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Sale Closing Date: 5:00pm on Tuesday, 26 March 2019

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Sectional Index of Tickets

Part 1: Rail Travel and Misc. 
Pre Group & Minor Companies1-1037
GWR (Pre Nat)1038-1298
Joint Lines Pre Nat1972-2036
Underground Companies2037-2131
Ferry, Toll & Misc.2233-2255
Half Tickets2881-2960
Part 2: Platform Tickets and Misc. 
Pre Group & Joint Lines3001-3022
BR Transitional3366-3595
BR 1d (Exec.)3596-3731
BR 1d (Comm.)3732-3825
BTC 1d3826-3936
BTC 2d 3937-4141
BTC 2d (BRB Cond.)4142-4148
Various & Misc.4149-4197
Part 3: Bus & Tram Tickets 
Road (Tram & Bus)5001-5494

Condition of Tickets

Condition Grading Codes

indicates that the ticket is in excellent/undamaged condition

indicates the ticket is in good condition with no noticeable defects

indicates the ticket has some wear or minor crease, although still presentable

indicates the ticket is in poor condition

indicates that the ticket has faded

for travel tickets: issued and dated example

for platform tickets: issued, the symbol indicates a dated example

Condition of the Back of Tickets, Mounting Damage

indicates that the back of the ticket is in good, undamaged condition

indicates that the back of a ticket has paper residue as a result of previous mounting, usually removable with care

indicates that the back of the ticket, including the back paper, has actual damage or loss

indicates that the back of the ticket is missing