Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Sale 248B, Saturday, 4 August 2018, The Warriner School, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4LJ.

Sale starts: 9.30am, viewing from 7.30am (& during auction). Advance Viewing: Friday, 3 August 4.00-7.00pm.

Great Central Railwayana, Bloxham Auction

Please note: the Buyer's Premium is 15% + VAT (total 18%) of the hammer price. Change Display: List by Lot Number

LotSold £Description
  Advertising Enamels
4330.00Tinplate adverts, Newcastle Brown Ale, Midland Counties Ice Cream. (2)
34295.00Sign, Fresh Farm Eggs with Ful-O-Plp Golden Yolks, double sided.
343150.00Enamel sign, Royal Daylight Lamp Oil, double sided pictorial.
401110.00Enamel advert, Agent for Pullars Dye Works, Perth.
84545.00Forestry Commission Warning enamel sign.
6095.00Books, selected quality titles, Steam Colour Portfolio, Book Law. (38)
6122.00David & Charles Company Histories & similar titles. (21)
625.00GNR titles inc RCTS, Engine Sheds etc. (9)
6450.00LMS Sheds 1-7, LMS Locos, Essery & Jenkinson 1-5 etc. (14)
6520.00Signalling titles, GWR, LNER, GNR, SR, LNWR, GWR Box Boards. (6)
6638.00GWR Stations, Signaling, Sheds, SR etc. (15)
6725.00Books, titles inc Branch Lines, Carriage Prints, Nameplates etc. (14)
6830.00Diesels, various titles. (14)
6925.00LSWR & SR titles inc IOW & West Country. (14)
705.00Various titles, subjects. (17)
715.00NER, GNR, HBR, inc Locos, Sheds + NER Record Vol 1-3. (12)
727.00SR/LSWR titles inc West Country. (12)
7370.00OPC, The Power of series. (37)
748.00LMS & LYR, FR area titles. (14)
7585.00Loco Builders, Jowett, Railwayana etc. (15)
7632.00Engine Sheds & similar, LMS, GWR, British Sheds & Signing on Points. (13)
7710.00GWR Wales, Borders, Forest of Dean titles. (12)
7860.00SMJR, MSWJR, S&Mont Ry & other light railway titles. (12)
7925.00GWR titles inc, Selected Stns, SDJR etc. (15)
8012.00GWR titles inc Russell, Coaches & Locos. (13)
8112.00Great Central Main Line titles. (12)
8215.00LMS & LNER etc, mainly loco titles. (15)
8332.00Banbury & Cheltenham, Shipston, Thame etc, local titles. (7)
8475.00Locos, BR Standards, Bril, Talbot, RCTS etc. (11)
8515.00Various titles inc, Loco Names, Nameplates, Trix, Decline of Steam, Sri Lanka. (16)
8635.00GWR, Selected stns 1-4, Termini 1-2, Infrastructure, Architecture, Railcars etc. (12)
8740.00Banbury, Cheltenham, Lambourn, DNS, Tetbury, Henley, Malmesbury, CMDPR, etc. (12)
885.00LNER locos & shed titles, inc NER record. (13)
8940.00GWR titles inc, Viaducts, West Country, Halts, Exe Valley, Camping Coaches etc. (12)
9020.00Colin Gifford, Decline of Steam, Each a Glimpse, Gone Forever. (3)
9110.00GWR, Somerset, Cotswolds, DNS etc. (12)
9225.00Somerset & Dorset Line, good variety of titles. (13)
9340.00GWR titles, Engines, Road, Horses, Railmotors, Sheds, Stations. (12)
9445.00GWR titles, Engines, Coaches, Wagons, , Sheds inc various Russell titles. (12)
9518.00LMS titles, Oxford, Evesham area, S & C, Derby etc. (12)
9622.00Locos, LNER, LMS, MR, Highland, GNR etc. (16)
26120.00Bournes GWR & London & Birmingham Rlys, large format reprints. (2)
28915.00Locos of the GWR, RCTS, Vol 1-13. (13)
2905.00GNR loco History Four Vol RCTS set. (4)
29138.00Regional History of Railways of Great Britain, sixteen volume set with d/j.
29210.00History of the GWR, Macdermot, Pub GWR, 3 Vols. (3)
45355.00Taits views of Manchester & Leeds Rly, 1845, large format, with plates, foxing, wear in places.
47312.00RCTS, Loco of the GWR Vol 1-13
70940.00Box of books, Cambrian Titles all by C.C. Green + glass lantern slides in box.
99710.00Books, artists, Freeman, Breckon, Hawkins Root, etc. (5)
99815.00Books, Locos, Wagons, Coaches. (12)
99940.00Books, Colin Gifford, O Winston Link. (4)
100010.00Books, LMS, Locos, Coaches, loco names etc. (10)

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Page 2: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
10015.00Books, RCTS loco Histories, GWR, 1-12, LSWR 1-2. (14)
  Smaller Cast Iron, Bridgeplates, Trackside
12550.00GWR cast iron, Not Drinking Water Please.
13495.00GCR bridgeplate, 288 (43) ex Nottingham Viaduct.
13570.00GNR bridgeplate, 13.
14015.00Wooden sign, 2 Miles, cast letters.
15675.00GWR Not Drinking Water, sign, Not Fit for Drinking, sign, top of GWR c/i milepost ½. (3)
168320.00Cast iron, Two Pound Reward sign for damage and disfiguring information.
198170.00GWR cast iron signal box door notice, fine original condition.
25630.00Bridgeplate, LMS, 33.
25775.00Small cast iron sign, Lift No.37, L.N.W.R.
25890.00Small cast iron sign, Lift No.35, L.N.W.R.
287250.00GWR cast iron sign, No Admittance Except on Business.
288190.00GWR cast iron sign, GWR No Smoking Allowed.
296130.00Cast iron bracket notice, Gentlemen, MR Co.?
30842.00Bridgeplate, LNWR 96A.
36450.00Bridge plate, LNWR, 6, square ampersand.
38932.00LNER mile post, 43.
39030.00NBR gradient arms 110/168, ex Blairgowrie branch.
4045.00Cast iron kilometre mile post, 5km.
43615.00TVR ½ mile post, circular top only.
526110.00NBR mile post set, 89 + three fractions, ¼ broken, triangle, rectangle, oval. (4)
52760.00Bridge plate, Joseph Westwood 1892, cast iron shield.
52850.00Bridge plate, E Finch, Chepstow, 1892, cast iron oval.
59235.00LNWR ½ mile post ex Hopton Incline, C & HPR.
59940.00GS & WR cast iron gate notice, good original condition.
63050.00GNR cast iron gate notice, long type.
63140.00Shut & Fasten Gate, cast iron sign, hollow back.
63435.00Cast iron gradient post.
64770.00GCR FH 20 ft cast sign, MR No Admittance, (repaired) & GCR broken sign. (3)
65145.00NER bridge plates, 23 + 36. (2)
68930.00Bridgeplate, GNR, 1, welded.
74442.00GWR cast iron notice re platelayers and asphalt.
74645.00GWR cast iron gate notice.
76370.00NER Shut and Fasten Gate + penalty sign, ex Collingham Bridge and Bardsey route.
76438.00NER c/i sign ex Collingham Bridge footbridge, erected 1902, painted....
78130.00LSWR Boundary Post.
78232.00LSWR Boundary Post.
78338.00LSWR Boundary Post.
78750.00LNER mileposts, 53, ¼, ½, ¾. (4)
78820.00LNER mileposts, 4, + ½. (2)
80838.00LSWR Boundary Post.
82335.00GWR cast iron ashphalt notice.
82570.00GWR cast iron wagon doors notice, Inglis.
83542.00GWR mileposts, 10/11, 311/111. (2)
88170.00Bridgeplate, BR(M) 13. (LMS style)
901110.00Midland cast iron wall sign, Gentlemen, with bracket.
90260.00LNER small cast iron weighbridge notice.
91420.00NER Datum Post plate, DP.
101240.00Midland Railway bridgeplates 2, 8. (2)
101355.00Midland Railway bridgeplates, 5, 9. (2)
101470.00Midland Railway bridgeplates, 4, 8, 5. (3)
103048.00BR Agreement & BR Maintenance Ends boundary plates. (2)
105180.00Bridgeplate CLRy, 79.
105230.00Bridge builders plate, Oliver & Arrol Engineers Edinburgh, 1878, hexagonal.
105310.00Gradient post 1 in 1000/81 also painted arms, Level/2828. (3)
  Bus and Tram
115260.00Bus conductor ticket machine + case, Ticket Equipment Ltd, Cirencester.
17745.00Bus destination blind apparatus.

