Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 11 October 2014


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Lot 152 BR(W), Summer Excursions
Lot 133 Bassenthwaite Lake, Barber
Lot 145 Belgian Cities of Art, Wentworth
Lot 173 Berwick-on-Tweed, Cattermole
Lot 235 Better for a Shower, NSE
Lot 95 Beverley Minster, Steel
Lot 454 Boston, Cattermole
Lot 166 Bristol. Wilson
Lot 372 Buxton, Maddox
Lot 405 Capstan Shunting
Lot 400 Cathedrals, Taylor
Lot 183 Copenhagen, Mason
Lot 274 Denmark, Fano, Mason
Lot 346 Derwentwater, Talmage
Lot 353 Dunoon, Cattermole
Lot 392 Eden Valley, Wilson
Lot 468 Exeter Cathedral, Carr Linford
Lot 334 Glasgow Electric, Cuneo
Lot 488 Glenfinnan, Neiland
Lot 86 Glorious Devon, Wilcox
Lot 447 Heysham for Belfast, Buckle
Lot 444 Highland Games, Cattermole
Lot 202 Holiday Guides, Cusden
Lot 64 Ilfracombe, Allinson
Lot 80 Isles of Scilly, Smith
Lot 171 Join the ATS
Lot 55 LMR Electrification, Greene
Lot 254 Lancashire Coast, Anon
Lot 222 Little Monkeys, NSE
Lot 325 Lost Luggage, LNER
Lot 6 Lynton & Lynmouth, Riley
Lot 413 Matlock, LMS
Lot 246 Midland Pullman, Studio Seven
Lot 75 Midland Pullman, Wolstenholme
Lot 295 Morecambe & Heysham, Buckle
Lot 331 Nevis Range, Neiland
Lot 58 North Wales, Padden
Lot 124 Plymouth, Nichol
Lot 102 Rievaulx Abbey, Lee
Lot 45 Royal Leamington Spa, Lampitt
Lot 385 Royal Windsor, Taylor
Lot 205 Salies de Bearn, Roussel
Lot 262 Sands Across the Sea, Sparrow
Lot 112 See Malaya, HF
Lot 343 Ullswater, Steel
Lot 214 Utrecht, Newbould
Lot 366 Weymouth, GWR&SR, Dilly
Lot 283 Windsor, LT, Bainbridge
Lot 401 isle of Man, Beaven

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