Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 2 December 2017


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Lot 375 Bath, Watkiss
Lot 55 Boston, Marston
Lot 232 Bourgogne, SNCF
Lot 98 Bristol, Burton, GWR
Lot 174 Brussels, Night Ferry, Greene
Lot 124 Buxton, Canning
Lot 340 Colwyn Bay, Wilson
Lot 278 Cornwall, Sherwin, GWR
Lot 369 Dorset, Durman
Lot 395 Dover, BR(S)
Lot 187 Edinburgh, Scott Monument, Buckle
Lot 210 Elgin Cathedral, Merriott
Lot 446 Gloucestershire, Muncaster
Lot 245 Harwich
Lot 418 Hereford Cathedral, Buckle
Lot 458 Ilfracombe, Anon
Lot 371 Isle of Man & Ireland via Heysham, MR
Lot 27 Lincoln, Kerry Lee
Lot 194 Liverpool Overhead Railway, MG&WR
Lot 306 London, Law Courts, Berry
Lot 227 Mablethorpe & Sutton on Sea, Brian, LNER
Lot 131 Norfolk Broads, Purvis, LNER
Lot 354 North Wales
Lot 330 Norwich, Hilder, LNER
Lot 263 Paignton, Eckersley
Lot 411 Paris, Nathan, SNCF
Lot 164 Remember My Ticket, S.S
Lot 408 Richmond, Clarke, LT
Lot 381 Scarborough, Anon
Lot 47 Service to Industry, Cuneo
Lot 258 Sidmouth, Sykes
Lot 105 Somerset, Wootton
Lot 9 South Downs, Brown, SR
Lot 99 Southern England, Langhammer
Lot 90 Suffolk, Meadows
Lot 16 Teesdale, Merriott
Lot 216 Weymouth, Broadhead
Lot 200 York, Carr Linford

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