Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Sale 256B, Saturday, 23 February 2019, The Warriner School, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4LJ.

Sale starts: 9.30am, viewing from 7.30am (& during auction). Advance Viewing: Friday, 22 February 4.00-7.00pm.

Great Central Railwayana, Bloxham Auction

Please note: the Buyer's Premium is 15% + VAT (total 18%) of the hammer price. Change Display: List by Lot Number

Please read the Notes & Announcements and note in particular that there is no commission or telephone bidding and that all lots must be removed on the day.

LotSold £Description
  Advertising Enamels
17820.00Enamel advert PRHA, Ask for Pamphlet on Public Houses.
2185.00Green King Ales, 1799, large ceramic plaque, broken at base but pieces present.
26835.00Enamel sign, Electrical Work by W Brackley, Watford.
27250.00Enamel advert, For Sale, Gibson Cracknell, Watford.
29148.00Enamel advert, To let or Sell, Gibson Cracknell, Watford.
29545.00Enamel advert, To Be Let, Gibson Cracknell, Watford.
335280.00Russian worksplate 10166/954, chromed cast iron, wedge shaped.
35150.00Enamel advert, Rogers & Gowlett, Market Place, Watford, restored.
358120.00Brass advert, Royal Insurance + Dennys Bacon, Waterford & Limerick. (2)
458160.00Enamel advertising sign, 1st Sunday Pictorial, framed.
459210.00Enamel advertising sign, Daily Mirror, Best all Along the Line, framed.
  Accident Reports
253220.00GCR wagon registration plate, 650, 1916.
28315.00Box of working instructions, timetables, etc.
4676.00Bournes London & Birmingham, early Bartholomews atlas, etc.
  Books (Single)
95620.00Set of books, Locos of the GWR RCTS, cream covers, set. (13)
  Smaller Cast Iron, Bridgeplates, Trackside
5750.00GNSR mile post 5¼" (number & one dot), L shape , two faces.
6310.00Gradient board, 211/283, wood, cast letters + 1 in 750/1 in 600. (2)
69170.00Track side sign, cast letters on wood, LNWR & NSR Joint Line.
772.00Rhymney Railway ¼ mile post CW (Cathays Works) on back, complete.
7930.00Gradient arms Level/220 + BR bridgeplate 3 + trespass sign. (3)
9645.00Bridgeplate, LMS 31, 2x carriage roof vents & BRB modern trespass. (4)
1075.00GWR Maintenance Ends cast iron plate, broken & repaired, ex Snow Hill Tunnel.
22948.00LNWR boundary post.
24828.00SECR stencil bridge plate, 495.
315100.00Shut This Gate, cast iron sign.
32012.00SECR stencil style bridgeplate, 1000.
40620.00BR bridgeplates, 66 & 173. (2)
41140.00LT bridgeplate, E1 (Edgeware branch), cast iron.
444110.00Bridgeplate, GN&GE, 1.
51548.00Bridgeplate, LMS, 17.
52855.00Pair of stencil signal indicator signs Main, Sdgs (Sidings). (2)
53022.00Cast iron gradient post, Level/200.
53438.00Original paintings by S.A. Batchelar 1970s, 46225, Met tank, Chesham & BR Standard at Tallerdigg. (3)
54250.00GCR viaduct plate, GCR, 374 (34), Leicester.
54580.00Midland Rly mileposts, From C Junction, 3 1/2" and 4. (2)
54622.00LNER mileposts 99 + 1/4". (2)
54870.00LNWR bridgeplate 15 + LMS, 18. (2)
54912.00LNER 3/4 milepost + GNR 15 viaduct plate, poor. (2)
550160.00LSWR bridge plate, 630.
55245.00LMS viaduct plate, LMS, 5 + bridgeplate, LMS, 7, end missing. (2)
55990.00Boundary post LMS Lancaster Dist/LNER, ex Tebay or Clifton Moor.
59125.00LNER mile post, 124.
61230.00Midland Railway boundary post.
61360.00GWR triangular boundary post, piece lost for base plate.
65950.00Bridgeplate, LMS, 33 + variety of replica plates.
69690.00TVR milepost, complete, CW (Cathay Works) on back.
71760.00GWR Speed Limit 15 MPH, broken, complete + wood sign 5 MPH over table. (2)
76350.00Bridgeplate, GNR, 2 mounted on shaped cast post.
8072.00Gradient board 1 in 408/1 in 100, wood, cast characters.
87932.00Bridgeplates, LMS 2, MR, 10.

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Page 2: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Smaller Cast Iron, Bridgeplates, Trackside
88035.00Bridgeplate, GNR, 2.
882120.00Rhymney Railway bridgeplate, Taff Bargoed, 13.
88355.00Rhymney Railway, Main Line, 59.
88430.00Rhymney Railway, Bargoed 4, loss at right side.
94812.00SECR stencil bridge plate, 1441, + D wagon plates, LNER Darlington 1937 & B'ham C&W. (3)
959unsoldA section of rail and chair from Stratford & Morton Tramway.
9615.00A wooden gradient post.
99320.00GWR boundary post top.
99715.00Gradient arms, 1 in 60/1 in 101, cast iron. (2)
  Bus and Tram
162140.00London bus bonnet number, RTW62.
169120.00London bus bonnet number, RM92 + matching registration plate VLT92. (2)
17690.00London bus bonnet numberplate, RMC 1502.
180220.00Green Line target emblem from bus, black, gold, green, on alloy.
182110.00London bus bonnet numberplate, STL 895.
187100.00London bus bonnet plate, RT980.
21420.00Ultimate, bus ticket machine in box.
27750.00LT bus dept allocation plate, GR, 76, stencil plates in holder + Dennis builders plate. (2)
357170.00Tram enamel, Camden Town Railway Bridges, don't stand, chipping.
36935.00LCC Tramway, Cricket League, presentation wooden bowl.
373220.00Routemaster brass chassis plates, Atlanlean emblem & quantity of bus/road badges etc.
79132.00Birmingham bus destination blind.
9461.00German tram signs, Siegburg-Anschl.n.Bonn. Kuln + Beset + 2+, painted(2)
  Carriage Prints
11048.00LMS, Tilbury & Southend carriage route map, by G. Dow, framed.
14235.00Carriage prints, loose, Westcliff, King, Blythburgh, Denham. (2)
15330.00Carriage print, original frames x2, inc reproduction maps, Caledonian & GER. (2)
15438.00Original carriage print frames with reproduction maps, SR Suburban + System. (2)
15540.00Original carriage print frames with reproduction maps, SECR & LSWR. (2)
15665.00Original carriage print frames with reproduction maps, SR, 1930s & SR System. (2)
15730.00Original carriage print frames with reproduction Brinklow print SECR map + BR mirror. (3)
20230.00Carriage prints, LMS sepia, Glencoe, Ullswater. (2)
20310.00Carriage prints, LMS sepia, Ludford Bridge Ludlow, Loch Achray. (2)
22458.00Carriage prints, Smoking Prohibited, Knutsford, Knight, LMS sepia Rydal Water, all original frame, + Langdale Valley, Greene. (4)
22555.00Carriage prints, Abergele, Montague Black, original frame, Penrhyn Castle, anon, Crafnant Valley, Knight. (3)
22638.00Carriage prints, Sandbach Station, original frame, Derby Station, Stratford On Avon, all Hamilton Ellis. (3)
22725.00Carriage prints, LNWR Bus At Watford, original frame, North London Railway, Richmond, both Hamilton Ellis. (2)
22875.00Carriage prints, Bredon Village, Lampitt, Carlisle Citadel Station, Steel, Bramall Hall, Lampitt, all original frame. (3)
23618.00Stourhead pictorial panel from EMU.
26148.00Carriage prints, Furness Railway, Ulverston, original frame, L&YR Walkden Troughs, original frame, E&W Jct Rly Stratford On Avon, glass cracked, all Hamilton Ellis. (3)
26260.00Carriage prints, Pinmill, King, Staithes, Russell, Waterloo Bridge, Steel, all original frame. (3)
26370.00Carriage prints, Ettrick Bay, Macfarlane, Balmoral Castle, Steel, Felixstowe Ferry, Squirrell, Cleopatra's Needle, Merriott, all original frame. (4)
2645.00LMS carriage sepia panels, Stokesay Castle, Howth Castle, Dublin. (2)
26528.00LMS carriage sepia panel, Criccieth, The Castle, Rhuddlan Castle, both original frame. (2).
31225.00Carriage prints, Watford High Street, NLR (H Ellis) + LMS Fish Ladder Falls. (3)
32125.00LMS carriage sepia panel, Colwyn Bay, original frame.
32235.00LMS carriage sepia panels, Tilberthwaite Valley, glass cracked, Glen Sannox, Loch Gill Sligo, Rhuddlan Castle, all original frame. (4)
32375.00Carriage prints, Blythburgh, Scott, Wisbech, Russell, Pinmill, King, Waterloo Bridge, Steel, all original frame. (4)
32460.00LMS sepia panel, Derbyshire Bridge, carriage diagram, Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway, showing lines, both original frame. (2)
32530.00Carriage prints, Travel In... NMR Station Derby, original frame, North Staffs Rly Stoke, LNWR Bus Watford, all Hamilton Ellis. (3)
33755.00Met Line route map carriage print, 1937, framed.
33965.00Carriage print map, Euston, Watford & N L Lines.
35380.00Carriage print map, Aylesbury-North Harrow, framed.
36135.00Carriage prints, Bedford, Buckle, original frame, Penrhyn Castle. (2)
3625.00Carriage prints, Travel In Leek & Manifold Train, Wirral Railway Train, both Hamilton Ellis. (2)
36322.00Carriage prints, Travel In L&YR Train Kirkham, Midland Train Millers Dale, both Hamilton Ellis, original frame. (2)
36428.00Carriage prints, Travel In E&W Jct Rly Stratford On Avon, original frame, Shugborough Tunnel, both Hamilton Ellis. (2)
36565.00Original carriage print frames and glass ex Southern stock (for 20"x10" prints). (4)
40820.00Carriage print, Speke Hall, Lampitt.

