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Great Central Railwayana Live Auction at Stoneleigh Park,
Saturday, 10 March 2018 (rescheduled from 3 March due to snow).


The GCR Sale 241 On-Line Railwayana Auction Catalogue
has been updated with the Sale Results.

Locomotive Headboard, ROYAL SCOT

Locomotive Headboard: ROYAL SCOT


500 Lots of Railwayana,
including the selection shown here:
Locomotive Headboard, THE MERSEYSIDE EXPRESS


Locomotive Nameplate, THE KING'S ROYAL RIFLE CORPS

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, PRINCESS BEATRICE

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, DORNEY COURT

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, STANFORD HALL

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, POULTON GRANGE

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, LITTLE WYRLEY HALL

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, TRANS-JORDAN

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, CROMWELL'S CASTLE

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, GUNTON

Locomotive Nameplate:

Nameplate Set, MOUNT NYIRU

Nameplate & Numberplates Set: MOUNT NYIRU

Locomotive Nameplate, CENTAUR

Locomotive Nameplate: CENTAUR

Locomotive Nameplate, John Peel

Locomotive Nameplate: John Peel

Locomotive Nameplate, City of Kingston upon Hull

Loco Nameplate: City of Kingston upon Hull

Locomotive Nameplate, Lions Clubs International

Loco Nameplate: Lions Clubs International

Locomotive Nameplate, Yorkshire Cricket Academy

Loco Nameplate: Yorkshire Cricket Academy

Locomotive Nameplate, EDMUND BURKE

Locomotive Nameplate: EDMUND BURKE

Locomotive Nameplate, RALPH BROCKLEBANK

Locomotive Nameplate: RALPH BROCKLEBANK

Locomotive Nameplate, SIR COLCREVANCE

Locomotive Nameplate: SIR COLCREVANCE

Locomotive Nameplate, WESTERN CHALLENGER

Locomotive Nameplate & Numberplate Set:

Locomotive Nameplate, Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Nameplate: Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Locomotive Nameplate, City of Newcastle upon Tyne

Loco Nameplate: City of Newcastle upon Tyne

Locomotive Nameplate, REITBOK

Locomotive Nameplate: REITBOK

Locomotive Nameplate, Clyde Voyager

Locomotive Nameplate: Clyde Voyager

Locomotive Nameplate, VEREENIGING

Locomotive Nameplate: VEREENIGING

Locomotive Nameplate, International Spring Fair

Loco Nameplate: International Spring Fair

Locomotive Nameplate, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Loco Nameplate: Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Totem Station Sign, PINXTON SOUTH

Totem Station Sign: PINXTON SOUTH

Totem Station Sign, ESHER

Totem Station Sign: ESHER

Totem Station Sign, KIVETON PARK

Totem Station Sign: KIVETON PARK

Totem Station Sign, DINGWALL

Totem Station Sign: DINGWALL

Totem Station Sign, BEATTOCK

Totem Station Sign: BEATTOCK

Totem Station Sign, BROOMHILL

Totem Station Sign: BROOMHILL

Totem Station Sign, SHAP

Totem Station Sign: SHAP

Totem Station Sign, CLAPHAM JUNCTION

Totem Station Sign: CLAPHAM JUNCTION

Totem Station Sign, SEALAND

Totem Station Sign: SEALAND

Totem Station Sign, KNIGHTON

Totem Station Sign: KNIGHTON

Totem Station Sign, HAMMERWICH

Totem Station Sign: HAMMERWICH

Totem Station Sign, STROUD

Totem Station Sign: STROUD



Totem Station Sign, ABBEY WOOD

Totem Station Sign: ABBEY WOOD

Totem Station Sign, HAYS & HARLINGTON

Totem Station Sign: HAYS & HARLINGTON

Totem Station Sign, HISTON

Totem Station Sign: HISTON

Totem Station Sign, CARRON

Totem Station Sign: CARRON

Totem Station Sign, HEACHAM

Totem Station Sign: HEACHAM

  Totem Station Sign, MOORTHORPE

Totem Station Sign: MOORTHORPE

Diesel Worksplate, English Electric, 3142/D692

Diesel Worksplate: English Electric, 3142/D692

Diesel Worksplate, GM,1998 (66 048)

