Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Sale Preview for Great Central Railwayana Live Auction at Stoneleigh Park:
Saturday, 3 March 2018

500 Lots of Railwayana, including these Railway Locomotive Numberplates:

Cabside Numberplate, 5949 (Trematon Hall)

Cabside Numberplate: 5949 (Trematon Hall)

Cabside Numberplate, SAR 2577, GO

Cabside Numberplate: SAR 2577, GO

Cabside Numberplate: 6324

Cabside Numberplate, 1144

Cabside Numberplate: 1144

Cabside Numberplate, 7913

Cabside Numberplate: 7913

Cabside Numberplate, 6820

Cabside Numberplate: 6820

  Cabside Numberplate, SAR, 686, 19A

Cabside Numberplate: SAR, 686, 19A

Smokebox Numberplate, 7907 (Hart Hall)

Smokebox Numberplate: 7907 (Hart Hall)

Smokebox Numberplate, 30771 (Sir Sagramore)

Smokebox Numberplate: 30771 (Sir Sagramore)

Smokebox Numberplate, 1019 (County of Merioneth)

Smokebox: 1019 (County of Merioneth)