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LotSold £Description
  Carriage Prints
412110.00BR(S) suburban system mirror map.
57965.00Carriage print, Waterloo bridge, Steel + three frames, two with glass. (4)
63038.00Carriage prints, Euston & Curzon Street, by Claude Buckle, framed. (2)
63130.00Carriage prints, Nash Mills Bridge, Conway Bridge, by Claude Buckle, framed.
79212.00LNER bakelite carriage print frame + loose prints, Pickering & Tattershall. (3)
83870.00Carriage prints, Southern Electric map, Blackout warning + reprints of LSWR & LBSCR maps, original frames. (4)
84942.00Carriage print, Lledr Valley, showing early D.M.U.
85118.00Carriage print, St Osyth Priory, Baldwin.
85355.00Carriage prints, BR(W) Excursions from Paddington, shows silhouette of loco & coaches.
85722.00Carriage print, Leigh on Sea, King, original frame.
  Cast Iron Signs
265.00GN&GE Joint cast iron trespass notice.
342.00LNER cast iron trespass notice.
455.00CLC cast iron gate notice.
640.00LNWR cast iron bridge diamond.
59160.00GCR type wall mounted sign, General Waiting Room, cast surround.
61170.00GWR cast iron Welsh language bridge weight restriction sign.
665.00Large cast iron makers plate, Higginbotham & Mallnock, Manchester, oval cast iron.
7460.00Taff Vale Railway cast iron trespass notice.
7532.00GWR cast iron trespass notice.
85220.00Stratford & Midland Junction Ry cast iron trespass.
9265.00GWR cast iron trespass notice.
9732.00L&YR cast iron trespass notice.
10130.00GWR cast iron bridge weight notice, rectangular.
10240.00Taff Vale Railway double sided cast iron trespass notice.
10340.00Cambrian Railways cast iron bridge weight notice.
10448.00Cambrian Railways cast iron trespass notice.
15885.00BR cast iron notice, Beware of Trains.
15948.00SECR cast iron trespass notice.
16060.00SR cast iron trespass notice.
23075.00GWR cast iron trespass notice, early type.
445230.00GWR & Midland Railways cast iron trespass sign.
457110.00Shropshire Union Rly & Canal Co, trespassing on these banks, large cast iron notice.
46150.00GER cast iron bridge weight notice.
46295.00Shropshire Union Railway & Canal, towpath notice, 1901.
46340.00LNWR cast iron gate notice.
464140.00Cast iron notice, No Public Road, Trespassers will be Prosecuted, untitled.
46550.00LNWR double paragraph cast iron gate notice.
47470.00Great Central Railway cast iron gate notice.
475120.00Shropshire Union Railway & Canal, Cycling on Towpath, cast iron notice, 1899.
480100.00GER cast iron notice, Beware of the Engine.
481130.00LNER cast iron notice, Private Road, 0.2 pattern.
48785.00Cast iron sign, MSLR Fire Hydrant, 20 feet + GNR, Gas 4 feet. (2)
48885.00Cast iron LNWR hydrant plate, Shut off Lavatories in Station Buildings.
51648.00MR cast iron trespass notice, Charles 1899.
51760.00SR/LSWR cast iron notice, Stop, Look & Listen.
51820.00SE & CR Managing Locomotive cast iron bridge restriction notice, broken & mounted on board.
51960.00SR cast iron notice Southern Railway, Beware of Trains, (LSWR style).
52085.00GWR pre group cast iron trespass notice, serif lettering.
52180.00MR cast iron notice, Beware of Trains.
52238.00LNWR cast iron trespass notice, corrosion at edge.
52480.00North Eastern Railway Electrified Line warning notice, cast iron.
52530.00Metropolitan District Railway cast iron bridge weight restriction, one corner absent.
52628.00Cast iron bridge weight sign re vehicles withmore than eight seats.
52750.00LNWR cast iron sign, Rhybudd, (Welsh Trespass).
52980.00LBSCR cast iron bridge diamond sign.
53320.00Original paintings by S.A. Batchelar 1970s GWR Lustleigh Station, 6018, 5029, 4-4-0 Brunel. (4)
61075.00LNWR & LYR crane notice, Pieces Broken off at Sides.
61470.00Large crane or bridge plate, J. Booth & Co Engineer Radley Leeds.

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Page 4: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Cast Iron Signs
615220.00NER small cast iron bridge diamond.
61638.00LYR cast iron trespass notice.
61710.00Cambrian Rly cast iron bridge weight notice.
62120.00North Eastern Railway cast iron trespass notice.
64190.00GWR cast iron sign, Private Path.
64255.00GWR wagon doors cast iron notice.
64470.00GWR cast iron trespass notice, short pattern.
7611.00Section of decorative balustrade in cast iron.
781130.00GWR cast iron notice, All Down Goods & Mineral Trains Stop Dead Here
90450.00GCR cast iron sign, 8" SV, 24ft + NER bridge plate, 8. (2)
90732.00GNR cast iron trespass notice.
94150.00LSWR cast iron sign, Cross by Bridge
94232.00SR cast iron trespass notice.
9435.00GWR bridge diamond, loss to base, title intact.
97742.00Cambrian Railways gate notice.
97855.00GWR short trespass, serriff lettering.
97935.00GWR cast iron signs, S W (Sound Whistle).
98050.00GWR large cast iron sign, Beware of Trains.
98122.00Midland Railway cast iron trespass notice.
98228.00LNER cast iron trespass notice.
99110.00GWR cast iron bridge weight notice, loss at top and base.
99528.00BTC cast iron trespass notice, GWR style.
99638.00GWR cast iron sign, Passengers are not Allowed to Cross Railway Except by Bridge.
100045.00GWR small untitled gate notice.
  Coats of Arms
1085.00County Donegal Railway Jt Com mounted coat of arms transfer.
11110.00North Western Railway (India) large mounted coat of arms transfer.
57730.00Coats of arms, CLC, LNW, LYR, LMS, GWR, condition varies. (5)
6321.00Cambrian Railway mounted coat of arms transfer.
68850.00Rhodesian Railways coat of arms, BR tail lamp and other souvenir plates.
90022.00Isle of Man Railway mounted coat of arms.
  Enamel and Other Signs
1110.00BR(S) enamel poster board header, British Railways.
255.00BR modern image station sign, Brookmans Park.
2642.00Enamel doorplate, Private, brown on cream, round ends.
30210.00BR(M) enamel sign, Way Out, Please Show Tickets, (arrow).
6785.00British Railways blackboard, enamel LMR totem header, Dane Road sign & Metrotrain Network map. (3)
71110.00SR doorplate, Private, with metal frame.
72130.00BR(M) enamel doorplate, Waiting Room.
17490.00Wagon Repairs Ltd blue enamel sign.
213320.00BR(S) enamel sign, Train Departures.
316120.00SR enamel wagon doors notice.
32780.00Wagon Repairs Ltd enamel sign.
37145.00Warning enamels inc wagon related. (7)
409240.00BR(M) enamel sign, Beware of Trains.
410180.00BR(W) enamel sign, Passengers are Requested to cross Line by the Bridge.
452170.00South Eastern and Chatham Rly enamel poster header.
454160.00BR(M) enamel sign, Beware of Trains.
45585.00Enamel sign, John H Turner & Lisney, GNR Depot, New Barnet, some wear.
456350.00BR(NE) enamel sign, Gentlemen, arrows to left.
48365.00Raynes Park, blue enamel indicater on wood block, ex Waterloo.
54385.00BR(M) enamel door plate, Private.
54475.00BR(M) enamel lift notices. (2)
554150.00BR(M) enamel sign, Parcels and Left Luggage.
594190.00GER large enamel sign, 1st class waiting room.
595180.00GER large enamel sign, General Waiting Room.
60675.00Enamel sign, British Transport Commission, Passengers Must Not Cross Here.
608580.00BR(M) enamel sign, British Railways, Bill Posters will be Prosecuted, totem at top.
624220.00Large enamel sign, To Liverpool, Manchester, Preston & The North. Pointing finger, (LNWR origin).

