Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 7 February 2015


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Lot 178 Antrim, Wilkinson, LMS
Lot 493 Brig O' Doon, Merriott
Lot 291 Buxton, Maddox
Lot 387 Compton Castle, Merriott
Lot 89 Coughs & Sneezes, Bateman
Lot 260 Dinamarca, Langley
Lot 319 Durham & Northumberland, Blake
Lot 176 Durham, Taylor
Lot 72 Finsbury Park & Kings Cross
Lot 190 Giants Refreshed, Cuneo
Lot 466 Hadsund, Lynnerup
Lot 252 Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire, Baker
Lot 299 Hop Around, NSE
Lot 359 Ireland Overnight, Buckle
Lot 48 Join the Wrens
Lot 161 Lancashire Coast, Anon
Lot 371 Leamington Spa, Merriott
Lot 130 Lost Property, LNER, Sav
Lot 384 Luggage in Advance, Durman
Lot 349 Maid of Orleans, Cobb
Lot 267 Meet a Friend, NSE
Lot 439 Mid Week, Unger
Lot 332 Midland Pullman
Lot 118 New Brighton, Kelly
Lot 54 New Brighton, Wilcox
Lot 171 No, Warning Poster
Lot 29 Norfolk, Bee, LNER
Lot 185 Northumberland Coast, Anon
Lot 412 Plymouth, Riley
Lot 148 Ramsgate
Lot 402 Royal Rothesay, Houston
Lot 60 S S Avalon, Johnston
Lot 385 S S Avalon, Walker
Lot 231 SE&CR, Catering & Travel
Lot 108 SR London Cartage
Lot 421 Salisbury, Buckle
Lot 450 Sedburgh School, Wilkinson
Lot 78 Somerset, Wootton
Lot 486 Southern Ireland, Merriott
Lot 192 Southern Railway Resorts
Lot 233 Stratford-upon-Avon, Nichol
Lot 132 Suffolk, Bee, LNER
Lot 220 Tay Bridge, Cuneo
Lot 341 The Continent, Tatum
Lot 457 The Master Cutler, Anon
Lot 241 Wintersport, Engelberg
Lot 99 York, Neiland

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