Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Sale 266B, Saturday, 3 August 2019, The Warriner School, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4LJ.

Sale starts: 9.30am, viewing from 7.30am (& during auction). Advance Viewing: Friday, 2 August 4.00-7.00pm.

Great Central Railwayana, Bloxham Auction

Please note: the Buyer's Premium is 15% + VAT (total 18%) of the hammer price. Change Display: List by Lot Number

Please read the Notes & Announcements and note in particular that there is no commission or telephone bidding and that all lots must be removed on the day.

LotSold £Description
  Advertising Enamels
81130.00Small enamel advert, Wolseley Electric Fences & Farm Machinery, black, orange, yellow.
25280.00GWR Cornish Riviera enamel advert, chipping and wear.
26375.00Enamel advert sign,To Let,, J Gibson Cracknal, Watford.
26495.00Enamel agents sign, For Sale, J Gibson, Cracknal, Watford.
26580.00Enamel agents sign, To Be Sold, J Gibson Cracknal, Watford.
32590.00Enamel advert, News Chronicle, black on yellow, serif lettering.
375unsoldEnamel advert, Virol, The Food for Health.
377Wild Woodbine Cigarettes, enamel advert, picture of packet.
546130.00Players Navy Cut enamel bracket sign.
55860.00Enamel sign, Boulton & Paul, Norwich.
67425.00Brass entrance plate, Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd, with coat of arms.
780160.00Enamel advert, Faulkners Nosegay Shag.
79410.00Wolseley, china display plaque from car show room, maroon white/grey, oval.
956300.00Liptons Tea Merchants enamel advertising sign T shape plate.
957120.00Wills Capston Cigarettes, enamel advertising sign.
4951.00ABC combines, 11/62 & 4/64 underlining + other regional ABC & more recent editions. (10)
5882.00Carton of railway books & some paperwork.
9785.00Books inc Model Railways & Locos, 1910, bound mags + Passenger Terminals, Droege 1916.
10201.00Working time tables St Pancras-Derby 1957, 1966, 1967 + Met Line 2008. (4)
  Books (Single)
19480.00M H Cobb, Atlas, Railways of Britain, spine repair to one volume.
  Boundary Posts
5140.00LNWR/London & Birmingham early Beware of Trains sign on original post.
38100.00LNWR & Furness Joint boundary post.
40150.00NER boundary post, small rectangular top.
97320.00Pair of GWR decorative cast iron crush barrier pillars, used in front of booking office window. (2)
2875.00Rail chairs variety of styles/early. (4)
338170.00GN & GE boundary post.
33955.00NER boundary post, rectangular top.
34010.00Oxford, Worcs & W/ton Ry mile post 3/4, (figure 3 ground off).
35665.00Speed restriction sign, 30.
388210.00North Eastern Railway Zero post with plate, Har Gds.
38950.00LNWR cast iron boundary post.
523160.00LNWR & Furness joint boundary post, ex Cleator Moor (LNWR pattern)
72735.00L&Y cast iron fire surround.
76038.00LSWR boundary post.
  Smaller Cast Iron, Bridgeplates, Trackside
77100.00LSWR, pair of gradient arms, 120/Level. (2)
7840.00LSWR mile post plates, 1/4 & 3/4. (2)
159150.00GWR cast iron signal box door notice.
22320.00LMS bridgeplate 62, cast iron, base loss + limit of lift cast iron plate. (2)
22425.00Cast iron gate notice ex Cambrian, corner loss.
22910.00LMS track circuit plate.
231330.00Rhondda & Swansea Bay Rly circular boundary plate.
27632.00Boundary plates, BR Agreement + BR Maintenance Ends. (2)
31155.00Bridgeplate, LNWR, 1.
32718.00Alloy bridge plates 100 + 102. (2)
38322.00Gradient board 921/L, cast letters on wood.
3845.00GWR Fire Hydrant, cast iron cover.
38555.00GWR Milepost, 4, two faces.
39125.00Gradient board, 450/1760, wood, cast letters.
403320.00Early cast iron trespass notice, untitled, serif lettering.
43032.00GWR cast iron covers, Water x2 + Fire Hydrant. (3)

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Page 2: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Smaller Cast Iron, Bridgeplates, Trackside
49770.00LNER long thin gate notice, cast iron.
498150.00Great Central Rly viaduct plate, GCR 374. (106)
52420.00GER bridgeplate 2019.
52528.00Bridgeplate, GNR, 173.
55125.00GWR milepost 97/1 + LNER signal post cap. (2)
66942.00LNER long thin gate notice, cast iron.
67190.00Festiniog Railway wagon plate 12 (number painted on) + LMS 4 bridgeplate. (2)
75780.00Bridgeplates, GNR 3 + LNWR 1. (2)
75832.00Bridgeplate, Horsehay Co, Shropshire, 1934.
76828.00LNER Maintenance Ends plate + GCR equipment cover, corner broken but present. (2)
76945.00Bridgeplates LNWR 64 + LNWR 11. (2)
77020.00Bridgeplates, CLC, 121 + LNW & GW Jct 78, loss at right end. (2)
80470.00GCR viaduct plate 374, 12, ex Leicester.
82610.00GWR cast water hydrant covers, large & small. (2)
82922.00LSWR mile post plates 1/2 + 3/4 also serif oval 14. (3)
84332.00Signs, Shut Gate, cast iron, Tickets, modern BR + 10 & arrow from speed restriction sign, top only. (4)
89165.00GWR cast iron trespass sign, As the Law Directs.
89348.00NER cast iron gate notice, Shut Gate + Penalty for Neglect. (2)
90635.00GWR cast iron notice, opening ballast + c/i sign, Ramps. (2)
92360.00Bridgeplate, GN & GE, 2.
92940.00Cambrian Railways cast iron gate notice.
93410.00LNER milepost tops L shape, 1/4 + 3/4 + circular top 1/2 from GWR type. (3)
95335.00Bridgeplates, LMS, 114 + MR, 8. (2)
98865.00Bridgeplate, LNWR, 21 + alloy plate, End of BR Maintenance. (2)
  Bus and Tram
3560.00Birmingham bus blind, Yardley Wood Garage.
7040.00Premier Travel (Cambridge) bus blind listing many local towns etc, wear at edge.
10765.00Bath Tramways destination blind, inc GW Station, Twerton, Weston, Coombe Down, Bathford. (all closed 1939)
14385.00LT bus bonnet numberplate, RT2168.
14485.00LT bus bonnet numberplate, RT2930.
14585.00LT bus bonnet numberplate, RT4806.
14690.00LT bus bonnet numberplate, RT436.
17240.00T.I.M. bus ticket machine in case with spare rolls.
24228.00Setright bus ticket machine & backplate + strap, handle broken.
24722.00Conductors leather cash bag, the nickel buckle engraved, Corporation Tramways.
344150.00LT Box of Bus Stop signs, Bus & Coach Stop Request + Bus Fare Stage plates.
35565.00LT box sign, Bus & Coach Stop, Compulsory/Request.
67070.00Midland Red brass wheel chuck.
675160.00LT bus bonnet plate, RTW 259, (Leyland, 1950).
67920.00Wooden entrance plate, Yorkshire Wollen District Transport Co, Savile Town, Dewsbury.
785150.00BMMO chromed brass radiator plate, original red paintwork.
913170.00Circular sign, Buses Stop Here, Service 55 from City, painted alloy.
  Cabside Numberplates
37250.00GWR cast iron cabside numberplate, 9603, ex Cardiff Canton, front restored.
500310.00GWR cast iron cabside numberplate, 7246, front repainted.
  Oil Cans and Pourers
522200.00Old style conical milk churn, brass plates, GWR Bromfield/Paddington.
55638.00Milk churn, United Dairies, Wholesale.
82240.00BR fire buckets. (4)
82820.00Drivers oil cans x4, + another + bulls eye lens from signal lamp. (6)
  Carriage Prints
16455.00Carriage print, Marble Arch, Wilson.
19520.00Carriage prints, E & WJR Train leaving Stratford, + LNWR Bus at Watford. (2)
19645.00Carriage map, BR(S) system, early 1960s, original frame.
19720.00Carriage prints, MR Pullman Express, 1880 + E & WJR train leaving Stratford. (2)
20135.00Carriage print, Cleopatras Needle, Merriott.
20240.00Carriage print, London Horse Guards, Baker.
43465.00Carriage print, Brightlingsea + Pinmill & Malden, latter two faded. (3)
51620.00Carriage Prints, Euston Station, Buckle, Coniston Rail Motor, Ellis + four repro crests & a Pullman headrest. (7)