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Page 5: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Enamel and Other Signs
62825.00BTC 1960 enamel lift instruction notice.
664340.00GWR enamel trespass sign, minor chips, good example.
694300.00Pair of BR signs, Collectors Corner, ex Euston shop. (2)
70460.00Enamel signs, BR(W) Don't Cross Line, corrosion to base, + Weak Roof, Level Crossing & blank green sign. (4)
705200.00BR(M) enamel running in board, Nantwich, some wear.
711460.00BR(M) enamel sign, Toilets, Wash & Brush Up, Shoes Cleaned Across Passage.
727240.00SE & CR enamel poster header, (initials only) in glazed frame, handbills displayed below.
730200.00BR(W) enamel sign, Refreshments.
731140.00BR double arrows emblem from station front, plastic, + enamel & other signs inc No Smoking, 4A, Weak Roof etc. (8)
735180.00Enamel sign, To Let, GWR Surveyer Paddington.
738140.00Enamel signs, inc No Footpath, Don't Walk Between Wagons, Keep Clear, Central Trains + 6 car & Parcel Office. (8)
77890.00Canterbury West BR(S) enamel sign, considerable chipping.
78550.00BR(M) enamel sign, Gentleman, poor + four black and white platform numbers.
789160.00BR(E) enamel sign, Way In, flanged ex Sheffield Victoria.
79750.00BR(M) enamel sign, Gentlemen.
814230.00LNWR Britania advertising enamel, England, Scotland, Ireland, restoration needed.
82375.00Wooden departure board, Crewe & the North.
82465.00LNER wooden sign, All Goods to Paid for on Delivery, cast letters.
827230.00Totem sign, Chipstead, BR(S).
84345.00Enamel sign, Southern Railway, Smoking Strictly Prohibited.
848130.00Southern Railway target sign, Vauxhall.
85245.00BR(M) enamel lift notice.
85465.00BR(M) 3 Car Stop sign + LMS track circuit plate. (2)
86785.00BR(E) enamel sign, Gentlemen.
86875.00BR(M) doorplate, Private.
87055.00BR(E) Car Stop sign, 4, 6, 8, 9.
871110.00BR(E) enamel sign, Passengers Cross Line by Footbridge Only.
878260.00SR target sign, Lewes, faded.
91670.00LMS enamel trespass + BTC alloy trespass. (2)
970170.00BR(W) enamel sign, Platform 2, double sided.
99842.00Southern Railway, Smoking Prohibited, enamel sign.
999200.00BR(S) enamel sign, Way Out, double sided.
  Framed and Glazed Items
2122.00Framed & glazed print, Evening Star, Cuneo, (limited edition of 2500).
2238.00Framed & glazed print, Millers Dale for Buxton, Piccaver, (No.72 of 300).
2940.00GWR tinplate system map, (poor) BR(W) carriage type map & GWR vacancies notice, (framed). (3)
49190.00Cuneo framed & glazed prints, InterCity C191, King George V, Autumn of Steam, Orient Express. (4)
9542.00Framed & glazed posters & prints inc USA & narrow gauge. (8)
13210.00LTPB/LT framed Service Certificates 1946/1964. (2)
13310.00LT/London Country Bus, Service Certificates 1971. (2)
16375.00LMS framed works photo 7F, 8000.
16632.00MR Carriage & Wagon Co framed promotional photo, Thomas Tomlin wagon.
16810.00GER framed Pension Fund certificate, 1890.
23865.00Cuneo signed limited edition print, Cornish Riviera.
39620.00Framed GWR Acton yard plan.
42840.00Framed certificates, Glos. C & W Co, EWS, BREL, ASLEF + Signal inst. (10)
43010.00LTPB certificate, original carriage print frame & other reproduction prints.
4692.00Lot of miscellaneous pictures. (10)
4704.00Los of miscellaneous pictures.
47232.00Four large framed railway prints.
49775.00Original oil painting GWR 4904 On the Coast by M Ferris.
50838.00Framed prints/photos inc one of Pitmaston Moor Green Rly, (N.G.) Solihull, (Bird Custard Mansion) etc
53685.00Original painting, Britannia, William Shakespeare on Golden Arrow.
53785.00Original painting, LNWR, 0-8-0, 8978, Michael Jeffries.
5935.00Quantity of framed and glazed prints/photos etc.
596150.00Framed Works photographs + framed loco photos etc.
62940.00Hartlepool Railway 3x small letterpress posters, 1830's, ex Phillamore collection.
66150.00GCR coloured general system map, double royal size.
67710.00Original oil painting, SAR 1013.

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LotSold £Description
  Framed and Glazed Items
678170.00Original oil painting, Tracton Engines N Whitla, D Bradshaw. (2)
6791.00Original oil painting, 3427, Stoneycombe, Bernard Jones.
6809.00Original oil painting, LNER A4, 4901, Leaving Leeds.
68115.00Original oil painting, 21C111 at Tavistock, Bernard Jones.
6821.00Original oil painting, GWR 3030 on freight, Bernard Jones.
68318.00Original oil painting, LMS 2531 at Southend, Bernard Jones.
68422.00Original oil painting, GWR 4834, Yelverton, Bernard Jones.
68528.00Original oil painting, Bulldog & King at Dainton, Bernard Jones.
6891.00Large quantity framed and glazed photos, South Africa GB etc. (4 boxes)
70910.00Waiting room prints, d/r inc Loch Shiel, Loch Leven, Lichfield, condition varies. (5)
71012.00Waiting room prints, quad royal, South Downs, Merriott + Scottish Castle. (2)
7941.00Box of smaller framed & glazed prints x10 + 8 large mounted photos. (18)
79520.00Two boxes of framed & glazed prints + game, model etc & quantity of BR(W) & GWR paycheckes.
79625.00Framed print, Entrance to Camden Engine House, London & B'ham Rly + GER map. (2)
82260.00Framed & glazed prints, Southall Shed, Carnforth Stn, York Works. (3)
8602.00Pair of framed & glazed train and bus prints inc, D Shepherd, Westminster Bridge.
86550.00Framed LNER system poster with blue A4 to top right.
8991.00Framed & glazed prints NBR 868 + LYR 1421, by Alf Cooke, Leeds + another. (3)
9542.00Pair of poster reprints, Maenclochog Railway, framed. (2)
  Hardware (smaller items in display cases)
2085.00LNER horn & whistle, GWR clippers, Pooley plate, LMS horsebrass, lamp plate, LNER Stanley. (6)
13460.00Small relics, inc LMS whistle, BR(S) totem badge, GW & LMS cloth badge, clippers, buttons, wagon plate, badge etc.
13650.00Salt spoons, GNR Dining Car + LNER Script. (2)
13750.00SR cloth/gilt cap badges, Inspector, Marine, Motorman, SR 3679. (4)
23932.00GWR roundel coffee cup & saucer. (2)
24060.00LNWR china egg cup, double ended, coat of arms.
24120.00LNER china tea cup and saucer. (2)
24220.00LMS, London & Birmingham Rly Centenary medal in box.
634150.00Paychecks, buttons, badges, cutlery, whistles, also tickets and paperwork.
8690.00SMJR signal box stool ex Kineton, initials branded underneath.
21690.00Midland Railway office chair, red covering, MR on top bar.
59220.00Pair of cast iron seat ends, probably non rail. (2)
60575.00Midland Railway office chair.
69080.00Lancashire & Yorkshire office chair, red upholstery.
70620.00LNWR office chair, base marked with initials.
732160.00Liverpool & North Wales Steam Ship Co. deck chair, upholstered seat with coat of arms.
73640.00L & YR office chair with upholstered seat.
947160.00Pullman car chair.
3928.00China, First, Port Line etc + variety of antimacassars, post privatisation.
28112.00Shaw Savill china teapot.
28832.00Bengal & Nagpur Railway vegetable dish.
37635.00Quantity of railway glassware including souvenir and commemorative items.
377220.00Quantity of glass whisky bottles and similar, Spiers and Pond, LSWR, etc. noted.
378290.00Good quantity of ashtrays, mainly non-rail, some shipping and industrial concerns.
379120.00Large china whisky jugs, Bushmills, Pattisons, Walkers, and two soda siphons. (5)
380110.00LMS art deco ink well, square body and base, soup bowl and saucer and tea plate. (4)
381220.00Quantity of mainly non-rail china, shipping examples included.
382270.00Quantity of LMS china, including large jugs, ashtray, mugs, glass bottle, small teapot.
383150.00Quantity of SR China, including marine jug and cream tot, mugs, cups, saucers, + two CX Hotel soap dishes lacking base.
384140.00Irish china, GNR nibbles tray, UTA coffee pot, GNR jugs. (4)
385130.00LNER, etc. china, cups, plates, NER soup bowl, GNR whisky bottle, LNER water jug (broken and repaired).
386210.00Quantity of rail and shipping china, including Pullman base marked, St Helen's Mission, Dominion Atlantic Railway, Royal Mail Steam Packet.
387340.00LNWR china, variety of cups and mugs including Camden Station, Coop Soc Dining Rooms base marked teapot, small jugs, etc.
388100.00Large quantity of Rhodesian Railway china, including teapots and jam pots + glassware and ice bucket.
389330.00Saltglaze pots and bottles including Goods Guard Edinburgh, Morrells Ink, etc.
391190.00Large saltglaze flagon, Midland Hotel Stores Derby, similar whisky flask and bottle, other MR ink and saltglaze bottles including Adelphi Hotel. (9)
392210.00GNR Horse Dept saltglaze bottle + GNR Stationery Stores + GER and LNER ink bottles. (5)