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Page 3: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Bus and Tram
23070.00LT enamel Bus Stop sign (flat).
234120.00Bus bonnet numberplate, RT4415.
37148.00LT Bus Stop sign, Form Queue This Side.
602120.00Bus Stop, Routes 33, 75, glass in oak frame.
71312.00Solomatic bus ticket machine. (2)
71710.00Steel stock boxes for bus tickets. (3)
724130.00Quantity of Bus and Bus Stop signs etc & bus number blind.
77165.00Request Bus Stop, Stage 65, cast alloy.
84330.00LT Bus Stop sign, box type, poor condition.
88090.00Roller blind from a Routemaster bus.
956230.00Scarborough Tramways enamel, Esplanade-Marine Drive, loss at edge.
103895.00Bus items, quantity PSV badges, other badge, Atalantean plate, Met Cam Weyman, National etc.
  Carriage Prints
10125.00Carriage Print, Hatfield, Wright.
10230.00Carriage Print, Welwyn Garden City, Stringer.
10360.00Carriage Print, Bournemouth, Zigzag West Cliff.
42810.00BR(W) small carriage compartment map.
44145.00GWR black & white photo carriage print, Portishead High St, original frame.
46928.00GWR photographic carriage print, Boating Lake, Goodrington, original frame.
47050.00GWR photographic carriage print, Coast Scene, Falmouth, original frame.
49265.00Carriage prints, reprint maps, SECR, LBSCR, Caly, longer original frames.
55932.00Carriage print, Selworthy, Nr Minehead, Lander
56025.00Carriage print, Widecombe in the Moor, Merriott, (fading).
56175.00Carriage print, Leigh-on-Sea, King.
56240.00Carriage print, Three Sisters, Glencoe, Sherwin.
56350.00Carriage print, Peterborough Cathedral, Taylor.
56448.00Carriage print, BR(S) system map 1963 + SECR (reprint). (2)
65820.00Carriage print, River Dee, Cambus O'May, Cattermole.
69640.00Carriage prints, MV Cumbria, Buckle x2, Lune Valley, Greene, Groves, Chester, Lander, (all loose). (4)
7585.00Carriage print, Primrose Hill Tunnels, Buckle + 2 framed photos A4 & Scot. (3)
77715.00Carriage print, Buckden Palace, Walker.
77818.00Carriage print, Biddleston, Wright.
77928.00Carriage print, Ormskirk, Knight.
86345.00Framed carriage print, Sandsend, Merriott, Richmond, Squirrell. (2)
86460.00Framed carriage print, Hutton-le-Hole, Wood, Pickering, Merriott. (2)
101532.00Quantity of carriage adverts, maps etc LT, BR etc.
102430.00District/Circle line route map on board + Jubilee Line, rolled. (2)
104460.00SR System map + Smoking Prohibited + LT Map, original frames. (3)
104650.00BR(S) system map + SR mirror, both in original frames. (2)
104725.00Carriage print frames, one with print of Horns Bridge and No Smoking.
104820.00SR carriage mirrors in original frames + BR. (3)
  Cast Iron Signs
5515.00GWR Gas cover, cast iron, square.
5610.00GWR cast iron water cover, square.
13070.00GWR cast iron trespass notice, pre grouping style.
13170.00GWR cast iron trespass notice, short pattern, serif letters.
132150.00LNWR, cast iron Beware of the Trains notice, early pattern with mounting flange.
133120.00GWR cast iron signal box door notice.
19970.00GWR cast iron sign, Rights of Way Act, 1932.
20080.00LNWR cast iron double paragraph gate notice.
21090.00GWR cast iron sign, Beware of Trains.
293240.00GWR small cast iron sign, Beware of Trains.
294120.00GWR & LNWR joint cast iron gate notice.
29585.00Cambrian Railways cast iron trespass notice.
35160.00LNER c/i trespass notice.
366130.00SR cast iron notice, Rights of Way Act 1932.
43330.00Midland Railway cast iron bridge notice, 1899.
467110.00SR cast iron Private Road sign.
468240.00SE & CR cast iron level crossing notice.

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Page 4: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Cast Iron Signs
49452.00GWR cast iron trespass notice.
517110.00Warwick & Knapton Canal c/i bridge diamond + brass plate LMR & small brass whistle. (3)
53220.00Cast iron notice, instructions for use of crane.
53755.00Midland Railway cast iron bridge weight notice, Williams 1875.
53948.00Midland Railway cast iron trespass, Williams, 1893.
54055.00LNER cast iron trespass notice.
54150.00North Eastern Railway cast iron trespass, Wilkinson.
54270.00Midland Railway cast iron, Beware of Trains.
545120.00Midland Railway cast iron footpath notice.
54675.00Beware of the Trains, GER cast iron notice.
57948.00SE & CR cast iron trespass notice.
68360.00GNR cast iron trespass notice.
68465.00GNR cast iron Beware of Trains sign.
727200.00GWR Private Path cast iron notice.
76250.00LNER cast iron trespass notice.
776130.00SECR cast iron bridge diamond.
82255.00Cambrian Railway cast iron gate notice.
86140.00NER cast iron trespass notice, Wilkenson.
105670.00Cheshire Lines Committee cast iron gate notice.
105760.00Cheshire Lines Committee cast iron trespass notice.
  Coats of Arms
11352.00North Staffordshire Rly Co. coat of arms.
11445.00Taff Vale Rly Co. coat of arms.
12110.00Coats of arms, London South Western Rly, LNER, copy (2)
12295.00Coats of arms, Hurst Nelson, unknown. (2)
13632.00Two coats of arms, Great Eastern Rly, Great Central.
13750.00Two coats of arms, Caledonian Rly Co.
14230.00Coat of arms, Somerset & Dorset Joint Rly.
14340.00Coat of arms, Highland Railway Co.
14410.00Coat of arms, LSWR Co.
14535.00Coat of arms, SE&CR Co. Man Comm.
15970.00Two coats of arms, Midland & Great Northern Joint Rly, Hull & Barnsley Rly Co.
16032.00Coats of arms, North Eastern Rly. (2)
17948.00Coats of arms, London North Western, LNWR & LYR. (2)
18045.00Coat of arms in frame, Midland Railway Company.
18825.00Talyllyn Railway Co. coat of arms.
18918.00Festiniog Railway coat of arms.
65748.00Midland Railway coat of arms on shield shaped board.
82432.00GWR coat of arms, mounted.
  Enamel and Other Signs
40140.00SECR enamel sign, Trains Leave this Station.
5085.00Signs, Stand Clear, 3, (ex Glasgow Underground), This Side, Please Q. (4)
120250.00BR(E) enamel poster board header.
14150.00GWR tinplate notice, Examine Tickets.
146160.00Enamel sign, All Season Tickets to be Shown.
16525.00Two enamel signs, Danger Unproped Body, Pull Handline to Stop Elevater. (2)
18365.00Cast iron door plate, Porters.
207120.00Small enamel sign, Telephones on Platforms 12, 9, 7 etc, ex Temple Meads.
211170.00Small enamel, Re Telephones, Platforms 12, 9, 7 ex Temple Meads.
229170.00LT enamel target sign, Kings Cross St Pancras, (square).
235110.00BR(S) British Railways poster header.
268160.00British Railways (totem) No Smoking enamel sign.
27655.00BR(S) enamel conductor rails notice.
27740.00Connex sign, Chipstead.
27845.00NSE sign, Gate Will be Closed on Match Days.
279130.00Connex office entrance plate + NSE, Danger live Rails etc. (5)
286820.00Totem sign, Meldreth, creases each end, enamel excellent.
30260.00BR(M) doorplate, Ladies, chipping at ends.
30742.00Black fingerboard ex Bognor, Horsham-Victoria.

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Page 5: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Enamel and Other Signs
30960.00SNCF enamel signs, Danger de Mort, different types. (2)
312420.00Totem, Reading General, screen printed chocolate & cream on alloy. Used on station and in original condition.
31338.00NSE plastic station sign, Lyndhurst Road.
349120.00LT enamel fascia, Charing Cross, Bakerloo.
355170.00Engraved copper notice, LMS, Right of Way Act 1932.
363140.00Exeter St Davids, BR lamp tablet, 1970s, proper enamel.
367140.00SR Waterloo enamel departure plate, Petersfield, no wood back.
36845.00SR Waterloo enamel departure plate, Farnham, no wood back, chips.
483120.00Dunmow, GER running in board, wood, cast letters.
488120.00Enamel route map Croxley-Watford-Euston, Liverpool St, 1970 or 1980s?
489180.00Platforms 1 2 3 4 5 & 7, Way Out, BR(W) large enamel, ex Newton Abbott.
493200.00BR(M) Platform 4, double sided hanging sign.
49720.00Newton St Cyres, 1970s black & white sign, worn.
512200.00LT target sign, Embankment, flanged rectangle.
513250.00LT sign, Victoria & Northern Lines & Main Line Station.
514160.00BR(M) enamel sign, Way Out, Please Show Tickets, with hangers.
51575.00BR(W) enamel sign, Passengers Must Not Cross Except by Footbridge. (worn)
53830.00Large plastic station sign, Biggleswade NSE + Crowborough. (2)
547220.00NBR enamel signal box board, Craigo, small, poor condition.
552180.00BR(M) enamel fascia, British Railways, Hope Station, lettering & totems repainted.
553160.00BR(S) enamel sign, Epsom Railway Station, (arrow), (long).
554180.00BR(Sc) running in board, Cults, (Ballater Branch).
555170.00BR(S) running in board, Shoreham, two sections, (Kent Station).
57560.00Swanley, enamel plate on wood block ex departure indicator.
57650.00SR enamel sign re standing on roof sheeting.
577110.00BTC black & white enamel trespass.
57845.00Enamel sign, Shunting Bell, with hole for key.
580110.00LT enamel fascia sign, Charing Cross, Bakerloo Line, brown.
596320.00Departure indicators from St Enoch Stn 13.43, Paisley, Ayr, Girvan. (10)
60370.00BR Conductor Rails enamel sign.
604100.00Loading/Unloading enamel sign, refers to Station Master/goods Agent, blue on white.
605210.00BR(E) enamel crossing notice, re phoning signalman etc
606180.00BR(M) enamel sign, Way Out, Over the Bridge, with hooks.
607190.00BR(Sc) enamel sign, Ticket Office.
608180.00BR(M) enamel sign, Ladies Room.
609180.00BR(E) enamel sign, Ladies Waiting Room.
610190.00BR(NE) enamel sign, Waiting Room, black edged lettering.
611190.00LT enamel sign, Bakerloo Northbound, Baker Street, Paddington, etc, small.
612200.00BR(W) enamel sign, Passengers Cross Line by Bridge.
613200.00BR(E) enamel sign, Goods Enquiries.
614180.00BR(W) enamel sign, Waiting Room.
615160.00BR(M) enamel sign, Gentlemen.
61695.00SR enamel sign, Platform 2.
617200.00BR(W) enamel sign, Platform 2&1, directional arrows.
618210.00LT enamel frieze sign, Baker Street (Circle & Met)
619500.00LT enamel frieze sign, Embankment, (Northern)
620130.00British Railways, BR(W) enamel poster header.
621200.00LT enamel frieze sign, Aldersgate, (Circle & Met)
622130.00LT enamel frieze sign, Northern Line.
627200.00BR(E) enamel poster header, (long type).
63385.00BR black/white fingerboards, Ex Portsmouth, to Salisbury, Reading, Victoria via Hove.
635230.00Station lamp diffuser, Chester, maroon letters.
637160.00Stanton Gate, enamel signal box nameboard, black & white, lower case lettering.
638200.00BR(E) enamel sign, Passengers Must Not Use This Crossing.
63930.00Modern image station signs,West Ruislip + Ashwell & Morden. (2)
64045.00Modern image station signs, St Botolphs + Clapton. (2)
64580.00BR(M), 4 Car Stop, (maroon characters & similar black & white).
652150.00English, Welsh & Scottish Railway large maroon sign, with emblem for depot entrance.
682200.00GCR Station bracket sign, General Waiting Room, ornate c/i frame, ex Charwelton.