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Page 3: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Carriage Prints
54460.00Carriage prints, MV Swan + Wharf at Ilkley & two framed posters. (4)
56542.00Carriage print, Kelso, Badmin, original frame.
56642.00Carriage print, Pickering, Merriott, original frame.
72318.00Carriage prints, Cambria & Duke of Lancaster. (2)
89028.00Carriage print, Harpenden, Herts, Ellis Silas, original frame.
90340.00Carriage prints, original frames, Western Highlands, Loch Etive, Ben Slioch. (3)
90430.00Carriage prints, original frames, Strathmore, Loch Eck, Conway River. (3)
96610.00Hamilton Ellis carriage prints, original frames, MR Express 1880, LNWR Crampton 1850, LNWR Brinklow. (3)
96722.00Hamilton Ellis carriage prints, original frames, LNWR Bus, SMJR 1895, West Lancs Rly 1890. (3)
96825.00Hamilton Ellis carriage prints, original frames, LYR Lytham 1865, LYR Walkden 1900, M&CR 1855. (3)
100480.00LNWR carriage prints, Buxton & Eccleston Ferry, + Rydal Water & Derwentwater. (2)
100540.00GER titled carriage prints, Epping Forest, On the Yare, Norfolk Broads. (2)
100690.00LNWR carriage panels, Pont Aberglaslyn & Bettws-y-Coed + Grasmere & Esthwaite. (2)
1007130.00GER titled carriage panels, Artists on the Broads + West Runton + West Runton, (no frame). (3)
  Cast Iron Signs
340.00GWR cast iron bridge diamond.
9455.00BTC cast iron sign, Rights of Way Act, 1932.
96130.00Stratford on Avon and Midland Jct Rly cast iron bridge diamond notice.
100120.00Stratford on Avon & Midland Jct Rly cast iron trespass/ B of T sign. (raised border at edge)
10180.00Stratford on Avon & Midland Jct Rly cast iron bridge diamond sign.
134150.00GWR station sign, Ladies Waiting Room, cast iron.
25385.00LNER cast iron trespass notice.
25445.00British Transport Commission, (GWR pattern), cast iron trespass notice.
28395.00Swindon Works cast alloy sign, Fire Engine Route, Keep Clear.
35365.00SR 40/- cast iron trespass, removed from Bridgewater North, S & DJR.
35780.00MR cast iron sign, Beware of Trains.
37850.00GWR cast iron trespass notice.
38050.00GWR pre-grouping gate notice.
44918.00Cast iron makers plate, Baxter, Leeds, England, large.
49665.00LNER cast iron sign, Beware of Trains, Look Up & Down Line.
54185.00LYR cast iron sign, Beware of Trains.
55475.00LSWR cast iron sign, Beware of Trains.
661140.00Stratford on Avon & Midland Jct trespass.
72970.00GCR cast iron trespass notice.
73650.00CLC cast iron trespass notice.
73750.00LYR cast iron trespass notice.
841130.00GWR cast iron notice, All Down Goods & Mineral Trains Stop Here.
917150.00LSWR cast iron sign, Cross Line by Subway.
95985.00Cast iron notice, Beware Trains!
98420.00SR cast iron bridge weight sign, repaired by railway.
98760.00SE&CR cast iron trespass notice + alloy bridge plate, 22. (2)
  Clocks and Watches
106200.00LMS night watchmans recording clock, brass plate, LMS 11941, requires attention.
165220.00GWR drum clock, Kay & Co, appears running though minute hand requires tightening.
25125.00GWR Smiths Eight Day clock, chrome/bakelite case.
399180.00LNER 8" roundhead clock, BR(NE) 15767, ex Bradford, Peel Place, non fusee type.
617370.00Large quantity of pocket watch cases, mainly LMS & BR(E), BR(M), no movements.
61830.00Wooden finials for signal boxes + wood surround for platform wall clock, bezel. (3)
96915.00GWR brass cased drum clock, face good, not running.
  Coats of Arms
17095.00Pullman coat of arms, Car Phoenix. Unused.
3221.00Coat of arms cut from coach, Prince of Wales feathers, back marked Silverton Tramway.
51140.00Coat of arms on thin alloy sheet, GWR, LMS, Pullman, Mersey Rly. (4)
6275.00Midland Railway coat of arms, mounted, very old example.
65665.00LB & SCR mounted coat of arms, very old.
7423.00GWR roundel coat of arms + shields example. (2)
74438.00Coat of arms,Cambrian Railway, cut from coach (?) + Tallylyn. (2)
81055.00Pair of Isle of Man & Manx Electric coat of arms, differing patterns, both mounted.
81232.00Isle of Man Railway, three mounted coat of arms featuring engines, all different. (3)

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Page 4: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Coats of Arms
100920.00GER coat of arms + 2x framed reprinted carriage maps etc. (4)
23180.00GWR pre group cast iron door plate, Waiting Room.
125230.00L & YR cast iron two piece doorplate, Signal-Lamp Room. (2)
18585.00BR(NE) enamel doorplate, Private, chipping.
34360.00LSWR cast iron door plate, Private.
47360.00BR(E) enamel doorplate, Private.
47485.00BR(S) enamel doorplate, Private.
92740.00BR(M ) enamel doorplate, Private.
  Enamel and Other Signs
150.00LNER enamel poster board header, short type.
22150.00BR(W) enamel sign, Gentlemen.
24140.00BR(W) enamel sign, Waiting Room.
33240.00Enamel sign, You May Telephone from Here, with decorative frame.
71220.00BR(W) enamel poster board header, British Railways.
15080.00Enamel telegraph post sign, GR, Throwing Stones at... etc.
28460.00Furness Railway enamel gate notice.
28570.00LMS enamel sign, Private Road/Path.
28645.00Great North of Scotland Rly enamel trespass, heavy chipping.
342130.00LSWR Conductor Rails Notice.
376190.00SR enamel sign, Ticket Office, framed.
401170.00BR(M) enamel sign, Speed Limit 5 MPH.
402160.00SR enamel sign, Waiting & Ladies Room, chipping.
419180.00BRM enamel sign, Way Out, with arrow.
429190.00BR(E) enamel sign, Subway, Way Out & Platforms 1 2 3 & 4.
431130.00BR(W) enamel sign, Platform 1.
43270.00SR enamel poster header, Southern, sunshine lettering.
43960.00Southern Electric Reedham enamel sign, Trains for Croydon, London, Chipstead, Kingswood & Tattenham Corner, very poor condition.
440190.00BR(M) fascia sign, Burscough Bridge Station, long.
443140.00BR(S) enamel trespass notice, small size.
444110.00BR(S) enamel sign, Grove Park Substation.
459120.00BR(S) enamel sign, Please Show Tickets.
46190.00BR(W) enamel poster board header, British Railways.
46285.00BR(W) enamel poster board header, Special Notices.
467150.00BR(M) enamel totem header from poster board, maroon on white.
469160.00BR(E) enamel doorplate, Waiting Room.
47075.00BR(E) enamel doorplate, Ticket Office.
528250.00LT enamel, Platforms 3 & 4 Eastbound, feathered arrow bisected with red ring.
53170.00SR blue enamel car stop sign, 6, 8, on wood backboard.
53260.00Railway Executive enamel conductor rails notice.
54550.00Enamel sign, Southern Railway, Smoking Strictly Prohibited.
55060.00GWR pre-group enamel doorplate, Tickets.
552170.00GWR enamel trespass notice.
56950.00BR(E) enamel doorplate, Staff Only, (poor) + B50045 maroon enamel, BRB trespass & Limited Clearance. (4)
582140.00Enamel street sign, Great Western Road, (Glasgow).
583130.00BR(S) enamel poster board header, (long type).
584110.00BR(NE) enamel poster board header, (long type).
624250.00Enamel sign, Footbridge to Down Platform, (pointing hand).
626120.00Furness Railway enamel gate notice.
650290.00GER large enamel notice, Passengers Must Cross by this Bridge, (pointing hand).
66680.00BR(E) enamel poster board header, short type.
668130.00BR(W) enamel sign, Ladies Room.
681260.00BR(M) blackboard, double royal size, maroon, enamel totem at top, all enamel, one piece.
682150.00Glasgow & SWR enamel box board, Elderslie No. 1 (Canal Junction), considerable restoration.
684250.00Enamel sign, Tickets over the London & North Western Rly and Connections, Issued Here, edge loss.
687290.00BR(E) enamel notice, Public Must Not Cross Railway Lines, Goods Office Over Footbridge.
70675.00BR(S) small enamel car stop sign, 5.
797130.00LNER enamel poster board header.
84285.00BR(E) enamel sign, Gentlemen.

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Page 5: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Enamel and Other Signs
8765.00Enamel sign, Beware of Trains + wood headboard, Summers Over + novelty loco sign & David Shepherd print. (4)
877440.00BR(NE) enamel sign, Waiting Room, double sided with hangers, excellent condition.
960200.00BR(NE) enamel sign, Waiting Room.
961120.00BR(M) enamel sign, Enquiries.
96490.00BR(M) enamel station sign, Waiting Room.
965160.00BR(M) enamel sign, British Railways, No Smoking , with totem at top.
99090.00BR(M) enamel notice Rights of Way Act 1932, BTC GWR notice, small.
  Framed and Glazed Items
10342.00GWR, four framed certificates to David Christian Adam 1926-30, Accounts, Safety, Rules, Commerce Class + 1926 General Strike Card, thanking Adam for service during strike. (5)
1082.00Variety of framed and glazed prints.
16340.00LNER small framed timetable, Ripon departures 1939, (Meet the Sun East Coast emblem).
16680.00Cuneo poster, Forging Ahead, mounted on board.
16790.00Cuneo poster, Engine is Wheeled, mounted on board.
168130.00Cuneo poster, Clear Road Ahead, mounted on board.
18775.00Snowdon Mountain Rly, framed photos, early, possibly opening time.
1985.00Framed print, GWR Cornishman Express Train.
2995.00Selection of framed and glazed prints inc a carriage print. (11)
3735.00BR(S) Canterbury, rail isolation plans.
37410.00BR poster, Loch Lomond, framed.
4455.00Set of three framed prints by J C Bourne, Bristol Station, Pangbourne & St James Bridge, Bath. (3)
47610.00GWR South Fraddon GF, blueprint diagram + pair of signal exam certificates, all framed. (3)
49228.00Framed Cuneo print, Class 91, Inter City, 29 of 500.
693100.00Framed poster, Isle of Man Steam Packet Co, Steamer, Mona's Isle, by Nicholson.
71040.00LNWR Certificate of Merit, Safe Working, Rugby, 1912, framed decorative.
71432.00Original painting, A King at Reading, Vic Millington, 1980.
71565.00NER Best Kept Station Certificate, Middleton in Teeside, 1906, framed.
71650.00Original paintings, Festiniog, Canal Boat, Industrial Loco, Cooper, Traction Engine & Steam Lorry. (5)
72118.00The Cornishman, framed and glazed Edwardian print.
72412.00Quantity of framed & glazed prints.
740110.00Framed & glazed certificates, adverts, menus, notices, tickets etc, quantity.
74318.00Framed & glazed prints, Yeovil Town & Pen Mill, Weymouth etc. (6)
75920.00Framed & glazed prints, quantity, steam + traction engines.
79545.00Original paintings, LMS subjects, Preston, Fredrick , GRA, Ais Gill, GS Cooper & three others. (5)
81120.00BR(W) framed mirror, initials on glass.
83540.00Framed plans inc LYR, LMS Thornhill Deps, NBR Signalling, NBR Castlecay, GWR Henley in Arden. (9)
83722.00Framed & glazed items, photos, map, prints, GWR & Cornwall Railway Notice. (10)
87040.00Service by Night, David Shepherd, quad royal poster mounted on board & framed.
87175.00King College Cambridge, David Shepherd poster mounted on board & framed.
88615.00Framed and glazed. West Cornwall Steam Ship Co., Ravenglas & Eskdale, etc + Westbury (Salop) Box instructions. (7)
97442.00Original painting, End of Shift, Bescot, Class 31s, by John Lines.
9755.00Original painting, Narrowboats by Patrick Moore.
100812.00GER framed pension fund certificate, signed by Claud Hamilton.
102110.00Reprint d/r timetable posters, GWR 1949, BR Notts Vict, framed. (2)
102240.00BR(W) system map d/r poster framed on board.
102342.00BR(E) system map d/r poster framed, on board.
102410.00Framed reproduction pictorial poster adverts.
102530.00Large framed prints, Duchess of Hamilton, Cuneo L Ed + Morning Delivery, Breckon. (2)
102632.00GWR, B & E Section, 1928 hanging card timetable, framed.
102732.00Framed & glazed T.P.O map + various other prints.
1028120.00LT pocket maps, framed & glazed two sides, Bus 1936, Green Line 1936, Tram 1950. (4)
1029210.00LT Pocket maps, framed & glazed, 1947, 1950, 1960s. (5)
  Hardware (smaller items in display cases)
2940.00GWR small items, bill spikes x2, keys, gas key, GWR seal for lead clips etc.
3065.00GWR leather wallet, gilt letters, GWR B'ham police wallet + GWR & SR Police Manuals. (5)
6212.00London & Birmingham Rly centenary medal 1938.
10420.00Railway medals, Railways Act 1921 (1971), Stephenson (1975), LMS Strike 1926, First Day cover with medal 1975. (4)
10550.00Box of button, badges etc.
13865.00Great Central Railway, small cast brass numberplate for crane, ex Rotherham, GCR, J847/875. (2)
16235.00LMS Centenary medal 1938 + General Strike medal 1926. (2)

