Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 12 July 2014


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Lot 269 GNR Telegraph Receiving Instrument
Lot 140 GWR Ammeter
Lot 241 GWR Distant Repeater
Lot 65 GWR Home Repeater
Lot 322 GWR IBS Control Switch
Lot 83 GWR Reading Ammeter
Lot 155 GWR Repeater
Lot 380 GWR Repeater
Lot 208 GWR Signal Repeater
Lot 439 GWR Spagnoletti Block
Lot 288 GWR Spagnoletti, Didcot West End
Lot 188 GWR Tyers Train Describer
Lot 330 GWR Water Level Indicator
Lot 407 LBSCR Repeater
Lot 42 LC&DR Block, Otford/Bat & Ball
Lot 132 LNWR Block Instrument
Lot 376 LNWR Block, Roade Junc Fast
Lot 443 LSWR Sykes Block Instrument
Lot 57 MR Indicator
Lot 2 Midland Railway Light Indicator
Lot 169 Model Signal
Lot 170 Model Signal
Lot 171 Model Signal
Lot 464 SR Bell, Arundel Jc
Lot 175 SR Block , Northfleet
Lot 468 SR Block Instrument

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