Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 4 June 2016


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Lot 2 GNR Block, Holme
Lot 454 GWR Repeater/Klaxon Plunger
Lot 488 GWR Spagnoletti Block Indicator
Lot 154 GWR Tyers Permissive Block
Lot 471 Key Token Instrument
Lot 36 L&YR Co-operative Permissive
Lot 364 LB & SCR Repeater
Lot 486 LNWR Semaphore Repeater
Lot 64 LSWR Preece Block
Lot 496 MR Block, Borwick
Lot 219 Power Box Miniature Levers
Lot 101 S & DJR Up & Down Block Indicators
Lot 500 SR Block Bell
Lot 191 Sykes Block, Mount Pleasant
Lot 480 Sykes Block, Overton
Lot 264 Walkers Switch

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