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Page 6: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Hardware (smaller items in display cases)
4585.00GWR ganger occupation key, section inscription ground off.
47150.00BTC Bye-laws available for inspection, small enamel.
472130.00BTC Ticket issue conditions small enamel + similar BR(ScR) in trafolite. (2)
54090.00Whistles, GWR x 1, GWR P Way x 2, BR(W) PW x 1. (4)
59230.00GWR Look Out armband.
70515.00Brass key tag & key, tag stamped Bideford.
97155.00Whistles, LMS, GWR, GER, SR, BR(M) etc, wick scissors, padlock, LNWR handle etc.
99570.00Carriage key, LNWR, LNER, LMS etc(5) + 5x Saloon/Carriage keys. (10)
1011160.00Smaller items mounted for display, GER armband, GCR saucer, keys, pay checks, Southwold rail sections, etc.
101260.00GER paperweight, LYR pay tins x2, GER Vesta box, 3x pay checks. (7)
790.00Victorian bottom warmer from Wolferton Royal Waiting Room, mahogany, brass.
102220.00GWR ten foot platform seat, scroll pattern, three supports, dismantled for ease of transportation.
25648.00GWR wooden cabinet with shelves, roller front.
345130.00GCR ticket collectors high stool with back, GCR underneath.
34738.00LSWR upholstered chair, base marked.
38680.00Lancashire & Yorkshire Rly office chair, LYR carved in top rail.
38770.00LYR office chair initials carved on top rail.
51965.00Wooden display cabinet glazed four sides and top, height 42".
741150.00GWR platform bench, short, two scroll supports & wood.
100090.00GER office chair, initials in back bar.
26742.00Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway china plate gilt maroon, coat of arms, one little rim chip.
26828.00SR plate, patterned sections to edge, right & left, green garter & borders.
39280.00Large quantity of broken china as recovered from a china tip.
39632.00LNWR Queens Hotel B'ham blue pattern plate, side decoration.
3975.00LNWR gilt edge kidney dish with gilt coat of arms.
39845.00LNWR Refreshment Rooms small cream jug.
53542.00Large Liverpool and Manchester Rly commemorative bowl.
57132.00China GWR Paddington cup, SR cup, LMS small jug, LNER saucer, Pullman plates. (9)
599120.00Railway china, Pre Nat & BR, some base marked, two boxes.
64160.00Cups with saucers, GWR Paddington, SR, LMS, LNER x2. (10)
64332.00GNR Refreshment Dept tea pot + cream pot, both brown glaze. (2)
64428.00GWR diamond motif small tea mug.
64525.00LNER china tea pot, scroll design.
64620.00LNER china tea pot, vertical initials.
99115.00Box of glasses GNER, VSOE and Cunard etc.
  Hotel and Catering
27360.00Set of three GWR Hotels copper pans, two plated, name on sides. (3)
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
2630.00Handlamp, three aspect, possibly of Irish origin.
2832.00LMS handlamp, side marked 6C, (Birkenhead), No.28.
3128.00SR handlamp with large brass Linley B'ham makers plate.
7330.00GNR signal lamp case.
7455.00SR buffer stop lamp.
12255.00LBSCR signal lamp case with brass body.
123110.00SE & CR handlamp, rectangular front aspect.
12832.00GWR type brass collar handlamp.
12975.00LNER handlamp, brass plate, Grantham Pass.
13735.00GWR brass collar handlamp, Polkey.
13975.00LYR handlamp, P Way Dept, Preston.
14025.00GWR type brass collar handlamp.
14245.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
14760.00Loco headlamp, European or American origin.
149100.00BR(E) loco headlamp, complete.
15190.00Bulleid type electric headlamp, brass case.
152110.00American Adlake crossing lamp, two green & two red aspects.
15330.00Large French carbide handlamp, SNCF, Est. Brass body, Chalons No.5 on back.

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Page 7: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
15460.00Large American red warning lamp, Dietz Cyclone.
156100.00SR type loco headlamp, complete.
15865.00Appletons Patent handlamp, NSWTD on side, (New South Wales Transport Dept)
160120.00SNCF loco headlamp.
17170.00McKenzie & Holland large signal lamp case & interior, brass top.
17328.00Electric headlamp/tail lamp for locomotive.
17455.00Canadian Pacific Rly warning lamp, red/green, by Piper of Toronto.
17680.00GWR brass collar handlamp, Blaydon + BR(W) handlamp. (2)
17960.00Handlamps WD x2 + LMS wartime. (3)
18035.00American carriage wall lamp, oil with glass chimney & shield, Dressel (makers).
18955.00SR (Eastleigh type) handlamp.
19030.00SR (Eastleigh type) handlamp, catch needs replacing + signal lamp. (2)
19222.00A pair of oil lamps, circular vessel, burner & glass chimney, E.L. Railroad + QGR. (2)
203130.00BR(M) loco headlamp, complete.
20430.00Brass wall lamp, probably from carriage.
20530.00Large four aspect Adlake warning lamp, orange/red lens. NYCS plate (New York City)
20680.00Pullman type roof lamp, brass with glass globe. American origin.
20828.00American Railroad Lantern, by Dietz, embossed B & MR, (Boston & Maine).
20992.00Pair of handlamps, LNE-C, ARP Shelter + LNER loco. (2)
21042.00Pair of general purpose handlamps, one marked LMS. (2)
21120.00American railroad lamp, Pullman embossed on the side.
21245.00American railroad lamp by Dressel, NYCS on side (New York City)
21310.00American carbide lamp, by Nat Carbide Lantern Co, NY, brass body & rear coloured aspects, NRT Co. SD on top.
21530.00Large brass wall lamp with glass chimney, shield & bracket, William Page, Boston, Mass.
21645.00NER handlamp, handle detached, GNR, front detached + brackets, bezels, lamp front glasses etc.
22630.00BR(E) gauge glass lamp.
239100.00Box of Handlamps, signal lamps + spares.
24125.00BR(W) gauge glass lamp.
24350.00American Railroad Lantern by Dietz, NY, NH & HD on top.
24420.00SNCF brass carbide handlamp.
24655.00Pair of handlamps, unmarked, one is a sliding knob type. (2)
24835.00A DB brass inspection lamp, similar battery lamp & Australian four aspect lamp (NSWTD) (3)
24945.00An SR handlamp & square body inspection lamp, S(E)R on each. (2)
25025.00American Railroad Lamp, Adams & Westlake, NYNH & HRR.
28845.00Hanging lamp with milk glass cover, brass top from Refreshment Rooms.
30155.00LNWR Lucas King of the Road carbide handlamp, LNWR embossed on the three sides.
30232.00Queensland Govt Rly, Appletons handlamp + large QGR hand lamp. (2)
30320.00Small QGR lamp + American gauge glass lamp 8. (2)
30620.00SNCF brass carbide handlamp.
30725.00American handlamp by Peter Gray, Boston Mass + similar by H Piper, Montreal. (2)
31885.00GWR brass collar handlamp, plates GWR, Polkey & 25282.
35830.00Adlake, gate lamp, tail lamp, hurricane lamp. (4)
36340.00Pair of BR(S) inspection lamps. (2)
36428.00SR type gauge glass lamp.
36630.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
367100.00BR(S) loco headlamp.
36930.00BR(E) gauge glass lamp.
37025.00BR(S) type gauge glass lamp.
37950.00Handlamps, BR(W) + SR. (2)
404140.00Sugg type gas lamp with green enamel shade, top marked, Newbridge Bath England.
40550.00Pair of loco headlamps, probably industrial + tail lamp. (3)
40638.00Adlake lamp, ships warning lamp and brake van lamp. (3)
40940.00SR Brighton type handlamp, stamped S(B)R.
448150.00Loco headlamp, SR style/BR(S) type brass plate BR(S) H7466.
463180.00GWR copper top handlamp, with GWR interior.
46648.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
48632.00GWR brass collar handlamp, (no interior) + another hand lamp, piecrust top. (2)
48850.00SR & LNER handlamps. (2)
48920.00Loco cab gauge glass lamp.