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Page 7: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
393500.00MR Veterinary Dept Derby saltglaze flagon, LMS iodine bottles, poison bottle, etc. (7)
394170.00GWR saltglaze flagon (crack), ink bottles (x4), plate and mug. (7)
395100.00Ink bottles with labels, LBSCR, LNWR, etc. also beer bottles. (10)
39738.00Box of early BR crockery, cutlery and other items.
5729.00Large china meat dish, Railway Hotel with crown.
79045.00Set of LNER Cathedral Plates, 1st series + Josiah Wedgewood plate. (7)
85020.00LNWR china tea pot with lid.
86650.00Large LMS china wash stand bowl.
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
2740.00Signal lamp cases x2, cast iron + Adlake signal lamp.(3)
28100.00GWR type signal lamp + interior, splitting lamp, van lamp (damage), warning lamp + 2x oil cans. (6)
31120.00BR(W) loco headlamp + carriage roof vent. (2)
3355.00GWR brass collar hand lamp, Polkey 1920s.
3480.00GWR double piecrust hand lamp, (Thomas Knight, Mant), glass cracked.
3535.00LNWR/LMS brass body carbide handlamp by Lucas.
3642.00GWR brass collar handlamp, Polkey.
9070.00Copper platform wall lamp case.
11222.00GWR brass collar handlamp, ex Hanwood, GWR & LMS Joint Rly painted on side, (glass cracked).
11320.00BR hand lamp, SR signal lamp, GWR signal lamp. (3)
15050.00Handlamps LNER-C + LMS. (2)
151130.00BR(Sc) signal lamp interiors x6, larger lamp, Tilley lamp. (9)
246160.00Box of Bardic lamps and similar.
25255.00LNWR large brass carbide handlamp.
26632.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
30122.00Handlamp, AS & Co, inspection lamp + 2x cans, one stamped GWR.
311unsoldQuantity of Bardic lamps.
366150.00LMS hand lamp, brass lamp, waiting room wall lamp & Sugg top. (4)
402unsoldAdlake crossing lamp plus two other lamps for spares.
45385.00LMS platform wall lamp, paper label, Star Crossing.
46622.00Platform lamp interior.
47332.00NER station waiting room lamp from Norham, near Berwick.
491280.00NBR platform wall lamp, with vessel.
492160.00LNER large ships lamp, LNER Hull Docks.
500220.00Large copper lamp, Mersey Docks & Harbour Board, Riverside Station , on brass plate.
503160.00GNR signal lamp case & interior, case plated GNR Rauceby.
50780.00LMS platform lamp case.
51028.00Large LMS oil can, brass plate LMS Oil Stores Derby.
553320.00Large ships lamp, brass and copper.
55785.00McKenzie & Holland large copper signal lamp case.
560160.00Cambrian Rly large oil can, plated, Marteg Tunnel, Rhayader with brass Cam plate.
57120.00Small platform wall lamp, curved top.
573120.00Large M & GN oil can, brass plate Guestwick + another M & GN can & GCR Warmsworth can, plated. (3)
575150.00Signal interior lamps, Sibsey, Willoughby, Spalding No1. (3)
581190.00Midland Railway platform lamp, some glass needed, copper good.
58260.00Quantity of signal lamp interiors.
589100.00Cambrian Railway platform lamp case, Frankton visible on glass.
59795.00Quantity of hand lamps etc, generally poor, for spares etc.
59890.00Pair of brake van lamps, one plated Experiment R.E. lamps.
599120.00Adlake signal lamps & similar inc GWR type. (5)
60138.00SR Handlamps, S(E)R type, & LSW pattern. (2)
63590.00BR(M) loco handlamp, complete.
645120.00BR(M) loco headlamp, complete.
64885.00M & GN style platform wall lamp.
650110.00LMS, (LNWR style) platform lamp case, separate lamp glass Wenbury.
65160.00LNWR style platform lamp case, the front glass engraved Stanbridgeford.
65580.00LNWR painted copper, carbide + signal lamp. (3)
660100.00GNR large signal lamp, brass plate, Hubberts Bridge.
662220.00Cambrian Rlys wall lamp with brass plate Cam Rlys + label Elson Halt.
667280.00GWR copper top hand lamp, front glass cracked.

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Page 8: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
67070.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
695120.00Platform lamp case + SR canopy lamp, lacks white glass & fittings. (2)
697110.00Large cans, plates Docking for Sedgford, Rawcliffe, LNWR Carlisle loco. (6)
700320.00Midland Railway copper platform lamp case.
70130.00GCR, St Johns Ambulance water carrier, LNER watering can & BR mop bucket. (3)
71695.00Copper platform wall lamp.
71840.00Lamps on brackets, Swan neck, Sugg type and another. (3)
740200.00Platform wall lamp + plain style square platform lamp. (2)
75225.00Cans, GER Disinfectant, LMS Signal Ops Crewe, Water, LNWR Northampton B. St, etc. (4)
75560.00Buckets, LMS Fire x2, BR x2. (4)
756210.00Watering cans GWR, SR + LNER bucket with pourer. (3)
76485.00BR(M) LNWR pattern platform wall lamp, with interior.
765140.00Large LMS copper platform lamp case with interior & chimney.
77960.00Large oil containers, LB & SCR + NER + water carrier with brass plate, Kingthorpe (Lincs) .(3)
798120.00Large platform lamp, complete with frog.
79980.00LMS (LNWR pattern) platform wall lamp with vessel, burner & chimney.
812120.00LNWR type platform lamp case, new label Malpas (with original, broken) + interior.
81650.00LNWR type platform wall lamp ex Yorton, glass cracked, name poor.
81948.00CLC large oil can, brass plate, Cheshire Lines PB oil, Birkenhead.
82028.00Pair of large signal lamp cases, LMS & Westinghouse. (2)
821160.00Pair of large oil cans plated, GNR Sleaford, GNR Coningsby. (2)
82555.00Pair of large buffer stop lamps, one an SR type. (2)
82970.00Handlamps, BR(E) + WD x2. (3)
830100.00Large SR type buffer lamp, signal lamp, Bardic & Continental lamp. (4)
83235.00LSWR handlamp, base needs soldering + BR(E) inspection lamp. (2)
83385.00Oil cans, kettle, feeder, flare lamp x6, P.W. horns x2, tea cans x2, loco disc, armbands x3.
83432.00Guage lamps x2 + inspection lamp, lacking interior. (3)
83520.00BR(E) gauge lamp.
83765.00Handlamps, LT + two unmarked. (3)
84090.00Sugg type gas lamp with green enamel shade.
84250.00SR inspection lamp + pair of signal interiors. (3)
84450.00Platform wall lamp with decorative top.
84555.00SR hand lamp + general purpose lamp. (2)
873110.00LNE-E tail lamp, brass plate, Cambridge E5, 12.
87620.00Horse box roof lamp, glass cracked.
90255.00Signal lamp interiors, SR, GWR etc. (4)
90370.00Tail lamps inc BR(W), BR(M). (3)
90510.00Warning lamps, two Q.G.R. Queensland Govt Ry. (4)
90670.00Signal lamp interiors LNER, SR etc. (5)
90880.00Loco headlamps & signalling lamps, inc Dressel, New Jersey & Dietz. (4)
91070.00Brake van lamps, red & white bodies. (3)
911120.00Warning lamps, red/white aspects, inc Dressel N.J. & Grey, Boston USA. (3)
91380.00Pair of red/white warning lamps + signal lamp case with interior. (4)
91428.00Box of oil cans, flare lamps, candle lamp, pourers etc.
91565.00A USA Dressel lamp, red/orange for Speed Restriction + four Adlake type signal lamps. (5)
91785.00American loco headlamp by Star Headlight Co, NY.
91830.00Carbide hand lamps, one marked Examiners. (3)
91920.00Adlake type signal lamps, one in brass, one small size. (4)
92030.00Warning lamps, red/white, one stamped QRR. (3)
92165.00American Railroad lamps, within wire frame, red & white by Dietz & Adlake. (2)
92260.00Boston & Maine water carrier with glass holder, one glass present, B & MRR on base.
92330.00Carbide lamps, inc one stamped QGR (Queensland Government Railway). (3)
92442.00Cart lamps, BR(M), Post Office, GR & ER etc. (4)
92512.00Wall candle lamps, two pairs, one plated PLM. (4)
96230.00BR hand lamp + BR(W) signal lamp case. (2)
96670.00Pair of brake van lamps + pair of tail lamps. (4)
967130.00Loco headlamps, one industrial. (2)
96830.00LMS wartime hand lamp, carbide, GWR/WR signal lamp + flare lamp. (4)
97575.00Lamps, BR handlamp, cart lamp, inspection lamp 2x signal lamps, & 2x tail/van lamps. (7)

