Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 12 April 2014


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Lot 440 Blue Star, Shoesmith
Lot 170 Bridlington, Purvis, LNER
Lot 433 Cambridge, Taylor
Lot 488 Camping Caoches, Studio Seven
Lot 215 Cheddar Gorge, Wootton
Lot 182 Chester, Anon
Lot 260 Chester, Kelly
Lot 362 Clyde Coast, Mason
Lot 296 Country Walks, Roberson
Lot 99 Delft via Harwich, Newbould, LNER
Lot 38 Devon, Johnston
Lot 372 Duke of Lancaster Cruises
Lot 39 Fleetwood, LMS
Lot 208 Folkestone, Lander
Lot 79 Fountains Abbey, Rushbury, LNER
Lot 498 Gent, Varbaere, Belgian Rlys
Lot 388 Glencoe, Neiland
Lot 5 Glorious Devon, Wilcox
Lot 234 Go By Train, Anon
Lot 134 Gorleston on Sea, Mann
Lot 155 Harrogate, Templeton, LNER
Lot 280 Harwich, Anon
Lot 53 Harwich-Hook, Huveneers
Lot 82 Innisfallen, Smoothy
Lot 117 Inverness, Cattermole
Lot 398 Ireland by LMS
Lot 458 Kent Electrification, Ward, SR
Lot 243 Kings Cross, Neiland
Lot 43 LMS Cheap Trips, R&B
Lot 307 Lincolnshire, Moody
Lot 149 Llandudno, Buckle
Lot 331 Loch Lomond, Payne
Lot 423 Lowestoft & Oulton Broad, Minstutz
Lot 380 Luggage in Advance, Riley
Lot 196 Manchester, Swiss Air
Lot 163 Melrose Abbey, Taylor, LNER
Lot 413 Nach England via Harwich, Sol
Lot 226 No Label, Thomas
Lot 351 Nottingham Castle, Brown
Lot 289 Oxford, Salters Steamers
Lot 73 Oxford, The Colleges, Taylor
Lot 126 Peterborough, Prance
Lot 46 Pool of London, Taylor, LT
Lot 402 Prestatyn Holiday Camp, Anon
Lot 315 Riviera, Nevin
Lot 91 Royal Tunbridge Wells, Dawson
Lot 191 Saffron Waldon, Savage
Lot 325 See London, LT
Lot 343 South Wales, Johnston
Lot 60 St Pauls, Spradbury, SR
Lot 292 Teignmouth is Devon, Steward
Lot 65 Western Highlands, Malet, LMS & LNER
Lot 108 Westminster Abbey, LT
Lot 252 Winter Sports, Anon

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