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Page 8: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
49150.00Milk churn painted in roses & castles, canal boat style + BR brake van lamp. (2)
49418.00BR handlamp + small coffee cup. (2)
50930.00SR handlamp + large signal interior type lamp. (2)
51075.00Handlamps SR, BR + large red crossing gate lamp. (3)
51420.00LMS general purpose handlamp.
533160.00GCR small handlamp, curved glass front, GCR vessel.
53460.00Handlamps, LNER Loco + BR(M). (2)
54240.00Adlake lamp cases x2 + crossing gate lamp. (3)
56250.00BR(E) handlamp, stamped Mellis, (Suffolk Station).
59532.00Pair of Pullman type ceiling lamps, cast brass decoration, one with glass globe. (2)
601110.00GNR large gate lamp case & interior, Old Leake, Down Side South, on copper plate.
607360.00NBR platform wall lamp, Lundin Links, with interior, original condition.
61160.00Box of lamp globes, oil & gas types.
61238.00Platform lamp bracket ex M & CR + two other lamp fittings. (3)
61390.00Sugg enamel gas lamp with globe.
61450.00Sugg gas lamps one large + two smaller, no globes. (3)
61550.00Signal lamp cases. (6)
66532.00LMS flare lamp + 2x roadworks lamps. (3)
68830.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
69435.00Brass collar handlamp, GWR style, BR(W) burner, plated, IMR, 169.
711110.00SR brake van lamp, brass plate, 1887 BR(S) + BR tail lamp, flat red glass & steel guards to glass. (2)
71285.00Loco headlamp believed ex PLA No.11, a Manning Wardle loco.
71345.00Loco headlamp ex Stewarts & LIoyds, Corby No.53.
7255.00Lamps, Adlake, Inspection + two carbide, bodies only, one LNWR. (4)
73080.00LNWR type platform lamp case.
732300.00GER platform lamp, Soham, name faded, with ball finial & frog, benefit from restoration.
756320.00Cans, Tiv Jc, GWR Swindon x2 , etc.(4)
798150.00Caledonian Railway platform lamp case.
800160.00BR(W) loco headlamp, complete, ex loco condition.
801130.00BR(W) loco headlamp, complete, ex loco condition.
80230.00Pair of GWR brass collar hand lamps, one lacks interior.
805350.00Midland handlamp plates 2179A x2, MR plate, MR vessel, no burner.
809320.00LSWR hand lamp with LSWR brass plate + signal lamp, plated Lydford, lamp rusty. (2)
82195.00GNR signal lamp, small, 6x GWR type interiors & 4x Bardics. (11)
83370.00Sugg gas lamp, hinge broken but spare globe & glass chimneys.
83445.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
84430.00BR(M) loco headlamp, (no interior).
84720.00BR handlamp + carbide + inspection lamp. (3)
85120.00Lamps, SR signal, GWR signal, no interior, modern Adlake. (3)
86050.00GWR brass collar handlamp, GWR Blaydon on side.
86122.00GWR type signal lamp case + 2x interiors. (3)
87320.00Large loco lamp, African, David Shepherd Collection.
87422.00Lamps, Adlake, modified, signal lamp, Reform Lightly Co. + Handlamp & tail lamp. (4)
87825.00BR(M) handlamp, LMS wartime style + BR handlamp. (2)
88350.00Large signal lamp + small cart lamp. (2)
88720.00Handlamps, an unmarked pair, probably industrial railway. (2)
88960.00Handlamps, LMS, LMS Wartime, BR(Sc). (3)
89542.00LMS handlamp + BR brake van lamp. (2)
90155.00SR ground signal lamp + case, Adlake case & two signal lamp interiors. (5)
90910.00BR(W) GWR type brass collar handlamp.
91442.00SR handlamps + BR brake van lamp. (2)
92270.00Handlamp, Midland Rly, plated 4996b top & body.
92550.00LSWR handlamp.
92855.00Handlamps, LNER-C and Blaydon 1942. (2)
93085.00SECR handlamp with square front & SR(A) brass plate.
93130.00Cart lamp, inspection lamp & square lamp with plate Leegate M&C on vessel. (3)
93375.00LNER handlamp with brass plate, Newark.
93538.00Signal lamp interiors x3 + conical oil can.
93642.00Box of wicks, burners & slotted glasses.

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Page 9: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
938120.00BR brake van lamp, tail lamp, van lamp + LMS fire bucket. (4)
93945.00Handlamps, one stamped, CIE the other unmarked. (2)
94345.00Handlamps, LNER Loco + WD. (2)
94495.00BR(M) loco headlamp.
950120.00Unmarked handlamps, one large, the other smaller. (2)
95255.00Handlamps, LNER loco, BR(M). (2)
95535.00Warning lamp with red lens & rear bracket.
98280.00Platform lamp case.
98365.00Box of ten lamps, signal, head, inspection, hand, all very rusty. (10)
  Loco and Rolling Stock
840.00Wooden pattern for wheel, probably loco bogie.
1050.00Loco worksplate, Built 1956, Derby.
25200.00GWR luggage rack, complete with two brackets, (GWR monogram), pole, net & backboard.
322.00BR lion, wheel crown, transfer, unmounted, smaller size, tank loco.
3425.00BR lion, wheel, crown mounted transfer, for loco tenders.
4140.00Builders plate, Lansing Bagnall, Basingstoke & London.
6420.00Polish loco plates, Eagle, TR203 + 23, cast iron. (3)
6545.00Small organ pipe whistle from a Hungarian tram loco.
6620.00Large whistle, Polish or East Europian/Russia, requires attention.
6720.00Polish class numberplates, TY2 +TY23, cast iron. (2)
6828.00Polish class numberplates, TY45, TY43, cast iron. (2)
82300.00Worksplate, John Fowler 15134, Leeds, ex K7 ploughing engine, Kineton area, CF4074, 1917.
9520.00Tender water indicator, 2400 Gallons + small Shut Gate notice & gradient arm 166. (3)
11875.00Underground steptread, 1924 stock, Cammell Laird & Co, ex I.O.W Car 96, brass.
11950.00Underground steptread, BRCW, 1938 ex Bakerloo stock, alloy.
120130.00Underground steptread, Met C & W & Finance Co, 1927, ex I.O.W. Car 36, brass.
13040.00GNR brass tenderplate, 1165.
1365.00East African Rly, Nairobi, Boiler data & test plate loco 392, cast brass.
157140.00LT cab plate, Hampstead-Golders Green, enamel, brass ends.
16995.00LNWR carriage window, coat of arms in frame + separate plain panel. (2)
220150.00Box of destination blinds, road and rail.
22850.00Tenderplate, Water Capacity 4000 Gallons, brass.
23038.00Pair of internal cab lights from Class 37. (2)
25745.00Carriage step tread, Met Amalgamated C & W Co. Britannia Works, B'ham 1904, cast brass.
26620.00Combined nameplate & coat of arms, Gwaai, Nigerian Railways, painted steel.
27425.00Brass air horn from diesel loco, no base fitting.
27580.00Pair of GWR luggage rack brackets incorporating company initials. (2)
294110.00Small carriage board Merthyr-Penarth.
30460.00American loco sand box, Price & Wilson Improved Sand Box, Corington, Ky 1864 on side.
31280.00Loco works plate, Hunslet 7357, 1973, brass.
31455.00Hunslet alloy radiator plate from shunter.
315110.00Railfreight front nameplate for class 58, never fitted, with Collectors Corner receipt.
31755.00Pair of LT luggage rack brackets ex car 2711.
32830.00Two older carriage door handles + grab handle, all cast brass. (3)
34830.00BR firemans shovel.
359100.00Tenderplate, LMS, No 2346, 1897, cast iron, ex loco condition.
36060.00Tenderplate, Water Capacity 2300, oval cast iron, ex loco condition.
36175.00Loco firing shovel.
365180.00Loco firing shovel.
368100.00Loco firing shovel.
382100.00Wooden pattern for a steam loco wheel. H E Co on side. (Hunslet)
4105.00Crane plate, instruction for working, re chain, etc, repaired.
41150.00Equipment plates, English Electric x2 + GEC Traction. (3)
41260.00Loco plate, Registered by Railway Executive, No 926, 1953, NCB Denaby. (1)
41375.00Loco plates,Registered by Railway Exec, No. 943, 1953, both plates. Newton Chambers, Thorncliffe. (2)
41860.00Hunslet large brass radiator plate.
457120.00GWR large loco whistle.
46548.00SR Duplex pressure gauge + LNER and BR gauges. (3)
46820.00Works/Equipment plates, Motor Rail Ltd, Simplex + Metropolitan Vickers. (2)