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Page 9: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
99032.00GWR/WR brass collared handlamp, fogging.
  Lamps (Misc)
78120.00BR(M) loco headlamp, complete, ex loco.
89220.00Waiting room wall lamp with glass chimney.
  Loco and Rolling Stock
4150.00German loco plates, Deutsche Reichbahn, G56-15, BW 06 Osterfeld Suid (painted), + 5x uncarried plates + O BB coach plates + 2 & danger sign. (11)
5810.00Leather harness for mail bag pick up, Ex Penrith.
9110.00Large cast iron crane plate, Caution, Shunt with Care etc, etc.
13935.00Destination blinds from LNER Tyneside Electric stock. (3)
16460.00Railbus number panel, SC79979, ex ScR four wheel.
16520.00Worksplate Union, Nigel 1972, TVL, alloy.
17360.00Flamecut lion and wheel from Stratford ER Celebrity DMU.
177240.00Small Inter-City swallow emblem.
17980.00SNCF nameplate, Plaisir, shield shape, probably a town presentation plate.
18320.00Rhodesia Railways coat of arms painted on steel, ex coach 2024.
18442.00Step treads short alloy, BRCW 1948, Met Cam 1955, BRCW 1938. (3)
18848.00Step treads, short alloy, Cravens 1961, Glos C&W 1956, Met Cam. (3)
18985.00Euston-Willesden enamel cab plate ex Oerlikon stock.
190420.00Carriage roof light case (Stone & Co), decorative cast brass + glass globe.
19122.00Step treads, long alloy, Met Cam 1938, Cravens 1961, Met Cam C&W & Finance 1934. (3)
192270.00Inter City swallow larger size.
19422.00Step treads, long alloy, Met Cam 1948, BRCW 1931, Metro Cam 1973. (3)
196100.00SAR cabside, 35-482, Class 35, alloy.
19718.00Step treads, long alloy, Met Camm 1948, Cravens 1960 + short, Met Cam 1959 & 1972. (4)
198100.00SAR cabside, 36-088, Class 36, alloy.
200150.00SAR cabside, 37-012, Class 37, alloy.
20420.00CCCP coach plate, hammer & sickle emblem, alloy.
206300.00GWR cabside numberplate, 3782, cast iron.
207310.00GWR cabside numberplate, 5646, cast iron.
208120.00LT bulkhead ventilator panels, alloy, some decorative style. (4)
209160.00LT bulkhead ventilator panel with blue/red enamel target 11275.
21090.00LT bulkhead ventilator panel with blue rectangular enamel plate, 1411.
21190.00LT bulkhead ventilator panel with blue rectangular enamel plate, 1530.
21710.00Step treads long type, Met Cam, 1969, 1977 + undated. (3)
22375.00LT bulkhead panel, alloy with enamel number, 2530.
24390.00Worksplate, c/I 9"x5", LNER 5327 Cowlairs 1900, strip missing, number painted on.
247150.00Tinsley Rose, ex 47 145, original ex loco paint, blue, green, white, yellow, corner loss.
24922.00Step Tread, Alstom, with emblems.
251150.00Framed notice, Beware of Engine & Moving Wagons.
25755.00Builders plate, E Humphries & Co Ld, Engineers, Patentees & Manufactures, Pershore, Worcestershire, England. Larger size cast iron, decorative scroll pattern. From a threshing machine or engine.
25930.00SAR Builders plates, BBC Siemens Union C & W (8E) + GE Ex 91004 + GMSA 37-010. (3)
26028.00Step Treads Met Cam 1965, Glos C&W unused + BR CW, 1931. (3)
26950.00Track machine plates, Kirow Leipzig (Crane), Matisa (PWM7650), Plasser & Theurer, 19738, 1974. (4)
27060.00BR(WR) Crane 687, Commercial Dept 1962, cast iron plate listing lifting radius.
27132.00Framed carriage mirrors LNW & BR(M). (2)
27865.00Brass plate, work only on screw coupled trains as last vehicle, Ex OLE Inspection, by Drewry, ex Woodhead, later Ilford & Old Dalby.
28065.00Alloy/steel screen printed plates, ACP, Prorail, Cowens Sheldon, Swindon Passengers, BRT Davis etc. (20)
28228.00BRW firing shovel.
28725.00BTC locomotive registration plate 1970.
29030.00Internal cab door from class 33.
292170.00Cab plates, 92043 No1 End Max 87MPH etc + similar 92038 No.1 & No.2. (3)
29318.00Babcock & Wilcox, London & Glasgow decorative shield in cast iron.
294110.00Coles Cranes, 17372, works plate + 3x instruction plates, alloy + brass crane plate. (5)
296160.00Gunpowder Van notice, re felt boots, cast phosphor bronze.
30030.00LNWR oil box cover, GNSR window strap + Furness Co wood pattern, base absent. (3)
309140.00Pair of guards van stools, wood, canvas, M80383 & E80337 on sides. (2)
31350.00Quantity of mainly plastic loco & rolling stock plates.
314130.00Pressure gauges, brass case. (8)
31780.00Virgin nose cone.

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Page 10: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Loco and Rolling Stock
31970.00GNER brass letters, probably ex stores.
326unsoldWorksplate LMS Built 1945 Derby, ex 12035, 0-6-0 shunter.
329150.00LNER/BR square ivorine carriage notices, mounted. (8)
34330.00SR Duplex steam gauge.
34475.00LMS Duplex steam gauge.
346unsoldLansing Bagnall builders plate.
34830.00SR coach mirror.
35645.00New South Wales Railway Dept, steel oval plate Lion & Kangaroo + coat of arms.
3605.00Alloy plate with GWR coat of arms.
37450.00Hub plate, brass, Storedley Patent, 444 Revs, 60 MPH.
39910.00Chrzanow Polish builders plate with Plasser builders plate.
40060.00Brown Boveri builders plate 1934.
403130.00Box of miscellaneous relics inc. Hunslet nameplate.
40535.00Coach destination board, Paddington, Exeter, Plymouth, Penzance.
41350.00Headboard, The Lochaber, used on Fort William-Mallaig steam service.
41820.00Carriage roof lamp surround, Pintschs Patent Lighting Co ltd.
42638.00EMU power control handle (GEC) mounted as the 501 cricket trophy, 1985-1989.
442160.00Hudswell, large carved brass nameplate from front of shunter.
48620.00Crane plate, Cowans Sheldon, Carlisle, 663, 1875, large cast iron oval.
50465.00Loco shed sign, Not To Be Moved, Engine Disabled, oval embossed steel.
506240.00LMS regulator handle, ex 46241 City of Edinburgh, stamped 6241 Ex Gt Bge Cashmores.
532110.00Flamecut cab side, 47 186, with channel tunnel emblems, alloy, neat cut.
568130.00Loco fireman's shovel.
6075.00Oval brass machine plate, ex Swindon Works + GWR carriage key & pay tin. (6)
618380.00GWR cabside numberplate, 9742, cast iron.
62770.00SNCF Flamon Speed recorder ex Class 141R 2-8-2.
637140.00GWR plate from loco shed, Not to be Moved.
63825.00Worksplate LMS Built Crewe, (no year) brass.
63930.00Worksplate LMS Built Crewe, (no year), brass.
64075.00Tenderplate, Water Capacity, 4000 Gallons.
64380.00GWR 1909 cab warning notice, small cast iron.
65495.00Industrial nameplate, Elizabeth, probably only carried in preservation.
65665.00Organ pipe whistles x3, gauge glass protector, fitting and carriage mirror.
657240.00Tinsley depot plaque + uncarried double arrows. (2)
66832.00GWR brass carriage foot warmer, moquette covering, small brass instruction plate.
672150.00GWR large crane plate, GWR 567, (lifting instructions, Swindon, Dec 1944).
67340.00Large crane plate, Cowans Sheldon 4047, 1918, 25 Tons, shaped, cast iron with matching square plate. (2)
67465.00Step tread, Gloucester C & W Co. 1938, single door size, heavy cast brass.
67510.00Crane instruction notice, cast iron, six lines of text, GCR or Midland origin?
687400.00GWR cast iron cabside numberplate, 5221.
70870.00Carton of plastic and thin metal rolling stock plates etc.
71440.00Large loco firing shovel.
71940.00Not To Be Moved, enamel sign on bracket, ex shed.
72190.00GNER route system maps on formica, from carriages. (6)
72530.00Steam loco cab front window in brass frame + side shield. (2)
73440.00Loco bracket fittings/adapters, brass plated Return to Georgemas/and to Montose + other lamp brackets.
73730.00GWR loco tyre gauge & similar. (2)
744340.00Industrial nameplate, Sir Henry, brass, scalloped corners, loss to border lower left, name intact.
75345.00Gauge glass protectors x5 + 6 gauge glasses. (11)
76660.00GWR loco tool box.
7731.00Large oval Cowen Sheldons builders plate.
803160.00Loco regulator handle, stamped 5044/4780.
80670.00Loco reversing handle and two other controls/fittings, one stamped 45099. (3)
80870.00Display of pressure gauges on wood mount. (5)
81370.00LT Circle, Distant, H & C route map on formica.
81530.00Decals for locos etc, three large rolls, as delivered. (3)
8181.00Step treads Cammell Laird (brass), Met Cam (alloy), end missing. (2)
82840.00Loco fireman's shovel.
83135.00Loco firemans shovel.