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Page 6: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Enamel and Other Signs
698420.00Totem, Reading Southern, edge chips and severe scratching to face, name clear & colour good.
705240.00Totem sign, West Sutton.
715310.00Totem sign, Blairhill, BR(Sc), crease to left side restored, otherwise lovely colour.
718270.00Totem sign, Hackbridge , undamaged.
725280.00Totem sign, Kings Park, BR(Sc), crease repair to left, loss of shine.
729250.00Totem sign, Cleland, BR(Sc), loss of shine.
735280.00Totem sign, Treforest, BR(W), a crease repair each side.
761500.00Totem sign, Pontefract Baghill BR(NE), very faded, crease to right.
767260.00LT frieze sign, Baker Street, Circle/Met.
76880.00Australian target sign, Dandenony.
78650.00Willesden light diffuser, maroon lettering.
83622.00French enamel street signs, face chips. (4)
86240.00Platform light defuser, Bridlington.
90650.00NER enamel name, Bowburn Colliery Jct Box, half original and restored, the other made up with painted steel.
932160.00Doorplate, BR(Sc), Ladies Waiting Room, ex Couper Angus.
933120.00Doorplate, BR(Sc) Gentlemen.
934140.00Doorplate, BR(Sc), Private.
935110.00NER doorplate, Gentlemen.
955280.00British Railways, Station, BR(NE), enamel direction sign, fading.
960120.00BR(E) enamel doorplate, Ladies.
961140.00BR(Sc) enamel doorplate, Gentlemen.
962230.00BR(NE) station sign, Station Master.
987440.00Wandsworth Town totem sign.
988150.00BR(S) enamel sign, Ticket Office.
1021140.00BR(Sc) enamel doorplate, Staff Only.
102295.00BR(M) enamel doorplate, Private.
105930.00Furness Railway enamel gate notice, poor as usual.
1064360.00LT enamel target sign, Watford, medium size.
  Framed and Glazed Items
1971.00Framed print, Trans Australian Railway, Webbe.
21445.00Raphael Tuck framed print 1894, Traveling to Liverpool & Manchester Rly.
2155.00Framed & glazed prints. (9)
22252.00Framed print, Cuneo, Riviera on Royal Albert bridge. (LED850)
22338.00Framed print, Elegance & Industry, Barry Freeman. (Newton Abbot)
22428.00Framed notice, GWR cab fares, Plymouth N. Rd, 1916.
22532.00Framed notice, Cornwall Minerals Railway, Tolls.
22622.00Framed print, GWR 4-6-0, 171 Albion, Cooke, Leeds.
22722.00Framed print, Liverpool & Manchester Railway 1831 (engines) Raphael Tuck, 1894. (2)
23122.00Framed print, Proud Lady, SAR 15F by David Hall-Green, Ltd Ed, signed.
23210.00Framed prints, Cuneo, Lickey, Cathedrals Express + other prints. (10)
44440.00Larger framed prints, glazing to three, GWR subjects. (5)
51650.00Framed & glazed poster (no text) ex Euston House, London Horse Guards, from LMS poster.
58930.00Original painting 44590, RCTS Special at Seymour Junction (Staveley)
65570.00Henley in Arden Railway 1859 framed notice re meeting and four framed & glazed items (5)
7512.00Framed and glazed, inc FR tank at Ulverston x7, + reproduction GWR coat of arms.
8145.00Framed & glazed prints x10 + two L.P records. (12)
86810.00Framed plan (reprint) Port of Bristol, City Docks.
88775.00Framed & glazed Don Brekon prints, Hall at Kingswear + Coasting Home. (2)
97710.00Original painting, Knight of the Thistle at Dawlish, Paul Twine, 1975.
97810.00Original painting, GWR 5101 on Passenger Train, Paul Twine, 1973.
97935.00Original painting, Neath Abbey, Reading, Paul Twine, 1970.
106135.00LNER framed OS map showing , This station, DUNS, Berwickshire, good example.
  Hardware (smaller items in display cases)
5710.00French loco plate, Vitesse Limite 60km/h, (line speed 60 kmh) brass.
10522.00GWR loco wheel gauge 1941 & GWR pen nibs.
12835.00Misc buttons, pay checks + BR Look Out armband + cap badge.
15122.00LNER armband, No.1376 Porter.
19110.00Cavendish lamp glass, blue on white.
28012.00Badges, SR&LNER War Service, Pin badges, Blue Deltic, Blue Pullman etc.

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Page 7: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Hardware (smaller items in display cases)
344110.00Single line key token, Talerdig-Machynlleth.
345110.00Single line key token, brass plated, Sudbury-Long Melford.
37322.00Badges & buttons, a variety.
37448.00Watches inc BR(Sc) non running, other non rail + Dinkey A4. (6)
37640.00Second War service badges, GWR, LMS, LNER, SR + LMS chrome. (5)
37710.00Hydraulic bogie plate, Stone Maybach Final Drive. Ex diesel Cl 52.
37865.001st war service badges, LSWR, LYR + Met Rly 35 Years. (3)
41042.00Enamel taxi plate, Haslemere UDC,6, licensed 4 persons.
42918.00GER glass inkwell.
442210.00GWR pen nib boxes, decorative & plain types + packets of pins.
44332.00Buttons, GWR, BR, Cambrian.
44820.00Badges, BR arrow & ASLEF.
47640.00Guards whistles (wood), LSWR, SR, BR(S) (3)
50422.00GWR brass lever plate, 3, Up Main Start'g.
6646.00Large loco paperweight SR 763 with integral stand.
66532.00Paperweights, Flying Scotsman, Coronation, Canadian National Loco. (3)
71665.00Quantity of bus buttons.
81010.00Duke, Railway Timekeeper pocket watch.
89410.00LNER Flying Scotsman paperweight.
895130.00Totem cap badges, BR, M, E, NE, W + Fishtail Porter NE & E. (7)
89635.00Button, badges inc WW11 + NUR, BR armband, paychecks.
93760.00Button & small items, nibs, paytins, Thirsk stamp, several paychecks.
957100.00BR(Sc) conditions of ticket issue plate.
95920.00NER water closet plate, damage & loss.
96432.00Badges BR(NE) totem x2 lion & wheel, LT target, LMS WW11.
96990.00Whistles, NER, LNER, BR(E) + NER carriage key & clippers. (5)
97450.00LYR finial shaped brass paperweight, base marked.
98060.00Tyers Patent brass makers plate for tablet instruments.
99265.00GWR office items, ruler, scissors, whistle, pens, pencils, key, GWR Castor Oil bottle. (8)
99318.00GWR small brass platelayers warning horn.
99445.00MR armband, LNWR + LMS whistles, LNWR saloon key, buttons, WW11 badges.
1009170.00Quantity of badges, buttons & caps.
59150.00Pullman car armchair. Ex ECML and Dick Hardy collection.
706260.00GWR platform seat ends, (scroll).
707300.00GWR platform seat ends, (roundel).
1069110.00Captain's Chair.
107090.00Captain's Chair.
4685.00Caledonian Steam Packet china selection inc tea pot, milk jug, plates etc + Belfast S S Co. dish. (10)
14942.00China ware, LMS tea pot, LMS cream jug, LNER, Gleneagles, LMS, BR marine saucers. (8)
17522.00Canberra cups & saucers (3), Pullman plates (2).
17632.00Rhodesia Railways teapot.
66632.00Quantity of Ulster Transport Hotels blue china, cups, plates, bowls + 4x BTC spoons. (17)
66728.00LMS Hotels, gilt title plates. (3)
668100.00LNWR Vauxhall B'ham saucer, Railway Mission Birmingham & Tyesley plates. (3)
66938.00LYR saucer, Rocket & Modern loco plate. (2)
67018.00G&SWR Hotels tea plate, similar LMS (GSW) crazed. (2)
6715.00LNWR Rugby Refreshment Rooms china tea pot, restoration.
67250.00LNWR grey pattern china tea pot & tea plate. (2)
6735.00LNWR brown crest large tea cup and saucer.
67448.00LNWR maroon pattern dinner plate, LMS Hotels art deco tea plate + LNWR Royal Trains saucer. (3)
67542.00LMS Hotels gilt name china tea pot & milk jug + salt & pepper pots, black initials. (4)
67665.00LNWR brown crest china tea pot, jug, bowl, butter dish, cream tot. (5)
67722.00LNWR/LMS china, cups x2, egg cups x2 soup bowl & Pullman bowl. (6)
67818.00Souvenir china, Rocket 1979 etc, six plates & mug. (7)
67928.00Souvenir china, plates, locos, Travellers Fare, Britannia Bridge, NUM. (9)
79065.00LNER Coronation tea plate, base marked.
79125.00Caledonian Steam Packet, 2x bowls + meat dish, without crest. (3)