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Page 10: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Loco and Rolling Stock
48475.00SR WC/BB style loco whistle made for preserved loco.
48730.00Brass loco handlamp as used on some steam, diesel locos & 08 shunters.
490210.00Inter City swallow emblem.
51545.00GWR/BR(W) train reporting number X/H, Stourbridge + SR silhouette head code S. (2)
51790.00South African Railways alloy Cabside, 33-211, class 33, ex loco condition.
51820.00Bulkhead plate marked, Dreadnaught, No.2 end, Max100mph.
52042.00Pair of pre grouping carriage doors. (2)
52945.00Boiler plate, EAR & H 271 + 5094 (NBL) + Vulcan 3927 etc. + brass plates. (5)
53055.00Brass disc Steam Shed 5B, 92 Crewe S / Wash House Crewe.
54928.00Registered by Railway Executive No.390, 1952, oval cast iron.
55785.00Planet, brass radiator plate.
56430.00German loco plate, Deutsche Reichsbahn, cast iron, ex loco condition.
56712.00Makers plate, Procor Horbury, AEG, MAN, Dewberry, Pulsometer Pacific. (5)
56830.00Brass cab plate, Reverse/Forward, 1-4 + wagon plates, LMS Reg, Gen Rep Derby, LMS socket. (4)
59880.00Firemans shovel, NBR adz, GWR auger, lamplighter, brushes. (7)
61095.00Loco regulator handle, reverser handle, gauge & gauge glass cover. (4)
62920.00Van board, Bristol Bath Road-Swindon.
63020.00Van board, Crewe to Swindon/Swindon to Crewe.
64895.00LNER type carriage board, The Hook Continental, ex stores.
65430.00Carriage door handles x2, scales equipment + key tag Canals Grafton Curve Sidings, Bedwyn.
65728.00Boiler plates, Spencer Hopwood, Hitchen + Shand Mason, cast brass. (2)
65832.00Builders plate, W. Abell, Engineer, Derby, cast brass ex Stationary engine + MR 1922 coach plate. (2)
6595.00Makers plate, Eagleston & Son, Oxford, cast iron, probably agricultural.
66090.00Luggage rack brackets, MR Wyvern x2, end & centre, GWR x1 & shelf bracket. (4)
664160.00Small carriage board, Birmingham New Street/Crewe.
66745.00C.C.C.P, alloy loco or coach emblem.
67290.00Builders plate, Marshall & Sons Gainsborough, ornate cast iron.
67330.00Boat numberplate, BCN, 1570, (B'ham).
67625.00Builders plate, Davey Brothers Ltd, Sheffield, 3248, 1924, cast brass.
67885.00GWR oil box cover from early loco, GWR serif letters on top.
68048.00Boat number plate, B.C.N, 1414, (B'ham).
683140.00Stanier Hooter loco whistle.
68675.00Shedplate, 82H, (Cranmore) carried by David Shepherds 9F + SR 928 cabside pattern, (ex Shepherd Estate).
69070.00Rhodesian Railway buffer beam numberplate, 109, cast brass.
69240.00Rhodesian Railway tender plate, 108, cast brass.
69510.00German smokebox numberplate, 99 1791-5, steel, alloy numbers.
696150.00Fowler ploughing engine plate, Madgebury, 13 Atm, Fowler, in Leeds England, 12136, 1909.
69780.00Fowler Patent Steam Plough Works Leeds, No12857, brass.
69855.00Traction Engine/Roller owners plate, RJ & H Wilder, Wallingford, cast iron.
699130.00Builders plate, Manns Patent Steam Cart & Wagon Co, Leeds, cast brass.
700140.00Builders plate, Manns Patent Steam cart & Wagon Co, Leeds, cast brass.
707140.00Ruston & Hornsby brass makers plate, ex traction engine.
70870.00Pair of brass nameplates, Aveling, Barford, embossed brass. (2)
70955.00Traction engine emblem, Prancing Horse, A & B, on wood shield.
71780.00A pair of GWR brass grab handles for a Swindon built coach, curly style. (2)
71932.00Pair of Sentinel builders plates for Alfred Herbert & Design of Wadkin Ltd. (2)
72022.00Boiler pressure plate, 51505, 275 Psi, ex Minesweeper scrapped at Pounds, Portsmouth.
73128.00Pair of loco tyre gauges. (2)
749180.00Cast iron stove from guards van.
7507.00Pair of porthole windows from diesel, straight sides, round tops, one with glass yellow paint. (2)
75275.00Brass trim from top of splasher of GWR loco, to fit under nameplate, ideal for display.
75360.00GWR ATC box with bell, from loco cab.
76565.00Worksplate, LMS Built 1929 Derby, brass, year engraved.
76620.00LMS tenderplate, 4524, 1933, corner missing + 3600 Gallons. (2)
76710.00Tenderplates 4000 Gallons, Type 1 + 2000 Gallons, loss to end. (2)
77360.00LMS Tenderplate, 9204 1934 + Star wagonplate & 32T plate. (3)
77440.00German smokebox numberplate 051-867-0.
77650.00LMS tenderplate 10264, 1945.
78638.00Traction engine registration plate, Edward Buchan, Slateford No 20, Contractor, engraved brass.

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Page 11: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Loco and Rolling Stock
78755.00South African Railways tender plate, 4025 oval brass.
78810.00Russian works plate, 2495 1950, rectangular alloy.
792130.00Engraved brass plate from roller, Lima & Trinidad, Lake Asphalt Co No. W51 Steel House, Westminster, London.
793130.00Class 66 diesel works plate, GM Loco Group JT42CWR, 968702-49, 11-98.
81565.00Carriage roof vents, cast type for external use, round top, points to sides.
82420.00Pressure gauges inc one GWR (no backplate). (5)
82760.00Loco boiler pressure gauges BR(W) + GWR + BR(W) Vac Brake gauge. (6)
83285.00Quantity of brass and other fittings for coaches, some loco, good variety.
892100.00Small BR double arrows emblem.
894140.00Stanier hooter loco whistle, mounted on board.
90220.00Pair of GEC Alstrom step treads. (2)
90510.00BR mirrors x2, Limited Clearance enamel, BR cap + Yorks Moors repro poster. (5)
90720.00Loudaphone public address system transmitter, from cab/guards van etc.
91660.00BCN boat numberplate 1164 & 14324 + painted (roses) water can. (3)
91845.00SR stencil head code indicator, holder & quantity of numbers etc.
91945.00SR stencil headcode indicator, holder & quantity of numbers etc.
92040.00SR stencil headcode indicator, holder & quantity of numbers etc.
92435.00Tenderplate, Water Capacity 1200 Gallons, oval cast iron.
94032.00Worksplate, Built Doncaster 1955, cat iron oval.
94620.00Cab plate, Water Shut/Open, cast iron + gauge glass protector. (2)
94780.00GWR small locomotive whistle.
94925.00Worksplate, Built 1958, Crewe, weld repair.
99238.00Guards leather satchel with instruction books etc.
99618.00Invicta prancing horse, brass shield emblem.
99710.00Hudswell Clarke wooden pattern, The Princess Royal, for miniature railway loco nameplate.
99922.00RCH rolled map, Scotland 1960, with wood batons.
97010.00Box of missc paperwork.
  Hardware, Books, Mixed Boxes
930.00Met Cam DMU plate, lever plates, loco Road/Engine Sidings x4, tail lamp, parking sign & signal notice.
1512.00Books, Instructions, Magazines, three banana boxes.
18390.00Misc hardware, Huddersfield Taxi plate, BR Guernsey plate, armband, badges, buttons etc.
219350.00Quantity of signs inc enamel, road names. (28)
29642.00Box of mixed hardware.
2977.00Box of railway books.
29840.00Box of railway books.
31365.00Ground discs x2, flags x2, gauges x2, brass tanker notice + fire notice. (8)
3195.00Misc lot, Prints, Calendars, Tea Towels, What happened to Steam , booklet etc.
329110.00Misc lot, china loco plates, caps, jigsaws, DVDS etc.
34648.00MR brass treads x2 + toilet door enamel signs, drawer pulls, BR pens, mugs, ticket holders NUR badge etc.
37170.00Box inc pressure gauge, cap, flare lamps, Bardic, warning horn etc.
40790.00Disc signal plates x2, NER bridge plate 25, fruit plate, Ladies sign, Glos C&W. D plate, oil can, miniature nameplate etc.
45055.00Carton of railway books.
482120.00Box of hardware, lever plates, M&K cables sign & repro cast notice.
50150.00Box of hardware inc toilet door lock, grab handle, insulators etc.
50575.00Box of hardware, brass table lamp, pressure gauge, oil can etc.
53782.00GWR items, typewriter ribbon in tin, note pad, mustard pot, key, horsebrass, bill hook, armband, tyre gauges, etc. (9)
56120.00Box including mugs, ties, paperwork, caps, lever collars etc.
591150.00Quantity of small relics, inc armbands, inkwell, notices, badges.
593150.00Box of hardware, repaired Lancing plate, bardic, can, wagon plates, step treads, repro road sign etc.
620110.00Clippers x5, GCR scissors, GWR billbook, GWR mustard pot, LNER pay tin, burners & wicks, Stratford plate etc.
820170.00Box of hardware, GWR drum clock (defects), LNER mirror, 1st Aid tin, many & varied items.
83075.00Mixed hardware, GWR cables c/I sign, steam rollers enamel, base loss, mile post, EE cover, replica plates.
83120.00Variety and quantity of castings of all sorts inc loco wheels large scale.
86660.00Mixed hardware, GWR box key, tape measure, brass mini vice, spring scales, ashtray, bill hook, etc, etc.
88415.00LYR step tread, 2x enamel signs, Danger, repro Cambrian Coast headboard, hardboard + plaster, (fragile). (4)
88532.00Wagon plates, Butterley + LMS Derby, BR paperweight, medium & miniature track chairs etc, brackets.
91142.00LBSCR notice re Consumption, container plate & other cast plates. (11)