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Page 11: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Loco and Rolling Stock
83660.00Loco fireman's shovel.
83910.00Stencil headcode from early SR EMU.
86150.00Rhodesian Railway buffer numberplate, No 172 & 522 + one plate only No.3. (3)
86920.00Half of carriage board, Bradford, original condition.
87430.00Water overflow vent from loco fender.
87512.00Pair of carriage roof vents.
8771.00Pair of carriage window bars. (2)
912350.00GWR cast iron cabside numberplate, 6383.
93140.00Group of probably unused Hudwell Clarke works plates + Hugh Wood. Redman Collection.(4)
93620.00Square carriage board, The Devonian, to fit by end door of mark 1 stock, yellow on blue.
97120.00Firemans shovel, long handle.
97220.00Firemans shovel, short handle.
97320.00Firemans shovel, short handle + pick axe for breaking coal.
  Hardware, Books, Mixed Boxes
1985.00MR Rule book, paycheck & buttons, traffic notices & other small items.
29965.00Box of hardware inc Marshall of Gainsborough hub cap.
30275.00LT car number 08026, BR Stratford float plate, Rail Ambassador Train plate etc.
40120.00Lot of miscellaneous cast plates inc. Irish taxi numberplate.
42448.00Glass paperweights for Pendolino Launch, Quantity of LSD change,biscuit tin calendar & horsebrasses.
42945.00Quantity of hardware, signalling related, insulators etc.
547110.00Misc hardware, 2x signal arms, GCR chair & track fittings, MR boundary top, axle covers, gradient arm etc.
55170.00Misc hardware NER bridgeplate, LMS cover, 2x D plates + other, Gainsborough plate,569 plate x2, GNR tele plunger, insulators, several framed & glazed & LYR coat of arms etc.
74170.00Box of Misc hardware.
793140.00WD handlamp, GNR 13, viaduct plate, 3x LMS/GR coach plates, equipment plate, LYR paytin + replica & souvenir plates. (14)
90110.00Bradshaw 1961, Accident Reports, Inter City Publicity etc.
926110.00Hardware, various padlocks inc USA, paytins, keys, MR paperweight etc.
92765.00Variety of hardware, lamplights, lamp glasses, small signs, bell, track markers, embosser etc. (box)
9283.00Handbills, timetables, books.
9291.00Flying Scotsman paperweight + LMS badge, Spanish badge, key & buttons.
93210.00Quantity of hardback Railway books, four boxes.
93310.00Carton of DVDs etc.
93522.00Carton of GWR publications.
95716.00Books, Royal Scot ABCs, RCTS publications & stock books, rule books, leaflets books & mags.
9584.00A selection of rail chairs.
98810.00BR tinplate Stop, Look & Listen sign, GWR post cap, initials underneath & LNWR bridgeplate 12, broken. (3)
98922.00Box inc crane plate, 2x oil cans, small first aid box, and Look Out armband, inc GWR + LNWR, whistles etc.
755.00Hornby Passenger Train Set, EDP2, Duchess of Atholl, blue box.
895.0000 Gauge selection, locos 73016, 61664, D285, variety of coaches & wagons.
9110.00Bassett Lowke 0 Gauge, clockwork 4-4-0, LMS Duke of York, 1927, with tender.
1050.00Darstead, 0 gauge Pullman, The New Century Bar, boxed.
1170.00Large scale scratch built tank loco, rather crude.
1285.00Large scale Hull & Barnsley four wheel flat wagon.
13440.00Model traction engine. Hobson, Copmanthorpe, live steam.
1448.00Bedford Duple OB Coach, 1-24 scale in case & box, BR totem on side, front & back.
1590.00Models, kits, rolling stock, condition & quality varies.
1670.00Boxed locos LMS, 4157 (GMR), GWR 2244 (RR) + 3x GWR tanks. (5)
1775.00Boxed coaches, GWR and LMS. (15)
18120.00Boxed GWR railcars, Parcels & Passengers, (Lima), Coronation Scot coaches, (Hornby) & loose rolling stock + transformer.
2320.00Model railway inc GWR boxed coaches & variety of items.
5090.00Quantity of 00 gauge model buildings & unboxed wagons. (2 boxes)
47132.00Ten Peco 00 scale points.
556280.00Large model of Midland Railway signal gantry, post with two arms.
56330.00Scratch built model of 2-4-0 loco & tender, variety of material used.
86290.00Sunstar Routemaster bus, 1-24 scale, boxed, Loch Tavern advert.
86395.00Sunstar Routemaster bus, 1-24 scale, boxed, Jacob Crackers advert.
864100.00Sunstar Routemaster bus, 1-24 scale, boxed, Green Line livery.
  Office and General Equipment
2432.00LMS chair with arms and upholstered seat.

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Page 12: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Office and General Equipment
4320.00Group of stencil drawing plates used at Eastleigh Works. (8)
4470.00Pair of GNR cast iron paperweights + one GWR. (3)
4638.00Boxed glass paperweight EM2 Electric loco, issued by DB/Vossloh when rebuilding.
4770.00Display case, desk top style, ideal for stall holder.
4840.00Display case, small desk top style.
51100.00Ian Allen 1953 Combine.
7620.00Section of early Fish Belly rail.
9840.00Cashbag, SM, Lowton St Marys on brass plate.
9940.00LNER stock posters, Tower of London & Horseguards, Newbold & Taylor + large scale OS maps. (5)
1002.00Slides, Isle of Man Tramways.
11428.00BR(M) Station Masters cap.
11528.00Midland Railway cast iron paperweight.
13522.00Bradshaws Railway Guide, Oct 1839 (50th Anniversary reprint, 1889)
13810.00GWR Town & Villages Book + loco handbook. (2)
1442.00Album of photos, European + Negs in strips.
15255.00LNER framed poster, Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle.
16780.00Saltglaze flagon, LMS Acids, Return Gen Stores, Derby.
170110.00Saltglaze flagon, GWR on top.
17265.00Saltglaze flagon, LMS on top + similar, Markhams Brewers, Gainsborough. (2)
17590.00Large flagon, Spirits of Salt, Return to St Rollox.
18150.00Milk churn lid, brass plates, Blisworth LMS-Bushey & Oxhey Stn.
18555.00Table lamps made from WCML electric wire insulators. (3)
19345.00Saltglaze flagon, BR(W) on top.
19585.00Saltglaze flagon, GCR on top.
19940.00Saltglaze flagon, LMS, Acids, Return Gen Stores Derby.
201150.00Saltglaze flagon, John Bros, Abergarw Brewery, Brynmenym Stn, GWR.
20560.00LNER Colliery map, on wood rollers, glazed/linen backed.
21220.00Early BR porters waistcoat.
24570.00Brass door plate, The British Wagon Co, Est 1869.
29712.00Titanic Exhibition poster x2 + MR wagon poster. (3)
30420.00LNWR Co. earthenware flagon.
30565.00Earthernware beer flagon, Midland Hotel Mansfield, Tamplins etc. (3)
30630.00Earthernware beer flagon, Great Northern Dist, York Rd, Fryer Brigg, Brampton, Scunthorpe. (3)
30728.00Earthernware beer flagon, May Davis, Booth Stockton & D'ton + hot water bottle. (3)
30870.00Early Alder & McKay cast iron gas meter, decorative.
310170.00Quantity of modern uniform bags & drivers items, ties etc.
32835.00Competition shield, Kings Cross Freight, 1960s.
332220.00Collection of brass safe makers plates mounted on a board. (25)
333200.00Collection of brass safe makers plates mounted on a board. (22)
334170.00GER office clock, no 248, clockwork mechanism.
336320.00Highland Railway stone glaze hot water bottle.
33845.00Award shield, C&W Derby 1957-1974, Lion & Wheel at top.
34065.00Mantle clock, non railway + Benskins pub clock. (2)
34518.00Modern BR electric clock.
34730.00GWR whistle, ticket nippers and miscellaneous badges.
352150.00LMS office clock, clockwork mechanism, LMS 15439 on brass plate.
36850.00LMS Ambulance Centre large silver shield 1939.
37090.00Brass plate on stand, William Jeffries, Engine Driver 1900 + 2 handbells one stamped ARP, Parkeston. (3)
372300.00Thames Conservency, collection of enamel plates in two frames. (17)
37575.00Ships bell, Venassa, 1959.
39075.00Box of brass and copper water carriers, bottles with location plates added.
41490.00G & SWR Hotels brass water carrier.
415130.00Smokers cabinet, Presented by the Staff at Bramley Station 1904.
41655.00Walking stick, silver band, presented by loco staff, Camden, 1928.
419110.00Leather strap with horse brasses LSWR x2 and variety of decoration. (14)
42165.00Small GWR framed & glazed notice board, hinged to open, ideal for display.
42342.00Small bugle + horn (RAF Scampton), HMS Yarta shell case, bronze plaque & clock mechanism. (5)
42728.00Opening & award plaques, Wembley Freight, Willesden Zero Spads, Euroterminal etc. ( )
450240.00GWR fares, glazed notice board with pediment, lettering repainted.

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Page 13: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Office and General Equipment
45190.00Booking on board ,Chester C & W, with slots, pay check box + glazed notice board from M.P.D. (3)
460260.00GWR tinplate general system map, wear lower right, but well above average.
477140.00Wooden coal scuttle, brass handle, LMS monogram on front.
490120.00Midland Railway, Permanent Way Gangers, letter box, cast plate on front.
49450.00Deed box, Ealing & Shepherds Bush Railway, black steel, original condition.
49535.00Hull & Selby Railway cylindrical plan tube, steel, prominent full title.
496100.00LNER enamel wash bowl, base marked on stand.
498160.00LNER wooden notice, Beware of Propeller.
499180.00Wooden notice, Parcels Office.
502110.00GWR travelling safe, smaller size with plate, (ex Moreton in Marsh).
51240.00LMS blanket, 2x BR caps + GWR & LNER sacks. (5)
51340.00GWR enamel bowl, initials on side + signal lamp interior. (2)
51455.00GCR large brass fire hose nozel.
541210.00GWR scroll pattern seat ends. (2)
55580.00Earthenware flagon, GNR Refreshment Dept.
55830.00Quantity of railway uniform, inc LNER cap.
56125.00GWR maroon sleeping car blanket, roundel pattern.
56420.00GNR enamel bowl, initials on side.
565250.00Buckets, LNER enamel, NER leather, LNWR steel (repainted). (3)
56675.00Office stationary racks LYR x2 + GNSR. (3)
56915.00GN & GE ditching shovel with wood blade.
570130.00LNWR carthorse bridle with four brasses.
57848.00Framed mirrors, LNWR, LNER + another. (3)
58040.00Section of Highland Railway lino with six coats of arms.
58375.00LMS cart horse bridle with four brasses.
584200.00LNER cart horse bridle with four brasses.
58530.00Railway sacks, LNER, LMS etc.
58648.00Lancs and Yorks rug, coat of arms + smaller rug. (2)
58740.00GWR Hotels large copper pan + smaller size. (2)
588110.00BR(W) wooden notice, Enginemen not to Discharge Water at Platform.
59085.00LNWR carthorse saddle with four brasses.
600130.00Sack truck, GWR Four Crosses on side, fine original condition.
60920.00LNER fender, cast iron, initials on top.
611100.00Old style milk churn, Frome Station, GWR.
61935.00LB&SCR clothes brush, initials in bristles.
6204.00Office fender, no company markings.
622220.00Set of three GWR scroll pattern seat ends. (3)
623220.00Pair of cast iron bench ends, GWR 1893 S. Road (Stafford Road, Wolverhampton)
62560.00LNWR Crewe chimney pot.
626unsoldGWR 12" roundhead wall clock, roundel type, lacks GWR plate.
633200.00GWR brass drum clock, running, chipping to face.
649110.00GER cast iron fender, small size.
65265.00Pair of desk top platform parcel scales with weights, Pooley Makers.
65350.00L & YR cart horse saddle with four oval brasses.
66328.00Pair of G.P.O. parcel scales with weights, to weigh 7lbs.
665220.00BR 8" dial roundhead fusee clock, No. 11600, with key and pendulum, running order.
66960.00Pair of GWR office paperweights. (2)
67160.00Cast iron seat back pediment, Silver Jubilee 6th May 1935.
69935.00LMS copper tea urn, LMS on side.
702120.00GER fire buckets embossed initials, also BR & LMS + LCC (painted S &DJR), no base. (8)
70310.00Pair of double royal wooden notice boards. (2)
71580.00Buckets, LMS Fire, red enamel + GER + LMS. (3)
72422.00Pair of framed mirrors, LMS on back. (2)
72655.00LMS glass pediment in wood frame with coat of arms.
72810.00Modern railway clocks, plastic cases. (4)
72918.00Pair of steps, BR Crewe, shunters pole & stand for Theodolite. (4)
73390.00LNER Traffic Department, Grantham District, wood sign, cast lettering.
74340.00Track gauges, one brass plated LMS PW Blackburn, the other Central Line East of Liverpool St. (2)
74570.00Notice board, glazed, red pediment St Johns Ambulance Brigade, Swindon Division (GWR) Corps.