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Page 8: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
79228.00China fruit bowl, SR emblem with wheel + Pullman soup bowl. (2)
79352.00Keswick design LNER plates and bowls. (9)
8015.00Spare lid for Kesick tea pot (good), LMS milk jug and LNER glass soap dish, latter two chipped. (3)
89730.00LNWR milk jug, 3x Kesick tea plates, Pullman plate. (5)
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
4565.00Lamps, coach, emergency, unusual designs. (4)
104120.00BR(E) Handlamp, brass plated BR(E) Hitchin.
12628.00Box of lamp spares, Sykes repeater, CR cold chisel + enamel phone plate. (6)
14730.00Lamps, BR(W) gauge, signal interior, general purpose, tail lamp + flare. (5)
20628.00BR(W) galvanised two gallon water can.
20945.00GWR or BR(W) brass collar handlamp.
23645.00BR tail lamp.
242240.00BR(E) loco headlamp.
24355.00LSWR handlamp, S(E)R vessel.
24445.00LNER, GN type handlamp.
24548.00SR handlamps. (2)
24670.00Lamps, BR handlamp, + top, signal lamp + cart lamp, Powell & Hamner. (4)
26260.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
26460.00Lamps, SR & BR handlamps, signal interior & Bardic. (4)
28470.00GWR brass collar handlamp Polkey makers.
30658.00Handlamps, LMS + BR. (2)
33555.00BR(W) Foggers handlamp.
34135.00NBR large paraffin lamp.
34730.00Platform lamp case, no glass.
34842.00Platform lamp case, no glass.
35260.00BR(M) headlamp + large flare lamp. (2)
38665.00LMS handlamp, Veritas Lamp Works.
39140.00Suggs gas lamp with copper top, shade and globe, dismantled.
39252.00Suggs gas lamp with copper top, shade and globe, dismantled.
39340.00Suggs gas lamp with copper top, shade and globe, dismantled.
39448.00LNER loco handlamp.
39752.00BR(Sc) flare lamp, carbide lamp, road lamp. (3)
402140.00McKenzie & Holland large copper signal lamp & new bracket.
423160.00Suggs gas lamp green enamel & copper, rear shade.
42450.00Suggs gas lamp green enamel & copper, rear shade.
425210.00Suggs gas lamp green enamel & copper, rear shade.
42765.00Pair of BR(W) tail lamps. (2)
431180.00LSWR handlamp, brass plate, Bude (not fitted by railway).
44750.00Box of seven Bardic lamps & spares.
48140.00Small SR wall mounted gas lamp.
48432.00Belgian brass handlamp.
485120.00Box of spare glass lamp globes, ex BR (E).
50365.00Small oil can, brass plate, Return to Swindon GWR.
50560.00BR tail lamp & unusual signal lamp. (2)
50935.00BR handlamp.
529210.00BR(S) loco headlamp, with shield, no burner.
530200.00Large carbide headlamp, Powell Hammer Ltd, B'ham.
53120.00Large handlamp, sprung lever to change colour.
54818.00Police type handlamp, by H Planner, East Cheap, London.
54950.00NBR small Paraffin can with brass plate + small LNER conical can & LNER detonator canister. (3)
56520.00NER Handlamp.
68030.00LNER Adlake signal lamp case.
685160.00BR(M) loco headlamp.
68745.00Handlamp, large piecrust, BR embossed.
68845.00GWR type fogmans brass collar handlamp.
72050.00Handlamps, LNER & BR. (3)
72338.00Inspection lamps x2, interiors x3 + vessel. (7)
73262.00BR(S) tail lamp, lacks interior.
73445.00BR(W) brass collar handlamp.

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Page 9: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Lamps, Cans and Similar
736120.00BR(W) loco headlamp, lacks interior.
74032.00LNER loco handlamp.
74380.00BR(E) loco headlamp, with interior.
74532.00LMS handlamp & Adlake signal lamp. (2)
75225.00GWR signal box brass hanging lamp.
77255.00Miners lamp, Naylor of Wigan.
87050.00LNER tail lamp, NER style brass plate.
87138.00NER square body inspection lamp, brass plate.
87225.00LNER (NE pattern) handlamp, LNER brass plate.
87345.00NER handlamp, NER brass plate and stamped C. DEW.
87470.00ECJS inspection lamp by Bulpitts 1914, ECJS on top.
87525.00BR(E) gauge glass lamp.
87655.00Police handlamp by Davey & Co., West Indian Dock Rd, London.
87750.00Small NER ground signal lamp, stamped NER.
882150.00BR(E) loco headlamp (LNER pattern).
88350.00LMS waiting room wall lamp.
88445.00GWR brass collar handlamp.
88595.00Midland Rly handlamp.
88628.00LNER loco handlamp.
90770.00NER inspectors handlamp, small size.
90940.00LNER (NER type) fogmans handlamp.
91030.00Police handlamp by Herbert & Co, Haymarket, London.
911110.00GER sliding knob handlamp, 1914.
92042.00Police handlamp by Hiatt of Birmingham.
92260.00NER oil pourer, wick tin, both with brass plate & small emergency oil carrier. (3)
92640.00Early NER handlamp, brass plate 242, unusual shape.
93065.00NER can DHB, (Dumb Hopper Barge), conical can, (E vans only) and one gill oil jug. (3)
93165.00LNER loco handlamp + BR. (2)
93610.00LNER loco handlamp + lamp without door and interior. (2)
93838.00Police handlamp with sliding shutter.
93955.00NER handlamp, brass plate & stamped 264.
94055.00NER handlamp, brass plate.
94135.00SR handlamp, S(E)R on side.
94230.00NER inspection lamp with brass plate.
94340.00Lamp, boat signal lantern with sprung shutter.
945160.00Small NER oil cans all with brass plates. (3)
94675.00LYR Driver lamp LYR on vessel, T Sanderson on top, Chorley & Lostock Hall Driver, with paperwork.
94832.00Police handlamp, Wrights Patent, Salisbury & Son.
95050.00LNER handlamp, double piecrust top.
95132.00Conductors lamp made by E. Price of Willington, Co Durham.
95235.00LNER-C fogmans handlamp.
95425.00Police type handlamp, small size.
96335.00LYR signal lamp, vessel marked LYR.
96695.00NER oil cans & pourers, two with brass plates. (3)
96720.00Lamp vessels, 2x hand + 2x large square. (4)
96845.00NER handlamp, brass plate.
97135.00Police handlamp.
97322.00BR inspection lamp, hinged top.
97645.00Police handlamp by Hiatt of Birmingham.
98240.00BR(S) handlamp + carbide. (2)
98545.00Various lamps, signal interior, carbide, coach etc, some incomplete. (5)
98628.00Handlamps, BR(S) +WD. (2)
100350.00Tail lamps. (2)
100480.00Tail lamps. (2)
100560.00Signal lamp interiors inc one SR. (4)
103370.00Hand lamps, LMS, BR + Piecrust top with no interior. (3)
103475.00Signal lamp interiors. (3)
  Loco and Rolling Stock
100100.00Flamecut cabside, 40 052.