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Page 12: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Hardware, Books, Mixed Boxes
951260.00Mixed box of hardware, inc lever plates, step tread, brass horn, ashtrays, bracket, void meter, signal arm etc.
95432.00Mixed box of hardware inc preservation era smokebox, 73155, LMS horsebrasses, cast plates + replicas etc.
9762.00Hardware, date press, disc signal, paperweights, reproduction plates, also posters & plans.
1735.00Triang locos, 82004 R59 +SR 328, R868, both boxed. (2)
1815.00SR coaches, Triang & Grafer, not boxed. (6)
1935.00Triang Two Car DMU R157/R158, Blue Pullman & 11x wagons, all boxed, most Triang , some Grafer.
2032.00Good quantity of 00 gauge track including pointwork.
3685.00Quantity of boxed & unboxed 00 gauge models.
4270.00Hornby Virgin Pendolino + coaches, boxed + loose, 3x Peaks, D61XX, 3x LMS & GWR tanks, coaches.
43120.00Quantity of boxed & loose wagons, 2 trays + some accessories.
4450.00Large quantity of boxed buses & cars, two cartons.
4575.00Italian, French, USA boxed locos J'ouef, Athearn etc (4) + 4 TGV coaches. (8)
4640.00Box of Meccano including wheels, tyres & gears.
47110.00Quantity of buildings, accessories and track.
4838.00Box of smaller tank engines, not boxed. (11)
4965.00Boxed coaches, parcel vans inc two TPOs. (12)
5075.00Boxed coaches, BR 1970s, 80s blue, various types and makes. (23)
5160.00Boxed Hornby HST & Power Cars, Blue Pullman + one trailor, 3 car DMU, blue Lima. (7)
5240.00Coaches, not boxed, BR(S), BR(W), inc Hornby tinplate etc. (21)
5380.00Diesels, Deltic 55 022, D6830, D6524, D5578, 2BIL set, US loco, none boxed. (9)
5440.00Hornby APT, five coach set, not boxed.
55100.00Quantity of loose and boxed wagons, two trays.
5680.00Locos, not boxed, 46245, 48109, Hornby 3 rail + 80033, 80054. (4)
5745.00Boxed Lima diesels, 73 142, D7063, D1071, D838. (4)
5830.00Boxed diesels, 25 247, 37 424, both Hornby, 45 039 ML, 50 020 Lima. (4)
5938.00Boxed diesels, 47501, 58 001, both Hornby D6524, (Lima), 03 382, (ML).(4)
6055.00Boxed locos, Hinton Manor, Mainline, 43775, LMS Shunter, Lima, 1466 Airfix. (4)
8328.00Airfix Caerphilly Castle + 2-6-2T 6110, boxed. (2)
8435.00Hornby LMS 8112 + 8193, boxed. (2)
8540.00Model railway equipment, two cartons.
8655.00Bachman B1, Impala. Hornby King Arthur, Sir Meliagrance, boxed. (2)
8755.00Bachman Jinty & Spectrum, Boston & Maine, Red Hen, boxed. (2)
8850.00Box of mixed model railway items.
8940.00Hornby 68971, 0-6-0 + Lima Crab 42700, boxed. (2)
9045.00Hornby 00 King + Airfix Castle, boxed. (2)
9128.00Hornby, Duchess of Montrose, not boxed.
9240.0000 gauge locos, not boxed, King, Castle, Scot etc. (4)
9340.0000 gauge locos, not boxed, Castles x2 Grange + USA diesel. (4)
11170.00Hornby gauge 0, LMS coaches x2, LMS large bogie wagon & other wagons, inc crane & platform. (21)
11265.00Quantity of gauge 0 tinplate track including points etc.
1135.00Quantity of Trix Twin model 3 rail track, bakelite base, inc points, some in original boxes.
11412.00Quantity of Trix metal base 3 rail track and similar, some in its original boxes.
1156.00Trix buildings etc also some later models and accessories, quantity. (3 boxes)
11640.00Two crates of 00 model railway, locos, coaches, buildings, controllers etc, loose as delivered.
11722.00Box of 00 gauge, tank loco 80054, three coaches, wagon, crossing, bridge, cars & other accessories.
58790.00Model display case + another with signals displayed + base + track. (4)
59022.00Quantity of boxed model cars etc.
5945.00Small Trix Twin layout on board + large quantity of track, some boxed.
979180.00Dinky car transporter, crane elevator, Coles crane.,Foden truck + Matchbox service station, Triang fire engine, all boxed. (6)
98050.00Boxed models, Corgi hovercraft, Triang space cruiser, petrol station, military, loose cars Airfix kits, two boxes.
  Office and General Equipment
3955.00Sack truck, LNER Accounts Dept, Hadley Wood.
6325.00Leather guards satchel + uncarried Chinese worksplate. (2)
69150.00GWR tinplate notice re change from booking office ex Coryton, Devon, framed.
17745.00Boston & Maine Railroad conductors box, made by Grey of Boston, initials on top.
19380.00Ticket clippers, inc NSR and LNWR. (8)
2255.00LMS First Aid box with contents.
22728.00Edmondson ticket date press + type box.

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Page 13: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Office and General Equipment
232150.00Deed box, Cornwall Minerals Railway.
233130.00Deed box, Merthyr Tydfil & Aberdare Rly.
234290.00Deed box, Bala & Dolgelley Rly.
2385.00Pair of third rail chair/insulators. (2)
25585.00GWR sack truck, Pangbourne.
28935.00GWR firemans axe + key hammer & pick axe. (3)
29528.00M&GNJR detonator tin, initials on side.
30042.00GWR Porters cap, red roundel on front.
31665.00GWR system map on wooden rollers.
33155.00LNER cast iron fender.
33350.00BR travelling safe, BR(W) 220, plate.
34950.00BR leather drivers bag + BR(E) sickle. (2)
3515.00Blacksmiths bench vice ex Crewe Works, large.
3525.00Blacksmiths bench vice ex Crewe Works smaller.
36255.00Drivers snap box, Dukes of Grimsby.
37248.00Pair of enamel crossing gate bulls eyes. (2)
39040.00Wooden mobile cash box ex Buxton & BR(W) wooden box. (2)
39475.00Deed box, Oswestry Ellesmere & Whitchurch Rly, name worn.
39542.00Luggage labels, GNR, M & GN, LNW & GW Jt. (118)
47540.00Laminated tinplate sign, Local Trains Info Available at this Office, totem at top, ex closed station, still open for freight.
493190.00Inter City APT travel centre display model.
50340.00Pair of ticket date presses, rusty. (2)
50440.00Pair of ticket date presses, rusty. (2)
53632.00Collection of railway ties. (26)
53895.00Pocket watch, LNER, runs when wound.
53990.00Pocket watches, GWR + BR(W), not running. (2)
54780.00Fire buckets, GWR, LMS, BR. (3)
5815.00Narrow gauge track chair, small early type.
58910.00BR ticket machine box, bus ticket type as used on Tetbury/Cirencester branches.
59660.00Box of telegraph insulators.
600200.00Large wicker basket containing good quantity of uniform.
602160.00GWR wooden notice board, Great Western Railway painted on top.
60510.00Section of platform canopy.
608130.00Indicator board, Dunstable, Boxmoor, Derby, Tranships, Wem etc + 1-11 wood painted names.
62555.00GCR, Gorton small stove door, decorative style.
634200.00GNR rubber door mat, initials prominent in centre.
63540.00Faceplate from platform drinking fountain, NBR Keep Pavement Dry, cast iron.
64215.00GWR landmine inkwell.
67725.00Early small rail chair + 2x Festiniog chairs. (3)
71860.00Sentinel Works, notice board header.
72275.00Pair of GWR maroon blankets & BR shoulder bag. (3)
75475.00LNWR B'ham Stores, stationery rack with brass plate.
80355.00GWR landmine inkwell.
80828.00Pair of large brass fire hose novels, no initials. (2)
84910.00Ticket date press.
86410.00Brass spirit stove, Monitor, British Made on top, used to heat kettle or pan.
87522.00Copper tea urn, MR Co. stamped on handle + similar unmarked, both have taps. (2)
88865.00Whistles, MR P Way, BR(E), BMMO, BR(S), LYR + repro SR/LNER + quantity of tickets & photos. (8)
90840.00Penny in slot machine from toilet door, brass.
100310.00Square of Highland Railway Lino ex Golspie, framed.
77910.00Large painting 46248 at Beattock Summit, Joe Townend.
1632.00LNER stock poster, dancing couple/beach scene + Tallylyn Rly, both mounted. (2)
34142.00Framed poster, London & Suburbs, Main Line Railways 1947 + LPTB.
87232.00Framed poster BR runs out of Steam, 15 Guinea Special 1968.
6135.00Reproduction nameplate, Tintagel Castle + Cornish Riviera headboard, smaller size. (2)
30830.00Reproduction Deltic nameplate, Tulyar, alloy on wood mount.

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Page 14: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
309110.00Reproduction Class 50 nameplate, Ark Royal + large brass badge, each on wood mount. (2)
310110.00Reproduction Class 40 nameplate, Laconia, Cunard Lines, alloy on wood mount.
320unsoldMiniature nameplates, Arsenal, Biggin Hill, Winston Churchill, Port Line. (4)
44170.00Replica totem sign, Abergele & Pensarn, (Trackside Co).
4992.00Rhymney Railway brass coat of arms, reproduction.
50665.00Replica signs + BR alloy bridge plate & Rhymney Main Line, loss both sides.
57032.00Rocket 150 Cavalcade plate (uncarried) + miniature nameplate, Bishop Eric Treacy & bag of GWR keys.
60945.006102, smokebox plate, (LMS style) thought to be uncarried but cast from original pattern. Purchased by the owners family from Carnforth in the late 1960s/ early 1970s
761270.00Large selection of repro plates inc traction engine, railway, road sign & loco whistle.
94185.00Replica nameplates, Lew & Yeo, Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. (2)
98922.00Swindon Works Warship plaque.
9985.00Reproduction LT sign, Bond Street.
12120.00Power box miniature lever sections, two levers.
1445.00LBSCR signal repeater, face poor, cracked glass + two repeaters, no cases, gauge. (4)
21110.00Miniature signal levers from power box, one pair, one single.
2770.00Bakelite repeater on stand, Train in Section/Approaching, Up & Down Lines.
7220.00Signal post telephone.
7575.00LSWR/SR signal fittings, spec plates, angle arm, lamp case, point clip + LNER chair. (5)
80120.00GWR 1947 permissive block instrument.
10940.00Box of insulators, SR, LMS, LNER, Silvertown. (6)
121110.00GWR Tyers permissive block instrument.
124160.00LBSCR/SR banner repeater on wood stand, large brass plate, T/C Down Through etc.
12655.00Bakelite case repeater, home semaphore, On/Off + brass case, Signal On/Off. (3)
12755.00GWR alloy/steel key token holder, small size.
13550.00Tyer & Co Locked/Free switch with brass lever.
14165.00Brass cased repeater, lever plates, SR Holborn, 5x trafolite + small GCR stamped flag. (8)
14885.00Lancashire & Yorkshire Rly block instrument.
155180.00LNWR bell and morse tapper on board, Marefield Nth Jc plate.
17550.00GWR 1947 lamp In/Out indicator.
17890.00SR brass case repeaters on stand, one S.Rly the other Track o/c banner. (2)
181220.00Key token, Towyn-Barmouth South.
184130.00LNWR lever plates, W.J Line, M-Chester x2 etc. (6)
186210.00Framed signal box diagram, Hartford Exchange Sidings, (Cheshire).
1885.00Book, Railway Signalling, O.S Nock, 1982 + Japan Rlys Fact & Figs 1963. (2)
19930.00Colour light signal head.
20020.00Limit of Shunt illuminated indicator.
20750.00GWR block bell with tapper.
21455.00GWR 1947, Lamp In/Out instrument.
29085.00GWR Spagnoletti indicator, no face plate.
291190.00GWR 1947 permissive block instrument.
29348.00Signal box block bell.
32145.00Lever plates x5, brass plunger & A Box/B Box switch. (7)
324120.00GWR Spagnoletti double line block instrument.
33225.00GNR wood signal arm for slotted post.
3935.00Telephone exchange switch box double sided & similar single sided. (2)
421170.00GWR Spagnoletti block instrument for double line.
422160.00GWR Spagnoletti block instrument for double line.
42355.00Signal arms home & distant, blades only. (2)
424120.00(G)WR gangers key instrument.
42550.00BR(W) ground frame key instrument, plain black front, red body.
426100.00GWR signal box block bell.
42785.00LNER non pegging block instrument.
428190.00Tyers Scottish LMS block instrument, large type.
43360.00Large block bell, SR Sykes type.
435170.00GWR 1947 block instrument, double line.
43690.00GWR block bell.
437120.00GWR block bell.
43885.00GWR 1947 permissive block instrument.

