Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 5 December 2015


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Lot 45 40 134, Flamecut
Lot 36 537, Finnish Railways
Lot 109 CCCP, 3p-712-15
Lot 13 China, QJ Tender Emblem
Lot 139 Clougher Valley Rly, Axle Cover
Lot 349 Coventry Corpn Gas Dept, No 2
Lot 338 Eddison Steam Rollers, Dorchester
Lot 9 GWR Loco Headlamp
Lot 246 GWR Train Reporting No. Frame
Lot 465 J. L. Ltd, No 8
Lot 461 Jubilee Splasher, Alberta
Lot 437 Lion & Wheel, Cl 52, ( D1000)
Lot 292 Mallard Speed Plaque
Lot 162 NB Loco/GEC, SAR Emblem
Lot 310 Pullman Armchair
Lot 50 Pullman Armchair
Lot 410 Pullman, BRCW, 1950
Lot 122 Wagons Lits Luggage Rack
Lot 485 Wagons Lits Luggage Rack
Lot 447 Wagons Lits Marquetry Panel
Lot 237 Wagons Lits Table Lamp

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