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Page 10: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Loco and Rolling Stock
10925.00Two smokebox plate bolts from West Country, 34105, Swanage.
110120.00North British radiator plate from a shunting loco.
118170.00Brass industrial loco cabside, NCB 17, 1966.
11980.00Hunslet plate, smaller size.
15250.00Coach ashtrays, one brass, marked Cigar Ash, one double. (2)
153140.00Misc loco fittings, pressure gauges x5, gauge glass protecter, top of whistle, valve. (8)
158340.00GWR cabside numberplate, 3783, an Abercynon loco.
16180.00Locomotive/traction engine brass plates, Water Level, Steam On Off, Boiler + Cylinder. (3)
16238.00Brass worksplates, Georges Willy, John Whitehead Preston, Ruston Hornsby. (3)
16310.00Large brass gauge glass protector, Kinsons Patent.
16648.00Misc pre grouping coach fittings, heating controls, MR, LNWR grab handles, door handle, panel.
17360.00Cast iron makers plate, W&C Mather, Engineers, Manchester.
17880.00Worksplate, Marshall & Sons, Gainsborough.
219290.0046052 flame cut
220190.0040117 flame cut
23322.00SAR loco oil box.
24762.00LT enamel cab plate, Putney Bridge-High Street.
24875.00Shedplate 55C, Farnley Junction (1956-66), Healey Mills (1966-67).
249110.00Works plate, LMS Rebuilt Derby (43682), cast brass.
250150.00Works plate, Armstrong Whitworth 1248/1935, three corners missing (ex 45207).
25175.00Shedplate, 1A, Willesden (1948-73).
25415.00Worksplate, LMS Built 1945 Crewe, both ends broken off, replaced with fibreglass.
255200.00Tenderplate, L&NWR, No.1805.
26385.00GWR pressure gauge + SR Duplex gauge. (2)
265160.00Worksplate, LMS Built 1939 Derby, (year engraved)
266110.00Worksplate, LMS Built 1918 Derby, (year engraved).
26915.00BR mirror with double arrows emblem.
27060.00Small carriage board, Swindon-Paddington, worn in places.
271230.00Worksplate, GM locomotive ex 66058, a few chips to enamel.
27230.00South African Railways brass tenderplate, 1819.
273150.00SC plate to fit behind shedplate, Scottish origin stamping to rear.
28110.00Small firing shovel & pick axe. (2)
314260.00Nameplate, International Spring Fair, ex WCML DVT.
34085.00DMU destination roller blind (ex Tyseley).
3585.00Pressure gauge Mills, Llanidloes + track screws.
36030.00Brass builders plate, Taylor & Hubbard, Leicester, No. 1682.
36180.00GWR small loco whistle.
36540.00Tender plate, Water Capacity, 4725 Gallons.
40985.00BR double arrow emblem, small size.
432160.00GER splasher coat of arms, cast iron, not drilled, back marked E8855 (D15, 2546)
43465.00Shedplate 82E, Yeovil Pen Mill (1948-58), Bristol Barrow Road (1958-65).
438160.00Wooden van board, Return to Yatton, ex Strawberry van.
44040.00Section of carriage board, Bristol.
44540.00Wooden loco headboard, Traintours Charter, used.
47135.00K&ESR headboard, 1872-1972, No.3, Bodiam Centenary.
479520.00Headboard, The Flying Scotsman, alloy, used for railtours or during preservation.
49130.00Fireman shovel and GWR pinch bar for moving wagons from Dunball Wharf. (2)
49935.00Carriage window, Smoking, on glass.
506560.00Flamecut cabside, 46 026 with Gateshead crest & data panel (some burn marks).
53320.00Crane plate, Herbert Morris & Bastert, Loughborough 2 Tons.
53440.00Crane loading plates, 1½ Tons + 2 Tons. (2)
53545.00Cast iron loco plate, Maximum Permissible Speed 60 MPH.
558160.00Loco cabside numbers D (ex Hymek) + 7, 8, 0, 5 (ex WCML Electric), all ex loco. (5)
58355.00South African Railways, brass tender plate, 4099.
58450.00South African Railways brass tender plate, 2584.
58548.00South African Railways brass tender plate, 2013, 15A.
58650.00South African Railways brass tender plate, 1717, 14.
58885.0040B shedplate, Immingham (1948-73).
62890.00BR double arrows emblem, small size.

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Page 11: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Loco and Rolling Stock
62950.00Worksplate, Built 1959, Derby, cast iron, ex D3513.
64215.00Small organ pipe whistle.
64960.00Small roller blind indicator, ECML, from toilet of Mark 3/HST stock, (in display case).
65090.00Set of five LT cab pressure gauges, side mounting on wood stand. (5)
6631.00Colemans, Bulls Head transfer for use on mustard van.
69290.00Shedplate, 55H, Neville Hill (1960-73).
69375.00Shedplate, 9D, Buxton (1948-63), Newton Heath (1963-73).
69490.00Shedplate, 12A, Carlisle Upperby (1950-58), Kingmoor (1958-73).
69565.00Shedplate, 55C, Farnley Junction (1956-66), Healey Mills (1967-73).
699290.00GWR cast iron cabside numberplate, 8785 ex Llanelly.
701100.00Shedplate, 51A, Darlington (1948-73).
70245.00Shedplate, 88A, Cathays (1948-57), Radyr (1957-61), Canton (1961-63).
70322.00Shedplate, 32B, Ipswich (1948-68), flat back for diesel.
70442.00Shedplate, 55H, Neville Hill (1960-73).
71120.00Firemans shovel.
71232.00Firemans shovel.
722600.00GWR cast iron cabside numberplate, 4607, ex Westbury loco.
72638.00Carriage roof vents, GWR etc. (2)
738480.00GWR cast iron cabside numberplate, 9768, ex Oxley loco.
73940.00GWR Dewrance Test pressure gauge.
748130.00SNCF Flamon speed recorder ex steam loco.
75780.00Loco firing shovel.
76585.00Shedplate 9D, Buxton, LMS pattern.
804110.00Flamecut cabside, 56 084
80550.00Flamecut cabside, 45 128, with snail emblem.
807100.00BR alloy double arrows emblem.
833100.00GWR cab warning notice, 1909.
86660.00DMU destination blind Yorks/Lancs area, in made up box with winder.
87970.00Box of DMU roller blinds & vinyl route maps.
89318.00NBL circular brass boiler plate from SAR loco 3430.
90385.00Shedplate, 1A, Willesden (1948-63).
92785.00LNER pressure gauge 0-400 stamped, 1694, B15 class.
97028.00Gresham & Craven vacuum gauge 0-30, back stamped NER & 1907 (brake 3rd coach).
981100.00Loco plate, United Steel Co. Workington branch No.83, oval alloy.
100620.00Cab gauges from a shunter, mounted on board. (5)
1007160.00Cab gauges from Woodhead electrics, inc Diomedes & Mentor + 2x MV rectangular plate.
100848.00Set of Coles Cranes alloy makers & instruction plates. (4)
101080.00Quantity of mainly plastic plates from rolling stock.
101165.00Pressure gauges, Hunslet, BR(M) etc. (3)
101760.00Gauges x2, gauge glass protectors x2 & other fittings.
101895.00BR carriage mirror and two Mark 1 lights mounted on board.
1025180.00Quantity of mainly Mk 1 coach fittings & notices, inc two wood boards of mounted plates.
103275.00Box of alloy rolling stock plates, MV, Porterbrook, EE, BREL etc.
104510.00Collection of Brush equipment plates on board. (13)
104950.00CR Special Train Following Return Glasgow Central, steel leather, some wear, dirty.
  Hardware, Books, Mixed Boxes
58120.00Box of photos and negatives.
10630.00Quantity of paperwork, postcards.
12910.00Box of paperwork, WTTS, framed Armavir-Toupse Rly bond, framed railway stamp display.
18610.00Misc LNER + BR(E) appendix, instructions, WTTS.
19032.00GER ephemera, carriage gas key, handle, clip board clasp, whistle. (4)
21755.00GWR platelayers c/i notice, 2x D plates, concrete mile post, fishplate, speed rest arrow etc.
22160.00Railway books, 2 banana boxes full inc Bristol, Somerset & SDJR titles.
24050.00Collection of souvenir railway coffee mugs.
26032.00Enamel sign, No Smoking + 31 maroon plate, BR hard hat, ear muffs, cab controller.
27430.00Quantity of photos, various sizes.
275120.00Hardware, cab controls, clippers, EE & Merryweather & Porterbrook plates & misc items.
31195.00Mixed lot, blank staff & staff Liston Xing, Repro key (miniature railway?) + cash bag, ground disc etc.
36910.00BR Donkey jacket, BR penknife, carriage key + JR loco photos.

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Page 12: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Hardware, Books, Mixed Boxes
37090.00Carton of railway related first day covers + luggage labels.
372150.00GWR whistle, horse brass, key, clippers etc. (9).
375100.00Mix of small hardware, drawer pulls, enamel plates, keys, LMS corkscrew, Push One button etc.
5445.00Box inc china, armband, Duchess Hamilton sweatshirt, books, framed & glazed prints etc, Flying Scotsman items & Tony Marchington signed memorabilia.
64342.00Large collection of DVDs in carrying cases.
70850.00Weights for scales, (non rail) + GWR large cast letters.
71045.00Large quantity of mainly unused bus tickets in rolls and binders.
78940.00Quantity of mainly modern ABC type and other bookwork, paperwork, tickets.
80628.00Books, IOW Engines, Gradients, SR Locos, WW11 Publicity, Deepdene etc. (7)
89220.00Two ring binders of info on royal trains and their working and some notices, compiled by vendor from various sources.
99048.00Quantity key tags, clippers, watches, souvenir signs, jacket etc, etc.
99532.00Mix of items inc GWR, armband, key, towel, carriage key, cutlery, button, nibs etc, etc.
102330.00Box of wagon labels, unused ,a few photos, paperwork.
102695.00Quantity of signs, route maps of various types.
103625.00Hardware inc, Tea Can, First Aid box, Thermometer, Insurance sign etc.
106038.00Misc hardware inc coat of arms, pinch bars, track sections, NBR ¾ post, pictures, NER 9B bridge plate, vessel etc.
132.0000 gauge locos, loose, LMS, 6205, 25375, + other items, condition variable.
2800.00Model scenery, 0 gauge wagons, track etc, variable condition.
390.00Liliput, GDR, 45 026, KPEV, T9 & Fleismann, DB.38 2208, all boxed. (3)
4100.00Bucyrus rail mounted steam shovel, 1:48 scale on a section of track with carrying case, excellent quality.
575.00Spirit Fired Rocket model, not boxed, loco & tender.
645.00Boxed locos, Bachman, 6969, Mainline, 5322, Airfix 1466 x2. (4)
745.00Boxed locos, Bachman, 75075, 30861, 5355. (3)
828.00Loose coaches (3), wagon & quantity of track.
960.00Coaches boxed, Bachman, Hornby, Darpol, Airfix etc.
10150.00LNWR six wheeled coach, 3½" gauge, 25" long, wooden construction + 0 gauge coach & wagon. (3)
1180.00Hornby, Orient Express boxed set, 35012 + Pullman cars.
1290.00Bachmann, Ltd Ed, SECR 810 + SR 1863 in wood presentation box.
13160.0000 Gauge LMS locos, 46243 (repainted), 2679 (Wrenn), 48129, 48283, 45253, 46400. (none boxed). (6)
1445.0000 Gauge coaches LMS & BR. (non boxed) (10)
1550.0000 Gauge wagons, (non boxed) + two transformers.
16110.00Large wooden model of LBSCR Terrier, Cheam, length 19".
1760.00Hornby, R140, BR A3 Tranquil+R3415, 65477, both boxed. (2)
1810.00Model kits etc. shoe box full.
1932.00Quantity of 00 gauge and construction materials etc in drawers condition varies.
20130.00Spirit Fired traction engine + boxed traction engine & steam lorries + 10x Lesney. (16)
2150.00Hornby, R3497, D9016 + Bachmann, 31-9 59, A4 Miles Beevor, both boxed. (2)
2240.00Boxed model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (quantity)
2345.00Boxed model buses, large scale Corgi. (quantity)
2455.00Boxed model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (Quantity)
2540.00Boxed model buses, large scale Corgi. (Quantity)
26110.00Boxed model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (Quantity)
27100.00Loose model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (Quantity)
2860.00Boxed model buses/trolleys, USA etc. (Quantity)
29110.00Boxed model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (Quantity)
3042.00Boxed model trains, buses gift sets etc, 00. (Quantity)
3160.00Boxed model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (Quantity)
3245.00Boxed model buses, misc types. (Quantity)
3390.00Boxed model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (Quantity)
3448.00Boxed model buses, large scale Corgi. (Quantity)
3550.00Boxed model buses, 00, Corgi/EFE. (Quantity)
3620.00Quantity of model railway items, a few locos, rolling stock, scenery etc.
3740.00Quantity of model coach kits, 00, inc LNER model kits.
3865.00Mamod steam traction engine, boxed.
39130.00Building materials, scenery, locos, wagons inc boxed, coaches, good quantity.
4420.00Cast brass model of Stephensons Rocket.
4818.00Early model coach of stylised design, reminiscent of Emmett drawings.
6360.00Hornby, R2896 x5, A4 60001, Sir Ronald Matthews, Digital Sound, boxed.