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Page 15: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
44760.00Midland Railway pegging block instrument.
451160.00GWR Spagnoletti block instrument, trafolite plate, From Dolcoath Siding.
452120.00GWR gangers occupation key instrument.
45350.00BR modular block instrument with bell, plated Vauxhall.
454160.00GWR 1947 block bell.
45570.00GWR 1947 lamp in/out instrument.
456130.00BR(W) block switch, small size.
46030.00Signal box gradient charts, Tiverton Jc-Exminster, Liskeard-St Austell, Carn Brea- Penzance. (3)
46480.00Bakelite repeaters, lever control, distant, semaphore + brass cased home.
477130.00Signalling assembly (ex model railway), LSWR semaphore indicator from Sykes Inst, repeater, bell, tapper. (4)
47885.00GWR brass cased track circuit indicator.
47970.00LSWR tapper from block shelf, brass fittings on wood block.
48095.00LSWR tapper from block shelf, brass fittings on wood block, in wooden case.
48132.00Brass plunger, Push to Release 20.
485130.00Signalling hardware, brass plunger & ring collars, lever plates, armbands etc.
51380.00Train announcement box with door, contains microphone, instructions etc.
521130.00One lever ground frame with base fixings, lever moves freely.
543120.00Signal box diagram, Hindley North No.1, (illuminated).
54820.00Signal box control phone.
553130.00Signal arms, 2x calling on, 3x discs & white TC diamond. (6)
5555.00Stevens & Sons signal lever frame end plate.
55932.00LSWR signal finial.
56030.00GWR signal finial for wooden post.
586130.00Trafolite lever plates inc, Hendon, Seaham, BEA, Belmont, Norwich, Yarmouth. (25)
61655.00Pair of fogging machine magazines one brass plated West Holmes GN Down Main.
619190.00Large ground signal lamp with circular red disc.
632210.00Highland Railway wooden scissors type signal arm.
63360.00McKenzie & Holland large signal finial, lacks spike.
63618.00Cast iron treadle plate, British Pneumatic Railway Signal Co.
63940.00Pair of signal box wooden finials for gable end. (2)
6895.00Distant signal arm, no glass + home, blade only. (2)
70170.00Brass case signal repeaters, Slot & Spec On, Light In/Out + Signal On/Off. (2)
70260.00Brass case signal repeaters, Train Entered Section/Approaching Section + Signal On/Off. (2)
70360.00Brass case signal repeater, Spec & Slot On/Off + Signal/ On Off (Dist). (2)
70490.00Brass case signal repeater, Power Off + a pair of brass plungers. (3)
72835.00Midland Railway pegging block instrument, damage at front base.
73320.00GWR type signal post route indicator plates & frames, Up M, Down M, Spur, Birch, Dn Corp M. (5)
73990.00Box diagram, Golborne Junction, front alloy panel from illuminated diagram.
75160.00Wooden home signal arm + cast spec plate, lacks glass & two other spec plates. (4)
755120.00Westinghouse GWR calling on signal arm with spec plate ex Newton Abbot.
76410.00A pair of ground signal discs with backplates, home & distant. (2)
78160.00GCR block instrument, plated Leicester Goods North, face paintwork very poor.
78350.00Small corrugated calling on signal arm, central spec plate.
784130.00Small wooden calling on arm with spec plate.
78970.00Signal arms, blade only GWR type, rolled edge + SR type corrugated. (2)
79080.00Signal arms, blade only, home. (3)
79150.00Disc signal plates x4 + calling on arm. (5)
79670.00Signal arms, blades only, home. (3)
80680.00Midland Railway brass lever plates, a variety of wordings.
80755.00Large LNWR signaling plate Down Main/Blocked/Clear, crecent shaped.
813170.00GWR brass case distant repeater on stand, brass plate, Down Distant.
814110.00Set of three GWR signal box shelf brackets, GWR in scroll lettering. (3)
81755.00Quantity of signal fittings, tension wheels, spec backplate, brackets, balance weight etc, various companies.
819120.00Quantity of signal lever plates, a variety of styles, companies.
823180.00Signal box gradient charts, Abermule-Caersws + Forsinard-Helmsdale. (2)
825110.00LNWR block instrument.
83960.00Midland Railway block bell.
840180.00GWR 1947 block instrument.
84560.00Block bell, bell underneath, square case.

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Page 16: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
84625.00Pair of magneto telephones, bakelite/steel cases, tall older style. (2)
84860.00Repeaters, T/c, brass case + home, bakelite, wood case relay. (3)
850180.00GWR 1947 block instrument.
85230.00Telephones, early bakelite type + later style + 2x wood cased, worn. (4)
85370.00Signal arm blades, home, long + shorter + black/yellow disc. (3)
85450.00GWR block bell with tapper, cow gong.
85580.00GWR block bell with tapper, church bell.
85620.00Wooden signal box phone, separate mouth & ear pieces, enamel plates.
8575.00Larger signal box control phone, wood case.
85855.00GWR lamp in/lamp out indicator.
859110.00GWR Tyers permissive block instrument.
86230.00GWR & BR(S) ampmeters, the former in GWR marked leather case. (2)
86320.00Signal box phone, larger case, ivorine plate, Circuit 751, Exeter Control.
86765.00GWR brass signal box plungers. (3)
86920.00VOL switch instrument in case, ( vehicle left on line/ line clear of vehicle).
87922.00Signal lever brass catches, lever plates and fittings, (small box).
88280.00GWR block bell, cow gong type, with tapper.
89885.00GWR gangers occupation key instrument.
91245.00Signal box brass plunger, SR level plate, light control box, industrial pressure gauge. (4)
93765.00Pair of Midland Railway signal box levers, cut at floor level, ex Wigston.
958100.00LNER double line pegging block instrument.
96310.00Upper Quadrant home signal arm, with spec plate, repainted.
97790.00LYR lever and backplates, ashtray, English Electric plate, section of bridge rail etc.
1014100.00Midland Railway pegging block instrument.
101585.00Midland Railway, non pegging block instrument.
101660.00Midland Railway, block bell.
101745.00Bakelite repeaters, Light On/Off x2 sig On/Off. (3)
101850.00Bakelite plungers with brass knobs. (3)
101945.00Bakelite repeaters, lights On/Off, Signal, Banner repeater. (3)
103015.00Trafolite lever plates x3, Down Branch, Headshunt, Stabling Siding + ticket printing plate. (4)
  Signal Finials
2140.00Very large signal finial, ball & spike.
7960.00Southampton Tramways post finial.
9850.00GWR type square base signal finial.
9950.00Midland Railway signal finial.
32365.00SR Holcroft signal finial, LSWR type.
35420.00GWR type signal finial.
41448.00GWR square base finial, distant.
41550.00GWR square base finial, home.
41650.00GWR type signal finial.
41750.00GWR type signal finial.
63730.00Signal post caps, three different types. (3)
63870.00SR (LSWR type) signal finial.
64040.00GWR square base finial, ex Abbey Foregate gantry, Shrewsbury.
73422.00CLC signal finial, loss at top.
73565.00LYR signal finial.
74640.00Cast iron signal finial, CLC style.
74738.00Cast iron signal finial, CLC style with small ball within the spike, base loss.
74810.00LSW/SR type signal finial, base loss.
76255.00Midland Railway signal finial, small pattern.
76350.00Caledonian Railway signal finial.
77142.00LSWR type signal finial.
772170.00McKenzie & Holland signal finial, small type, new spike + another without spike. (2)
77745.00GWR type signal post finial.
77865.00Midland Railway large signal finial.
78220.00McKenzie & Holland signal finial, replacement spike.
86838.00A BR(W)/GWR type signal finial + a small Tyers & Co. switch box. (2)
89735.00LSWR type signal finial.
89940.00LSWR type signal finial.