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Page 14: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
  Office and General Equipment
75055.00Large LNER fire hose nozzle & fittings + three small brass extinguishers. (4)
75110.00Toilet door penny in slot machines, require restoration. (3)
75418.00Midland Rly ticket date press + another requiring repair. (2)
757120.00GCR parcel scales, GCR on side, platform type.
75830.00Wood boxes, MR Perm Way Gangers, lid poor, LMSC & W Transit, Rtn Broxton LMS, Drew Clarke. (4)
76250.00LNER wire fire guard, initials on front.
76720.00GNR(I) cast iron fender, initials on front.
76930.00GWR type travelling safe, BR(W), Exmouth-Plymouth on side.
77530.00GWR small size travelling safe.
77770.00A GWR gas meter, initials on front on brass plate.
78235.00Sack Truck, Cam Rlys, Dinas Mawddy faint on side.
78390.00GWR type travelling safe, BR(W) Kemble-Swindon on the side.
78620.00Office chairs including LNWR base marked.
78735.00BR(W) smaller size travelling safe.
7883.00Deed box x2, one East London Railway (name painted over) + wood chest. (3)
80010.00LNER wire fire guard for waiting room.
8051.00Pair of track gauges with level in centre. (2)
81020.00Wooden railway tool box with contents.
81110.00Notices posterboard with cast letters + wooden loco plaque in wood by County Corner. (2)
8269.00Small GNR luggage label rack, initials in back.
85932.00GWR framed mirror, initials branded on back.
88120.00LMS table cloths. (4)
89310.00Assortment of tickets & luggage labels, approx 250.
89448.00Assortment of luggage labels, approx 650.
89530.00BR document pouches, PW Irvine/Dumfries & Banff/Glasgow. (2)
89710.00Bag of keys & fobs + repro enamel Private plate.
9657.00Box of lantern slides showing colour views of pre group locos x15 + 5 non rail. (20)
4095.00Replica nameplate, Bahamas, with rear fittings for use on railtours, cast brass.
81130.00Replica headboard, The Red Dragon, alloy, painted.
8280.00Replica headboard, Capitals United Express, alloy, painted.
8330.00Replica headboard, Capitals United Express, alloy, undercoated.
215360.00Replica nameplate, Evenley Hall, GWR, the building near Brackley.
29895.00Willesden Greyhound, depot plaque, not fitted.
31870.00Virgin nose cone, unused, ex stores.
330130.00Swindon souvenir alloy plaques, Western, Warship, Paddington. (3)
331110.00Swindon souvenir alloy plaques, Deltic, King, HST. (3)
422160.00Replica works plate, City & South London Rly No.7 1889 R/b Stockwell 1906.
65870.00Replica LMS nameplate, Princess Anne.
739160.00Box of replica & souvenir plates.
855180.00Replica nameplate, Magpie, Warship Class.
85652.00Replica totem sign, Whitchurch, chocolate & cream.
93440.00Replica diesel nameplate, Albion.
9531.00Replica plates, Beyer Peacock & NBL. (2)
96340.00Mallard speed plaque, NRM limited edition number 176 of 250, boxed with certificate & paperwork.
964130.00NRM reproduction A4 Mallard whistle, mounted on stand, boxed.
575.00Home signal arms, blades only. (3)
3245.00Casting from ground frame, (Festiniog Railway) in full.
3730.00A GWR signal relay.
3835.00Box of insulators.
4270.00Box of traffolite lever plates & one collar.
5345.00Pair of BR(W) lamp cases, disc signal plates, diamond, other fittings.
5430.00Signal post fitting, spec plate, linkage and balance weight arm etc.
5580.00Home signal arms, blade only. (3)
60120.00Pre-group wooden signal arm with spec plate, no blue glass.
64100.00LNER (GNR type) cast iron signal finial.
6565.00Home signal arms, blade only. (3)
73110.00Midland type centre spec plate calling on arm + another without spec plate. (2)

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Page 15: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
8040.00Large corrugated signal arm with spec plate, no blue glass.
8740.00GNR style signal box telegraph instrument with writing slope.
8970.00GWR type signal finial.
9380.00Signalling route indicators & electrical gauges. (8)
10518.00Home signal arm with spec plate & glasses.
10620.00Distant signal arm with spec plate & glasses.
116110.00Quantity of SR lever plates ex Dover Marine, most with trafolite over plates. (14)
117100.00Quantity of SR lever plates ex Dover Marine, most with trafolite over plates. (14)
11840.00SR lever plates, trafolite overplates inc name Hawkesbury Lane x4 etc. (6)
11940.00SR brass cased repeater, S Rly, On/Wrong/Off.
12045.00SR brass cased plunger.
12140.00SR brass cased repeater, Call Tech (Technician)
12240.00SR brass cased repeater, Tech Clear/Occupied, green arrow.
12320.00Brass cased signal box relay.
12445.00SR brass cased lamp repeater, S. Rly, On/Out/Off.
12555.00SR brass cased signal repeater, Signal On/Wrong/Off, yellow arrow.
12665.00SR brass cased repeater, Points, Normal/Wrong/Reverse.
12728.00Welwyn type emergency release instrument, Turn Until N Appears.
12842.00SR brass cased repeater, Call Technician.
12942.00SR brass cased repeater, Signal, On/Wrong/Off, yellow arrow.
130120.00Set of LMS/LMR semaphore repeaters ex McR to Bury. 2x home & distant. (3)
131100.00Pair of SR brass cased repeaters, Points N/R + Signal On/Wrong/Off. (2)
14030.00GWR lever plates, 17 FPL For 18/20, 18 + 2 Down Main Home 30, 13, 12. (2)
14130.00SGE Train Describer, Down Thro' Norwood Jct, ivorine names poor + 2x release boxes,. From loco Jct. (3)
145210.00LNER brass case semaphore signal repeaters, home & distant. (2)
146170.00LNWR double line block instrument.
147210.00LNWR double line block instrument.
148150.00MR pegging block instrument.
149130.00MR non-pegging block instrument.
219200.00Midland Railway pegging block instrument.
220100.00Midland Railway non pegging block instrument.
221150.00GWR block bell.
23735.001950s bakelite office phone.
341120.00LBSCR signal repeater.
34215.00Pelaw signal numberplate S42 together with the same P20. (2)
39840.00Revolving presentation signal token on stand.
40450.00Lot of signal lever plates, GWR disc etc.
40722.00Spagnoletti block instrument, incomplete.
41720.00Portable telephone in box + front of Tyers block instrument with plates.
435130.00Tyers block instrument, Up Line brass plate.
436210.00Tyers permissive block instrument.
437110.00GWR lamp In/Out indicator.
438140.00GNR type telegraph instrument with writing slope.
439180.00GNR type telegraph instrument with writing slope.
44090.00LMS box diagram, Rockingham, 1944, in replacement frame.
441200.00Tyers permissive block instrument.
44340.00Signal box diagram, Tilley Crossing (Crewe-Shrewsbury) framed.
446170.00GWR lamp In/Out indicator.
447120.00GNR telegraph instrument with writing slope.
44865.00GWR hinged token carrier, large type.
449110.00Signal box diagram, Tattenhall Jct, (Chester-Crewe) framed.
476220.00MR non pegging block instrument, ivorine plate, Bournville.
478150.00GWR alloy/steel tablet carrier, initials prominent on back.
48275.00Large block bell with tapper.
484200.00LNWR semaphore signal repeater, Elec & Sig Dept Crewe.
485210.00GWR block bell, trafolite plate, Wellington No.3, Platform Lines.
48985.00NER signal box backboard ex Highfield, (Selby-Driffield) original paintwork.
493760.00GWR two lever ground frame, oval plate Up & Down Wickets.
505180.00GWR 1947 block instrument, Wellington No.3, Up Platform Line.