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Page 13: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
9770.00Hornby, R320, West Country Class, Exeter + Bachmann, 31-476, LMS, 9449, both boxed. (2)
98110.00Hornby, R2770, W55026 Bubble Car, + R2169, MN Clan Line, both boxed. (2)
9955.00Bachmann, 31-953, A1, Peregrine + Hornby R2879, 55 001, St Paddy, both boxed. (2)
19350.00Wall hanging model display case.
19435.00Quantity of new 00 gauge track.
989130.00Model Railway 00, unboxed engines, coaches, wagons & quantity of track.
99675.00Boxed wagons, Railway Observer Mags + W.T.T.S.
106620.00Quantity of 00 & HO locos + coaches, a few boxed + signal numberplate.
  Office and General Equipment
4130.00Scales with GWR plate, Pooley transfers & weights.
4928.00LMS coat hangers in LNER wicker tray.
5180.00LNER system map on wooden rollers.
5410.00Cambrian Coast Express Menu + 2x GWR Runabout poster, each with loss. (3)
10732.00Stockton & Darlington Rly Co. framed share certificate, 1857 + BR transfer.
10810.00LCDR handbills, London + Paris & London Brussels + Cologne, framed.
1162.00Souvenir grease top hat & badge + cashiers hand bag. (2)
12748.00GWR First Aid cabinet ex Hullavington + BR First Aid cabinet. (2)
13925.00Furness Railway Co. section of linoleum in glazed frame.
14848.00GWR carriage blind + a leather cash bag marked Belcoo. (2)
15448.00LNWR wall mirror.
15575.00WCJS wall mirror.
15730.00Waterlow ticket dating press.
16740.00Misc lot, Shropshire & Montgomery fittings, LNWR lamp blue slide, LNWR roll bracket, safe plates. (4)
181150.00BR(W) office clock No.5157.
18435.00LMS brass Look Out warning horn.
18728.00Southern Railway tea towel.
19538.00GWR Accident to Company's Servants card notice.
20820.00LMS First Aid Box, no contents.
21338.00Fireside companion set recovered from Temple Meads but not marked. (3)
21855.00GWR paperweight, inkwell holder, key, BR(W) whistle, buttons etc.
25225.00Detonator canister stamped LCDR, (London, Chatham & Dover Rly).
28335.00Union Pacific R. R. large brass pot.
285260.00Large bronze shunting bell with bracket, no markings.
31930.00BR porters heavy jacket with BR black buttons.
32020.00GWR jigsaws, Cornish Riviara , complete, Speed, 3 pieces absent, Cornish Fishing village, one piece absent, with boxes. (3)
32110.00Drivers blue light coat + later shirts and jumpers. (7)
33675.00LMS small brass fire hose nozzle + MR large brass fire hose nozzle. (2)
33722.00LMS enamel wash bowl + BR(M) stone flagon (missing handle) (2)
33955.00BR firemans helmet.
34630.00Edmondson ticket dating press.
350120.00AA, platform ticket machine, chocolate & cream.
35415.00Ticket date press.
408170.00NER small luggage label rack.
42630.00Railway Executive General Regulations poster, framed.
4352.00GWR jigsaw, King Arthur on Dartmoor, boxed, complete, one replaced piece.
43745.00SR embossed 1st Aid box, ex Bere Alston, BR(W) & GWR contents.
47228.00Inter City posters, large for billboards, shows electric locos at base.
47432.00GWR Public Time Table Oct 6th 1947, the last edition.
47518.00Quad Royal poster, British Built Ships, Charles King.
47742.00Pair of GWR bricks (2)
47820.00GER rolled plans on linen, Downham, Maldon East, loco & coach plans.
48242.00Cash bag, Colchester-Marks Tey
48720.00Box of railway uniforms, (plastic crate full).
49010.00GWR tin plate system map, framed, some rust staining.
49650.00GWR Tregenna Castle Hotel, framed poster.
49830.00Ticket date press.
50065.00GWR clothes brush, initials in bristles.
50130.00GWR cast iron paperweight.
50222.00Pair of voidmeters on steel marked post.

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Page 14: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Office and General Equipment
53610.00ABC, Timetable, Instruction, Clevedon Fare ledger etc.
55130.00GNSR pay tin, 2x LNER inkwells & LMS Hotels bottle. (4)
556180.00Forest Gate LNER type small light diffuser.
56630.00First Aid box.
56820.00Leather driver bag with buckles, early type.
57132.00Post Office letter scales up to 1kg, working.
57210.00WD/HMP First Aid box.
58140.00Drivers snap tin, G Singlehurst March, makers.
58242.00Drivers snap tin, smaller size.
59035.00GWR Explosives Act framed notice ex Aberthaw Stn.
59160.00Glass booking office ticket window from Tallyllyn Jct BR MR.
59720.00Pair of XC Stop, platform plates (Cross Country, Stop). (2)
6015.00GWR puzzle, Historic Totnes, boxed, complete.
6566.00NER System map on wood rollers, poor but unusual.
69028.00Plastic departure plates, Paddington-Oxford & Paddington-Weston S.M. (2)
70095.00Hull & Barnsley Rly theodolite in wood case, full name on side + tripod & vertical bars with measurements.
714130.00Large quantity of more modern BR posters, four large boxes rolled + carton of maps, plans, carriage route vinyls.
721270.00Large quantity of more modern BR posters, four large boxes, rolled.
74125.00Ticket date press.
753190.00L & YR cast iron fender.
75525.00LNER Best Length Certificate, 1947, Leeds Yard, framed.
75638.00Card departure boards, Waterfield-KX + Yarmouth & East Anglia. (2)
75975.00GNR writing slope with leather inset, initials branded underneath.
80240.00BR(W) enamel signal box wash bowl.
80395.00Gledhill Brook Slave Time Clock, ex Morris Motors, Cowley with pulse generator.
8885.00GWR jigsaws, all boxed though three noted to have a piece missing. (6)
90830.00LNER system map, glazed paper, wooden rollers.
91350.00NER stationary rack, ex Battersby
91955.00NER string tin & detonator canister, both with brass plates.
94732.00LNER gangers brass horn, stamped Mellis & Eye PW + another steel horn. (2)
98320.00Ticket Date press.
98420.00Ticket Date press.
99130.00GWR large brass platelayers warning horn.
102810.00Abtus void meters, track fittings and sleeper plates.
103110.00Salter scales + two smaller scales, all hook held. (3)
104120.00Quantity of mainly modern posters.
106270.00Cast running in board letters, A D L T Y, serif pattern, 2 of each, CR NBR? (10)
106810.00ABCs Regional and Combined.
11745.00Presentation crest, Class 50 Hood, uncarried.
123270.00Replica headboard, Cheltenham Spa Express with bracket.
18542.00Reproduction West Country Class scroll.
21280.00GWR Swindon cast souvenir coat of arms, in brass, cast iron & alloy. (4)
22820.00GWR Swindon souvenir alloy coat of arms + fibreglass tender plate. (2)
237110.00Replica nameplate, GWR combined, Tregeagle, 3359, cast brass.
238110.00Replica nameplate, GWR combined, Camel, 3340 with coat of arms, cast brass.
239250.00Replica nameplate, GWR, Brunel, Broad Gauge style.
38735.00Swindon plaque, King George V + GWR 150 horsebrass. (2)
57448.00Souvenir totem sign, Edinburgh Waverley, enamel, 36".
587200.00Madras, replica jubilee nameplate, cast brass.
644160.00Presentation nameplate, City of Kingston Upon Hull, alloy with badge.
654300.00Nameplate, British Steel Ebbw Vale, not fitted as steel works closed, with Langdales 1997 certificate.
681190.00Replica A3 nameplate, Merry Hampton, cast brass.
69110.00Replica Deutsche Bundesbahn alloy plate + similar DB. (2)
6975.00German souvenir loco plates, Walter Kehlmann, 1912-52 + Christmas 1939. (2)
812240.00Replica nameplate, Sir Brian, King Arthur Class.
81310.00Replica 34027 s'box, scroll, small nameplates, Postlip Hall, Archibald Sinclair + Pressure gauge. (5)
87832.00Reproduction enamel sign, Royal Mail Line.
102738.00Replica and souvenir plates of various types.

