & Finance Co B'ham 1914, cast brass.
98575.00Wagonplate, Return Empty to Evesham, LMS, (ex fruit van).
98650.00Carriage step treads, BR Workshops, Cravens, Met Cam. (3)
98735.00Wagon plate, Grampus, ex ballast wagon.
98825.00Wagon plate, To Carry 160 chained sleepers (back painted To Taunton Concrete Works).
98945.00Step Treads, Met Cam 1973 + Gloucester RCW 1956, shaped. (2)
99040.00Alloy plate, Built by the Pullman Company.
991130.00SAR cabside, 3261, Class 23, alloy.
99220.00Large cast iron plate, 43935, raised rim, wagon?
99312.00Carriage step tread, BRCW Smethwick 1949, rectangular, chromed brass.
994140.00South African cabside 32-024, alloy.
99530.00Builders plate, Stirling Boiler Co, Edinburgh, 773, 1906, large cast brass, loss left end.
99620.00Builders plate, American Car & Foundry Co, Berwick Plant, cast brass, long, thin, (ex car 766).
997200.00Crane plate MR Co, Jib must be Raised, Derby 1893, cast iron.
99875.00Carriage step tread, Beira & Mashonaland & Rhodesian Rly, Bulawayo, 1921, cast brass.
99945.00Cast iron plate, Railway Service Vehicle, (believed ex M&GN).
100090.00Brass carriage step tread, Clayton Wagons Limited Lincoln, 1929.