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Page 16: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
51130.00Token & tablet pouches of differing styles. (3)
53860.00LNER pegging block instrument.
53980.00NER non pegging block, small plate, Whitwell Jct.
54065.00Signal box diagram, Alston, (1964) + publicity photos of Soda Ash Wagons, framed. (2)
567180.00Signal blades, 2x distant + home, enamel + home, wood, shunting (ring) wood. (5)
574110.00LNER pegging block instrument with trigger.
57675.00Pair of small semaphore signal arms for ground signals, enamel with glasses. (2)
602120.00Midland Railway pegging block instrument.
60385.00Midland Railway non pegging block instrument.
60430.00SR brass cased signal repeater.
636170.00GWR 1947 double line block instrument.
64690.00MR pegging block instrument, enamel face.
647200.00McKenzie & Holland signal finial, cast iron, zinc spike.
66690.00BR(S) framed signal box diagram, New Cross Gate East London Up Junction 1967.
68628.00Southern Railway brass cased repeater, S.Rly on face.
693100.00Signal box back board, two pieces, trafolite plates referring to Walsall area. (2)
6985.00Tyers switching out instrument.
707240.00Signal box name board, Willesden Car Sheds Mdle.
71218.00Train Describer, electronic, square black steel case.
713110.00Quantity of signal post numberplates + trafolite plate, Tebay.
72210.00Very large platform or fire bell.
72310.00Signal post caps, 3x square, 3x circular, various types. (6)
747100.00Signal blades, two home (one GWR type) + three distant. (5)
75940.00Midland Railway signal finial.
7685.00Tyers switching out instrument.
774120.00McKenzie & Holland large copper signal lamp with makers plate + three later lamps.(4)
77660.00Railway Signal Company signal box backboard.
784480.00Firemans call box and plunger apparatus to contact signalman.
80110.00Wood cased signal box control phone.
80220.00Pair of GNR block bells, one lacks top bell. (2)
80470.00LNWR block instrument, door requires repair.
80922.00Ground signals, discs.
8415.00Wooden signal arm, (blade only) + LSWR 3/4 mile post plate. (2)
846170.00Sykes SR block bell, small type + signal box phone. (2)
872120.00GNR style telegraph instrument with writing slope on front.
88570.00GWR 1947 lamp in/out indicator.
88685.00Home signal repeaters, bakelite case. (3)
88780.00GWR 1947 lamp in/out indicator.
88885.00BR(W) bakelite plungers with brass knobs. (4)
88965.00BR(W) bakelite plungers with brass knobs. (4)
89070.00BR(W) bakelite plungers with brass knobs. (4)
89160.00Welwyn release + repeaters without covers & other signal fittings, stands.
89635.00LNWR lever plates, On Dist, Sidings + GNR 254 Culvert plate. (3)
90948.00Signal box circuit phone with control panel + smaller phone. (2)
93710.00Home signal arm with spec plate.
93815.00Home & District signals (blade only). (2)
93940.00GWR type signal finial.
94060.00GWR type signal finial.
94410.00Signal arm with heavy pre group spec plate, plastic glasses.
945220.00Signal arm, scissors style (steel), ex Aberdeen.
9495.00Signal arm with spec plate.
95150.00BR(W) finial (GWR type) + top of LSWR finial. (2)
960140.00S & T parts, castings, wire adjusters, insulators.
96960.00Large GWR token carrier, hinged type.
97450.00Block instrument, pegging, external terminals, restoration required.
97625.00Pair of signal box telephones, combined mouth & earpiece. (2)
98365.00LNER block repeater & small bell with ivorine plate, Lamps. (2)
98420.00LSWR banner indicator, face poor + 3x BR repeaters, one brass, 2x bakelite. (4)
98520.00Home signal arm with spec plate, lower quadrant.

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Page 17: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
98620.00Distant signal arm with spec plate, lower quadrant.
99442.00GWR lamp in/out indicator.
4530.00Silverware, BTC or unmarked, ice bucket, tea pots x2 etc.
10945.00Pullman Car Company silver plated gravy boat.
28922.00Albion Steamship silver plated dish from 1860.
3548.00Non railway tankards & teapots, pewter & similar.
35595.00Presentation silver tray Met Electric Trainways 1912 + LMS Kentish Town 1996. (2)
42060.00LMS cake stand to hold three plates + various cutlery.
425200.00Silverware etc inc Midland Hotel Burton coffee pot, copper server, bowl marked Broad St etc. (5)
43230.00LYR Exchange St Hotel, Liverpool silver plated coffee pot.
43310.00LNWR Queens Hotel B'ham small silverplate tankard + Euston Hotel base marked dish. (2)
43420.00GWR coat of arms ice cream dish.
50915.00Trophy, silver cup, BRSA (ER) Individual Medley Men, 1969-84.
56222.00LNWR presentation silver tray, promotion to Chief Clerk at Crewe, 1916.
9302.00GWR silver plated sugar bowl, roundel worn.
  Station Signs
52280.00Totem sign, Streatham Common.
5650.00Network South East plastic sign, London Euston.
6260.00Modern image signs, Tickets, Information, Reserved Staff Bus, 2 Platform. (4)
6885.00Regional Railways sign, Wheeton + Information, Danger & two level crossing warning signs. (5)
70280.00SR target sign, Swanley.
882.00Tyne & Wear Metro "M" sign, large yellow cube type.
16165.00Moorgate, NSE station sign.
22255.00Enamel sign, No Smoking, British Dye Ltd + LMS TC plate & BR container plate. (4)
2315.00Modern station sign, Bicester.
232140.00Gentlemen, wooden station sign.
2335.00Modern station sign, Aspatria.
23410.00Large BR reflective Stop sign.
23532.00Birmingham Moor Street and Snow Hill signs.
34922.00Station sign from Armadale, south-east of Melbourne, Australia.
35032.00Hayes and Harlington station sign.
46845.00London Transport mock-up for staff training.
479140.00Alloy direction sign, Great Orme & Railway, (arrow), old yellow paint.
5015.00Milton Keynes Central, large plastic station sign.
691320.00Totem sign, Kent House, BR(S).
692280.00Totem sign, Blairhill, BR(Sc), crease to one side, restored.
746200.00Ladies Waiting Room, large wooden sign with cast letters & pointing hand.
748150.00Collectors Corner signs, one cast iron in Jubilee nameplate style. (4)
749300.00Platform light diffuser, Dundee Tay Bridge, blue lettering + York (block letters) broken at end. (2)
760260.00Wooden signs, Shunters Mess Room, LNWR Booking Office, Workmen & Wagons etc. (5)
770240.00Wooden sign, cast letters, Passengers Cross by Subway.
771180.00Wooden sign, cast letters, GWR Bathing Prohibited in Reservoir.
772200.00Wooden sign, cast letters, To Trains for Exchange.
78040.00Half mile post, cast numbers on wood + painted wood running in board, Lairg. (2)
817120.00LNER Forest Gate, small light defuser.
950150.00GWR sign, Gentlemen, wood with cast letters and bracket.
952unsoldSR target sign, Reedham, chips & discolouration to lettering.
  Street Furniture
8425.00Alloy road sign, Worcestershire.
2795.00Road sign, Whitton Station (double arrows)/ Bus Stops.
720170.00Road sign, Engine Shed Lane, Private Road, embossed alloy.
74218.00North Yorks Moors Nat park alloy sign + similar Public Bridleway. (2)
9445.00D wagon plates, LNER x2 + Glos 1956. (3)
14350.00Coach plate, GER Makers, Stratford Works, 1891, oval.
17150.00LSWR enamel wagon plate, Return to Angerstein Wharf.
18675.00Wagon plate, enamel, Steetley Lime & Basic, Llyncys, Oswestry, chips.
24480.00Wagonplate, Repairs Steetley, Llyncyls, Nr Oswestry, enamel.

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Page 18: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 256B, 23 February 2019

LotSold £Description
25028.00Enamel wagon plate, 3255, ex large stone hopper.
25455.00Large van plate, SR, 58010 Ashford, cast iron.
255120.00D wagon plate, LMS 6 Tons, 284228, larger and longer style than usual type.
25650.00Wagon plate, Fruit, cast iron.
2582.00Presentation plaque, 1957, Re wagons built at Shildon (lot 2962), for collierys.
267110.00GER Stratford 1897 coach plate +Load 2 Tons, Star & W plates & photo of coach.
27395.00Enamel wagon plate, 4313, Bolsover Colliery Co, Empty to Creswell.
27460.00Painted wagonplate, LNWR, Hired Wagon, 01663, large, on steel.
27590.00Wagonplate, Return to Wyre Dock Fleetwood, large cast iron, broken in two, on board.
27680.00LSWR enamel wagon plate, To be Returned to Redbridge, chips.
28422.00Cast iron CIE (Ireland) wagonplate.
28515.00LMS Wolverton 1937 coach plate together with Met Cam Wednesbury 1944 wagonplate. (2)
28620.00LMS Wolverton 1938 coach plate together with the same for Derby 1934. (2)
30365.00Enamel Procor wagon plate London taxi plate & No, Darlington plate (loco). (4)
359230.00Coach plates, three letter codes, BGV, GVP, DBO, BBS etc. (11)
36735.00Cast iron makers plates, Kell Worcs & Ross + Larkworthy Worcs. (2)
43140.00Wagonplates, SR, 1186, Ashford + LNER & LMS D plates. (3)
52330.00Liquid Chlorine tank wagon warning plate, phone Preston etc.
53165.00Wagonplate, Kirklees Hall Coal Co, Wigan, No 54, very large oval.
53530.00LNWR Earlstown wagon grease box + selection of axle box covers.
67680.00Axle box covers, Met C & W, Saltley, Pullman 1931, Pullman 10"x5". (3)
84740.00SR, SS146, Ashford + Cravens D plate, Met Cam, Wednesbury 1947 etc. (5)
85820.00D wagon plate, B743851, 13T, Swindon 1960, Lot No. 3296.
89838.00SR van plate, BR internal D plate BR(M) Reg plate. (3)
95545.00D wagon plates, GWR, LNER, LMS. (3)
98718.00D wagon plates, GWR, 12T + Darlington, BRCW & Wolverton. (4)
99228.00D wagon plates, LMS, LNER, M. (3)