Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 2 September 2017


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Lot 32 Ashwater, BR(S)
Lot 263 Church Fenton, LNER Lamp Tablet
Lot 224 Donabate, GNR (I) Lamp Tablet
Lot 40 Donnington on Bain, Lamp Glass
Lot 464 Finsbury Park
Lot 345 Keighley, Lamp Tablet
Lot 432 Morcott
Lot 44 Rothbury, LNER Lamp Tablet
Lot 157 Skirlaugh, Lamp glass
Lot 356 Southern Electric, Amberley Sation
Lot 192 St Boswells, LNER Lamp Tablet
Lot 70 St Pancras, Fen' St, Southend, BR(E)
Lot 36 Tynemouth, LNER Lamp Tablet
Lot 196 York, Pillar Sign

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