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Page 17: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Signal Finials
9862.00Signal post cap, 2x early track chairs & wagon buffer. (4)
79960.00Shedplate 89B, ex loco condition.
92650.00Shedplate, 5A, Crewe South, repainted.
932100.00Shedplate 1D, Devons Road, repainted.
94570.00Shedplate, 50A York + SC plate. (2)
11028.00GWR silver plated sugar bowl.
1315.00LMS Hotels 1930s teapot, name worn.
13218.00London Chatham & Dover Rly silverplated circular plate.
13330.00LMS silverware, bowl, vegetable dish, circular plate,etc. (4)
16130.00GWR Hotels silver plated half pint tankard, c of a, rim out of true + small LNER milk jug. (2)
57220.00GWR silver plated sugar bowl, roundel.
57320.00BR Marine silver plated vase, lion, wheel, crown + waves.
57420.00BR Marine silver plated sugar bowls, lion, wheel, crown + waves, rather tarnished. (4)
57548.00LBSCR large silver plated coffee pot, Newhaven-Dieppe Service, crest good but very tarnished.
57640.00LMS Hotels large silver plated coffee pot, very tarnished.
57720.00BTC Marine Menu Holder, pair of salt pots + GWR & SR cutlery. (15)
57820.00BR Marine silver plate salt & pepper pots. (3)
57965.00LB & SCR silver plated coffee pot, Newhaven-Dieppe service, very tarnished, crest good.
58090.00BR Marine silver plated salt & pepper pots + similar, double arrows. (4)
62135.00LNER silver plate ice cream dish + 2x BR Marine pepper pots. (3)
62260.00LBSCR large silver plated coffee pot, Newhaven-Dieppe Service, crest good, very tarnished.
62355.00BR silver plate, coffee pots x6, wine bottle holders x6, plate cover & jug.(14)
88025.00LNWR silver plated cake tongs, crest worn.
100250.00NBR silver-plated sugar bowl, GER veg dish, GWR fork. (3)
101080.00Cutlery, good variety, attractively mounted on two boards. (2)
  Station Signs
420.00Manchester Victoria, GMPTE station sign.
1140.00Virgin Trains sign, Rugby, small size.
23565.00Kings Langley, platform light defuser.
236190.00Glyn Neath enamel running in board.
23795.00Blaenau Festiniog modern station sign.
282580.00BR(M) enamel signal box Nameboard, Engine Shed Sidings.
334130.00Wrenbury running in board, wood, cast letters.
33585.00Glass sign, LMS Goods, with decoration.
33630.00Pair of wood signs ex Crewe Works, 1926, Erecting Shop, cast letters. (2)
337120.00GER enamel running in board, Ryburgh, some chipping.
35045.00GWR pre group running in board, Bedwyn, poor condition.
42045.00Quintrel Downs Ground Frame, modern tinplate sign, 1970s/80s.
48328.00Modern BR sign, Bristol & Exeter House, Divisional Manager, West of England, with double arrows.
50255.00LBSCR wooden signal box Nameboard Isfield, sadly the first four letters missing.
50730.00BR(S) black & white fingerboards, Guildford, London, Portsmouth etc, (one poor) + two hangers. (6)
51265.00Modern tinplate sign, New Malden, Earlsfield, Wimbledon, Clapham Jct etc + way out & car stop signs. (5)
56355.00Railway Executive alloy trespass notice.
58575.00Platform sign, 1 & 2, (GWR) + 3x small signs. (4)
597130.00Various signs, Cinder Lane, alloy, Ladies, white enamel etc + Castles depot transfer, mounted. (8)
663110.00LNER platform light defuser, Beverley.
68535.00BR plastic station signs, Hersham, Godalming NSE, Byfleet & New Haw NSE. (3)
69138.00BR plastic station signs, Esher NSE, small, Rayners Park, Farncombe, NSE. (3)
74510.00Radipole, BR plastic sign + half of GWR large sign, Porte (sham, missing) + GWR laminated poster. (3)
775180.00Newton-le-Willows signs, LMS lamp tablet, (poor) + modern BR black & white sign. (2)
818180.00GWR tinplate system map, poor, + enamel sign, Way Out & alloy road sign, Railway Road.
83860.00London Euston, double sided running in board, black & white, unbranded, approx 7 feet.
90010.00Wood fingerboard, Vauxhall and stations to Hounslow, black & white.
96230.00Exton, running in board, put up after renaming from Woodbury Road, and before enamels arrived, wood.
981180.00Reedham, SR enamel target sign.
98510.00Stoke Newington Overground station sign.
101310.00Fingerboard, paintwork very poor + GWR brass tension adjuster.

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Page 18: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Street Furniture
32622.00St Georges Place, embossed alloy road name sign.
442160.00Players Weights, cigarette vending machine, with key, wall mounted.
52630.00Road sign, double bend, five reflectors absent.
527130.00Road sign, Bend (to left), reflectors present, + rear brackets.
63175.00Wood road side arm, Thuxton Station, Mattishal.
881220.00Vending machine, Pascal's Ambrosia Devon Milk Chocolate, wall mounted, original condition.
  Totem Signs
221330.00Totem sign Upminster Bridge, BR(E).
240300.00Totem sign, Barassie, BR(Sc).
281310.00Totem sign, Corkerhill, BR(Sc).
942270.00Totem sign, Burnage (f/f), BR(M).
972420.00Totem sign, Vauxhall, BR(S).
973300.00Totem sign, West Allerton, BR(M).
135.00Pair of porters jackets. (2)
21742.00BR blue diesel drivers jacket + jumper, jacket & NLR paychecks.
816110.00Two guards satchels, caps inc GWR Station Master, (well worn) & large variety of railway ties.
7610.00LSWR axle box covers. (2)
18275.00Wagonplates, NER H.D. Timber Bogie + LMS Derby 1924 coach plate. (2)
19145.00GWR D plate, 12T 116789 + LMS Reg plate & LMS Earlstown 1883, oval. (3)
21842.00Wagonplate, Met C W & Finance Co, Ashbury Works 1912.
22222.00Clayton wagon plate 1924, with lion.
2451.00Royal Trust Co Lessee Canadian Pacific 1958 + CPR unused boiler plate. (2)
25850.00Wagonplate, Cravens Ld, Darnell C W & Wheel Works.
25970.00Wagonplate, Met Amal C&W Co, Old Park Works, Wednesbury, 1911.
260130.00Wagonplate, Met Amal C&W Co, Britannia Works, small piece of ornate edge lost.
26122.00Axle box covers, GCR + LNWR-MCW & F Co 1914. (2)
26222.00Axle box covers, Hull & Barnsley Rly, large + T Burnett, Doncaster. (2)
26960.00SR D wagonplate, 12T 49302 + 2x LMS. (3)
27025.00LMS wagon registration plates 1937 + 1948 x2. (3)
27148.00D wagon plates, Met Cam L3331, 2818 x2, Teeside 2611, Pressed steel 3157. (5)
27230.00LMS wagon registration plates 151291/1937 x2 + 151306/1937. (3)
27760.00D wagonplates, LMS + Shildon + M x2, E x2. (6)
27865.00Tank wagon plates, Esso, Shed Mex, Regent Oil octagonal. (5)
27945.00D wagon plates, Shildon, lots 2713, 3688, 3120, 2197 + 13T 1949. (5)
28032.00Box of wagon plates, inc Met Cam x3, LMS, container plates,, 10cwt limit etc.
29270.00Wagon plate, No Unauthorised Person Allowed to Open Doors, (Gunpowder Van?)
3051.00Australian wagon plates, Evans Deakin, Brisbane + A E Goodwin NSW etc. (4)
40870.00Caledonian Railway wagon registration plate.
6535.00Wagon or builders plate, Stephenson Clarke & Co, Contractors, London.
6555.00W & L Ry, 1905 axle box cover.
66235.00Clayton Wagons Lincoln, 1927, cast iron wagon plate, lion pattern.
836170.00Midland D plate, Claye, Wagon Rep Glos, Chas Roberts, Hurst Nelson, + cast plate Alldays & Onions B'ham. (6)
86530.00GWR D wagon plate 20T 60316.
89618.00Coach plate BR, BRCW, Co. + 30300, 1958 + box of paperwork inc WWTs etc.
91010.00Wagon plates, BRCW Smethwick 1937, Regn LMS 1939, Chas Roberts, 1936. (3)
91535.00Large wagon plate, Midland-Yorks Tar Distillers, Oldbury ,Warley, Worcs 531 + MR bridge plate 24. (2)
94845.00D plates, E, 1948, LMS, 522 tons, BRCW 1951 lot 2166, M 13 tons. (4)
99330.00Coach plates BR York 30172, 1956, Pressed Steel 38417, 1958 + BRCW 30140, 1955. (3)
99430.00BR(M) Star plate 173212 Sep 1951 + LMS Track Circuit plate. (2)
100165.00Coach plate, GER Makers, Stratford Works, 1896.
  Worksplates (Steam)
92140.00Worksplate, Built 1949 Derby, cast iron.
  Wooden Notices
6140.00Wooden Notice, Goods Trains Stop to Pin Down Brakes + painted weigh bridge sign. (2)
33020.00Catch points, wooden sign, cast letters, double sided.
381720.00Large wooden sign, Whistle, cast letters with reflectors.
446140.00Midland Rly wooden sign, Notice, Smoking Strictly Prohibited, cast letters, ex Heysham Goods.

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Page 19: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 266B, 3 August 2019

LotSold £Description
  Wooden Notices
508240.00GWR Platform 1 hanging sign, double sided wood with cast letters ex Didcot.
603240.00GWR double sided wood sign, cast letters, Waiting Room, with ornate wall bracket.
604200.00Gentlemen 1st Class, wood sign with cast letters, double sided.
606150.00Curved booking office sign, Ist Class, painted on polished wood + parcels office hours notice. (2)
628170.00Wooden sign, Warning re walking over viaduct except in execution of duty.
64750.00LMSR wooden sign, Cycling on the South Quay Prohibited, restoration needed.
649150.00Wooden sign, Engines Must Not Enter This Warehouse, large.
65120.00Large wooden sign, Catch Points, ex Minera branch, West of Brymbo.
652160.00Large wooden sign, LNER Passengers Must Not Cross Line Except by Bridge + painted wooden Fire Bucket notice. (2)
726150.00Wooden sign, Gentlemen, cast letters, double sided with hangers.
738160.00Wooden sign, Stop, Await Shunters Instructions, cast letters.
  Advertising Enamels
4005.00Signalling Items.