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Page 15: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
10655.00German replica smokebox, 99 247 + DR replica plate. (2)
106760.00Replica BR double arrow emblem, (uncarried).
5250.00Gradient plans, Craigendoran-Arrochar, Dumbarton-Bridgeton X, Whiteinch-Dalmuir. (3)
5340.00Gradient plans, Gartness-Forth & Clyde, Lime Rd-Qn St, Bathgate-Lime Rd. (3)
19280.00Wood Green, ivorine lever plates (17), SR type lever plates + Irish alloy, reg plate, BR(E), Shireokes for Streetley plate.
21635.00Distant signal arm with spec plate, wear to enamel.
26722.00LMS lever plates, inc Set Back, Up Fast/Slow etc + later replacement.
29740.00GNR block bell with tapper.
298160.00GWR home signal wood case semaphore repeater.
299110.00GWR cow gong block bell.
300130.00LNWR double line block instrument.
301110.00Signalling block bell, (no bell), SNLF indicator, bell & plunger box. (4)
303130.00GWR type key token holder, alloy/steel, small size.
304160.00SR small square block bell.
305180.00Tyers block gong.
310150.00GWR key instrument with brass key, Wernddu G. F, Key B.
31580.00Signal box gradient chart, Fritwell & Somerton-Southam, 1952.
31640.00Signal box gradient chart, Fenny Compton-Lapworth, 1952.
31720.00Signal box gradient chart, Oxford North-Aynho, 1953.
31870.00GWR key token holder, hinged for auto exchange apparatus.
322150.00Midland Railway block bell with tapper, 2x MR Co test labels 29/10/1879
33895.00BR(W) key token holder, leather and steel.
36270.00Signal blades, Home & District + 2x home calling on. (4)
379120.00NBR block bell with tapper.
380130.00NBR block bell with tapper.
38175.00NBR larger block bell.
38290.00NBR large block gong.
38380.00Train Waiting indicator, Branch Plat.
38465.00Small wooden case telephone, separate mouth/earpiece.
38565.00Signal box phone, separate mouth/earpiece.
388180.00NER pegging block instrument.
395150.00Signal repeaters, brass, lever/arm, home/distant/banner. (4)
396120.00Signal repeaters, brass, height bar, signal light,light in/out. (3)
398190.00NER pegging block instrument.
399240.00NER pegging block instrument.
400200.00NER pegging block instrument.
403190.00Box of hardware, mainly signalling & parts, lever plates etc.
446150.00Signal box diagram, Old Dinting, near Mottram, aluminium.
44980.00GWR block bell, with tapper, no knob, ex Newton Abbot area.
450120.00LNWR block instrument with bell below.
451140.00GWR cow gong block bell with tapper, ex Newton Abbot area.
45265.00LNWR small calling on signal with spec plate & glass.
48640.00Spare red & green glasses for GER signal arm.
49510.00Home signal blade (poor) with separate spec plate. Ex Bridgewater Loop (2)
507220.00GNR pegging block instrument, ivorine plate, from Beeston Jct (Leeds).
508110.00Wooden case signal box phone.
510130.00MR non pegging block instrument, with BR label Ribblehead-Skipton Depot.
511160.00MR pegging block instrument to match previous lot.
518100.00GWR Spagnoletti block, slides and flaps absent.
51975.00BR small signal finial.
520100.00NBR larger signal finial.
55010.00Signal box gradient chart Ladybank North-Bridge of Earn.
557120.00Midland Railway block bell.
56742.00Signal box phone with four buttons.
56930.00Short enamel distant signal blade.
57330.00GNR non-pegging block instrument.
593140.00BR black and white modular block instrument, Baguley Fold, Up East, Down East (ex Phillips Park No.2) + Photo & plan.
594100.00Parsons & Co emergency release (Welwyn Control) instrument, Turn Handle Clockwise etc.

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Page 16: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
59838.00Box diagram, Bluebell Railway, Sheffield Park, 1963, (drawn at Wimbledon Works by D. E. Wallis)
63240.00Wood case signal box phone, brass face plate, 4 buttons.
636170.00Ground signal with semaphore arm, lamp case, post & base.
659unsoldNER pegging block instrument.
660120.00GCR non pegging block instrument, LNER on face in GCR style.
66185.00Midland Railway block bell.
662110.00Great Central Railway block bell.
686170.00MR non pegging block instrument, Down Fast Lane.
728120.00GWR Tyers permissive block instrument.
730110.00BR(W) block bell.
731220.00LNER semaphore signal repeaters, brass case, home & district. (2)
733160.00GWR track circuit indicators, glass broken.
737130.00GWR 1947, permissive block instrument.
742230.00LNER semaphore signal repeater, brass cases, all home, no glass. (3)
74742.00Signal arms (blade only), home & distant. (2)
749360.00LNER semaphore signal repeaters, brass case, home & distant. (2)
75020.00Small GWR pattern signal finial, made for garden railway.
77525.00Tyers GER pulley wheels & wood finial. (3)
784160.00MR pegging block instrument.
78575.00MR Co block switch, 1922, with outer case. MR and 1922 in three places.
82695.00GWR key token carrier, alloy/steel, small size.
82790.00GWR key token carrier, alloy/steel, small size.
86520.00GWR 1947 lamp indicator.
86738.00NER painted signal box lever description board + NER step tread. (2)
869130.00LNER double line pegging block instrument.
904130.00GWR block bell with tapper.
905110.00GNR telegraph instrument.
912110.00NER block indicator, Down Goods, Spagnoletti Makers.
91542.00Signal box bell & indicator, Blocked/Clear plate, If Bell Rings Replace Lever.
91695.00NER block bell with tapper.
917110.00NER block indicator, brass plate, Down Line.
91890.00SR brass cased repeaters, Lever Locked/Free & On/W/Off. (2)
921110.00Bakelite case repeaters. (3)
923100.00SR brass cased repeaters Track O/C, Call Technician. (2)
92445.00Block switch by Walters Electrical, (repeater & bakelite switch, alloy box).
925160.00Welwyn type Emergency release, Turn until (N) appears.
928170.00Brass lever plates, oval, points, wickets, Main Siding Crossover, Release etc, ex Westoe Colliery. (8)
92912.00Block switch, Thermostatic Co. Hayes, copper box, with bakelite repeater.
944120.00SR brass cased repeaters, Track O/C, signal O/W/O. (2)
949100.00Parsons & Co. emergency release instrument, (Welwyn), Turn 'til N appears.
95350.00SR brass case signal repeater. Signal O/W/O.
95885.00Lever plates Ex Falsgrave (Scarboro), trafolite + lever collars, Up & Down Inst plate, enamel numbers.
96590.00SR brass case repeaters Light In/Out + Call Technician.
97220.00Welwyn type emergency release + similar in square wood box. (2)
97570.00Bakelite repeaters, 2x distant + Normal/Standby Use. (3)
100255.00Home signal arms x3, two with no glasses. (3)
1016120.00Quantity of hardware, mainly signalling, also Met Cam tread, Grampus plate noted.
105020.00Signal box diagram, Winchburgh Jct, illuminated, on board.
105820.00Wood signal arm, separate spec plate, blue glass absent. (2)
106312.00Signal box gradient chart, Dalmeny Junc-Winchburgh Jc.
  Signal Finials
20190.00London Chatham & Dover Rly signal finial.
202110.00CLC small finial, rectangular base, (end loss).
203120.00Lancashire & Yorkshire Rly signal finial.
204100.00GCR signal finial with wood plug to spike.
20548.00GWR type signal finial.
48085.00NBR signal finial.
521120.00Signal finial, large cruciform, Scottish origin.
522130.00Signal finial, medium cruciform, Scottish origin.

