Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 12 April 2014


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Lot 465 British Railways, No Parking (ScR)
Lot 263 GER, Booking Office Windows
Lot 214 GWR Commercial Advertising
Lot 77 GWR Country Lorry Service
Lot 368 GWR Parcels Received
Lot 145 GWR Pre Group Poster Header
Lot 302 GWR Provident Society
Lot 444 GWR, Buried Cables
Lot 26 GWR, Steamrollers
Lot 283 GWR, Tickets Issued Here
Lot 181 LMS, Damaging Posters
Lot 410 Season Tickets to be Shewn
Lot 10 Toll Tickets, BR(Sc) Connel Ferry
Lot 105 Welsh Highland Railway, Poster Header

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