Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 2 December 2017


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Lot 151 Andover Jc East, Plunger
Lot 363 Caledonian Rly Semaphore Block
Lot 426 GN & GE Indicator, French Drove
Lot 274 GWR Signal Repeater
Lot 466 GWR Signal Repeater
Lot 115 GWR Tyers Permissive Block
Lot 231 Horley Plunger
Lot 262 LB&SCR Banner Repeater
Lot 69 LB&SCR Distant Repeater
Lot 323 LBSCR Bar Indicator
Lot 471 LNWR Block, Sandycroft
Lot 484 M&GN Lever Collar
Lot 442 SR Plunger, Bridestowe
Lot 469 SR Plunger, Honor Oak Park
Lot 139 Sykes LB&SCR Block, Station Box
Lot 299 Tyers Block, Cray Lane
Lot 54 Tyers Plunger Box

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