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Page 17: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
  Signal Finials
52380.00Signal finial, small cruciform, Scottish origin.
524140.00Signal finial, large cruciform, Scottish origin.
52555.00Signal post cap, with four legs, Scottish origin.
648100.00Ornate cast iron finial from gable end of building.
75445.00GWR type signal finial.
76060.00NER large c/i finial, ball broken.
76635.00MR signal finial.
774170.00Unusual finial, square cast base, wooden ribbed top with twelve vertical strips.
83448.00GWR type finial.
105440.00GCR/CLC type signal finial.
105565.00Caly short finial, one foot absent.
4225.00LMS large silver plate coat of arms teapot.
4720.00LMS Hotels silver plated tureen.
15022.00LMS Hotels silver plated coffee pot.
16460.00Highland Railway silver plated serving bowl + two handles. (3)
18218.00Great Central Rly Dining Car silver plated platter.
19630.00GWR silver plated sugar bowl.
32340.00GWR Hotels, silver plated roundel sugar bowl.
32460.00GWR Hotels silver plated roundel pint tea pot.
32550.00BR(E) silver plate cruet set, cluster of eggs style.
32628.00East Coast Joint Stock silver plated oval meat dish.
32720.00LNWR silver plated circular dish with handle to one side.
3285.00LNER large silver plated divided vegetable dish.
32922.00S.S Engadine silver plated bread basket.
43028.00Pullman silver plated tea pot, coat of arms.
43930.00GWR silver plate, divided veg dish.
45475.00GWR Dining Car, circular silver plated tray.
45565.00GWR coat of arms silver plated tea pot.
456220.00SR large silver plated cake tongs.
45720.00SR Marine Dept (flag) silver plated tea pot.
45838.00Great Western Hotel, Newquay ½ pt tankard, silver plated.
45940.00BR lion & wheel silver plate tea pot.
46035.00NBR silver plate sugar bowl, base marked.
46145.00SR Marine Dept (flag) large silver plated sugar bowl.
46295.00Liverpool Street Dining Club silver plated tea pot.
46338.00GWR Hotels roundel silver plated sugar bowl.
46430.00GWR Hotels coat of arms silver plated sugar bowl.
46510.00SR silver plated tea pot.
46655.00Pair of LNER silver plated small sauce ladles + LCDR coat of arms fork. (3)
59510.00Glasgow & South Western Railway crested veg dish lid.
79415.00GNR silver plate sugar bowl.
79538.00East Coast Joint Stock silver plate milk jug.
79620.00LMS coat of arms silver plate milk jug.
79795.00Silver plate, GER meat dish, LNER rectangular dish, LNER conical bowl. (3)
79852.00SR silver plate, flash bowl, veg dish, salver. (3)
79925.00Silver plate, meat dish, Midland Hotels + LMS, BTC Cup, LMS large ladle, perforated dish. (5)
80045.00GNR Dining Club fish server, LNER oyster forks x2, stirrer, spoons etc. (9)
80938.00Union Castle Line silver plated ice bucket.
81142.00Pullman silver plated tea pot, BR arrows tea pot, SNCF glass, tray marked LNER. (4)
81580.00LNER silver plated Coronation bread basket.
81660.00LNER silver plated grapefruit dish.
81770.00LNER silver plated Coronation small coffee pot.
81865.00LNER silver plated Coronation small tea pot.
819160.00Isle of Man Steam Packet Co, large silver plate sugar bowl.
82020.00GWR Hotels Sundae dish.
82120.00GWR RD, silver plate circular tray, worn.
89885.00SR flash silver plated veg dish + quantity of cutlery. (17)
89925.00LMS & MR cutlery. (12)

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Page 18: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
900140.00LNER Coronation cutlery inc cake forks. (17)
  Station Signs
1071180.00Golspie runnning in board.
  Street Furniture
12470.00Road sign, Hospital.
1745.00Street direction sign, Booton, Reepham, Haveringland.
40530.00Roadsign, Hook Underpass (Hants).
40660.00Birmingham street sign, Yew Tree Road, c/i, decorative.
40790.00Road junction, alloy sign.
41170.00Road junction sign, (T), embossed.
41275.00Road junction sign, (side), embossed.
41330.00Screen printed traditional road signs, Double Bend + School. (2)
41435.00Screen printed traditional road signs, Double Bend. (2)
41535.00Screen printed traditional road signs, Bend, Double Bend. (2)
41610.00Screen printed traditional road signs, Road Junction, Double Bend. (2)
41715.00Screen printed traditional road sign, Bends for ½ Mile.
418140.00Road signs, To Hospital, Dogs on Lead, 8am-6pm, 30, 40, single file. (6)
419160.00Road signs, Cycling Prohibited, Lights Not Req'd, 30. (3)
420120.00Road sign top triangles. (2)
421110.00Road sign top triangles. (2)
42250.00Later round signs, 30, 30, 5, No Entry, School, Bend. (6)
543100.00Road sign, Bend, cast alloy with reflectors.
57060.00Post Office, 1980 lozenge shape sign.
769160.00Road sign Slow-Major Road Ahead, cast with reflectors, Gowshall Ltd.
770120.00Road sign, 1900 yards, low bridge, 15'6", embossed/cast with reflectors.
77350.00Large saltglaze octagonal chimney pot.
83720.00Street sign, Ida Grove, cast iron.
83830.00Street sign, Clarendon Place, cast iron.
83910.00Street sign, Hawcoat Lane, cast iron.
840160.00Road sign, arm, Wyke Regis 2¼, Weymouth 4½, alloy.
84150.00Road Junction name, Winterbourne Steepleton, Dorset, 621904, target shape.
84220.00Road junction name, Slyers Lane, Dorset, 703910, target shape.
84432.00Street sign, Primrose Lane, cast iron.
84610.00Alloy sign, Broadway.
84718.00Road sign arm, Bramshott 2, Liphook 2½, cast iron.
84830.00Street signs, Prudhoe Place, enamel + Polworth Cresent & Purley Gardens, alloy. (3)
84920.00Alloy sign, Shollermill/Haselmere UD + a pair of Haselmere UDC signs re parking. (3)
85050.00RAC enamel road signs, A286 Midhurst + B2131, Haselmere, chips & wear. (2)
85122.00Road sign on post, Cross Roads, (lettering poor) + triangle.
852130.00Modern road signs, School, 15"3" + Hants & Dorset Bus Stop & other alloy/enamel signs. (11)
85338.00RAC enamel road sign, B2131 Liphook, Hindhead.
85425.00Road sign, A287 Hindhead, A3, London, alloy.
85530.00Road sign, A286, Haslemere, A283 Petworth, A3 Petersfield, Milford Station, larger, cast alloy.
856100.00Road sign, A286, Midhurst, Chichester, alloy.
85770.00Road sign, A35, Dorchester, B3159, Weymouth, cast iron.
85830.00Road sign, A35 Dorchester, A354 Weymouth, A352 Warhead, alloy.
85985.00Road sign, A287, A286 Midhurst, alloy.
86040.00Road sign, A35 Poole, A31 Winbourne Minster, A354, Blandfold Forum, Salisbury, large cast iron.
11132.00Wagon/coach plate, SR 56332, Lancing.
11245.00Wagon/coach plates, SR 394 Ashford + S(E)R, 1915. (2)
13848.00Midland wagonplate, 89524.
16950.00Wagon plates, MR Derby 1915, LMS Derby 1923, Gen Repair, LMS Earlestown 1945. (3)
17045.00LNWR wagon reg plate, 9297, 1892 + NER To Carry 12 Tons, York, 1907. (2)
17152.00Cammel Laird wagon plate, 1922 + a luggage load 2 Tons plate. (2)
17240.00Hurst Nelson wagon plate, 1924 + Eddison & Co. Dorchester plate + Tare 23 Tons plate. (3)
24152.00Coach plate, GNR, Builders, Doncaster, cast iron.
25330.00Coach plates, BR Eastleigh, 30116, 1954 + 30328, 1956.
25932.00D Plates, Shildon 1966, x2, Head Wrightson 1949 + Inter Repair. (4)

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Page 19: Great Central Auctions: Bloxham, Sale 248B, 4 August 2018

LotSold £Description
28232.00Van plate, NER, 10CWT Luggage + 25 Tons, 54'x9', plate (2).
33035.00NER wagon registration plate, 9607, 1899.
33170.00NER wagon registration plates, 7538, 1909 (full company title) + 7403, 1909, a lug off each. (2)
33265.00Wagon registration plates, LNER-D, 1927, 13067 & matching star plate + 9607, 1899. (3)
33328.00Wagon plate NER, HD Timber bogie + two weight plates. (3)
33455.00Wagon plates, Chas Roberts 1927, Wagon Rep Chesterfield + 2x Gen repaired. (4)
35348.00Wagon plate, NER7942Z, embossed.
35625.00Wagonplate, Bolton Railway Wagon & Ironworks 1956.
35728.00Wagonplate, Bolton Railway Wagon & Ironworks, 1956.
35975.00LNER & LMS D plates, NER 1918 coach plate, LMS 1947 + GR 1957 (5).
60020.00D wagon plate, C.I.E, 12T, 18580 + lever collar. (2)
62332.00GWR wagon registration plate, 7282, 1944.
62442.00Midland Railway wagon registration plate, 60097, 1910.
62535.00GWR D plate 39399, 12T.
62632.00GWR wagon registration plate, 3482, 1933.
64138.00Midland Railway wagon registration plate, 60077, 1910.
64628.00Wagon plate, Return Empty to Beeston Sleeper Depot, alloy.
65322.00Wagonplate, USA, 231991, 1943.
71922.00LMS wagon reg plate 168090, 1940 + nine Gen Repair plates. (10)
78065.00D plates, SR 12T 48633, 2x LMS & BR Derby 1957. (4)
82850.00Wagon plates, Wagon Finance Corp Sheffield 79747, oval + Powell Duffryn. (2)
82942.00LNWR wagon registration plate 851, 1918.
83045.00GWR Star wagonplate, 7098A, Nov 1939.
83130.00GWR wagon registration plate, 16311, 1937.
83228.00GWR wagon registration plate, 2880, 1947.
88932.00D Plate, GWR 80849, 20T.
89030.00D Plate, 743180, 13T Swindon 1955, Lot No 2697 (clay hood).
89140.00D Plates LMS, LNER, Ashford 1953. (3)
101945.00D plates, Teeside, Pickering, Cravens, Met Cam. (4)
102040.00D plates, Derbyshire, BRCW, Fairfield, Pressed Steel. (4)
102940.00D plates, Darlington, Swindon, Butterley, Shildon. (4)
1035280.00Tinplate LMS/MR wagonplate, Clay Cross & Morton.
103750.00Coachplates, Cravens 30224/1956, Wolverton 30427/1958, 30608, 1960. (3)
103940.00D plates, Darlington, LMS + 2x LNER Darlington, chipped. (4)
1040100.00Wagonplates, Gloucester, Esso 3917, Head Wrightson, WR C'field, Met Cam, Cravens. (6)
104250.00Coach plates Derby 30499/88, 30363/57, 30212/57, 30719/62. (4)
104350.00Gen repaired plates etc x8 + dimension and load plates x5. (13)