Diesel Worksplate: GM,1998 (66 048)

Diesel Worksplate, English Electric, 3136/D686

Diesel Worksplate: English Electric, 3136/D686

Diesel Worksplate, Built 1965 Swindon

Diesel Worksplate: Built 1965 Swindon

Diesel Worksplate, Brush Traction, 139, 1959

Diesel Worksplate: Brush, 139, 1959

Diesel Worksplate, BR Rebuilt Crewe, 74005

Diesel Worksplate: BR Rebuilt Crewe, 74005

Diesel Worksplate, GEC Traction 5439, 1977

Diesel Worksplate: GEC Traction 5439, 1977

Diesel Worksplate, NBL GEC, 1959

Diesel Worksplate: NBL GEC, 1959

Diesel Worksplate, BR Derby, 1962, Brush & Sulzer

Diesel Worksplate: BR Derby, 1962, Brush & Sulzer

Sale Preview, Single Line Keys & Tablets

Sale Preview: Single Line Keys & Tablets

Sale Preview, Railway Models

Sale Preview: Railway Models

Sale Preview, Advertising Signs & Posters

Sale Preview: Advertising Signs & Posters

Sale Preview, Locomotive Numberplates

Sale Preview: Locomotive Numberplates

Sale Preview, Station Signs

Sale Preview: Railway Signs

Sale Preview, Locomotive Worksplates

Sale Preview: Locomotive Worksplates

Previous Stoneleigh Auction Homepage Preview with Hammer Prices Added


March 2018 Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

The illustrated on-line March Railwayana Postal Auction Catalogue is available to view on the Sheffield Railwayana Auctions website.

The Lots in this Postal Auction will be on display alongside our live Auction at Stoneleigh on Saturday, 10 March. Bidding in this Postal Auction will now close on Tuesday, 20 March 2018, put back a week due to the rescheduling of the Stoneleigh sale. The Alpha Lots are being held over until the next Postal Auction.


March 2018 Postal Auction of Railway, Bus and Tram Tickets

Catologue Now On-Line

Rail Ticket, Lot 64 in GCR Sale 243Rail Ticket, Lot 314 in GCR Sale 243Rail Ticket, Lot 444 in GCR Sale 243Rail Ticket, Lot 539 in GCR Sale 243

The On-Line Ticket Auction Catalogue for this sale is now available to view on this website. Bidding in this postal sale will close on 27 March 2018.


Great Central Railwayana Bloxham Auction:
Saturday, 17 February 2018

On-Line Catalogue Still Available

The auction on Saturday was well attended as usual, with some strong bidding in a number of categories. The GCR February 2018 Bloxham Catalogue is still available to view on this website.

Sale Location: The Warriner School, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4LJ.


Railwayana.Net logos

May 2018 Internet Auction: Railwayana.Net

The next Railwayana.Net Internet Auction will be held in May 2018. A link to the catalogue will be added here when it is available. The items below were in last May's Internet Auction.

Totems in the Railwayana.Net Auction, May 2017

The May 2017 Railwayana.Net Internet Auction ran from 14th - 21st May 2017. Please visit the Railwayana.Net website where the on-line catalogue was updated with the Sale Results.


To register for complimentary catalogues for our future auctions please or phone on 01327 263633

If you have any hardware items such as nameplates, cabsides, smokeboxes, shedplates, totems, targets, signalling items, clocks, railway lamps or paperwork items such as tickets, posters, carriage prints, pre-grouping timetables, notices etc. that you wish to sell, please contact us on 01327 263633.

Great Central Railwayana Limited holds live Great Central Railwayana Auctions at
The Royal Show Ground, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ,
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auctions that close on the Friday following a Stoneleigh auction,
bi-monthly Railway Ticket Postal Auctions,
occasional live Railway Ticket Auctions at the Charing Cross Hotel, Strand, London and
two further live Sales of General Railwayana at Bloxham (near Banbury, Oxfordshire) each year.

We are the leading specialist auctioneers for all items of Railwayana, from a Luggage Label to a Locomotive Nameplate.

Contact Information:

Great Central Railwayana Ltd
14 School Street, Woodford Halse, Daventry, NN11 3RL

Office Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Monday to Friday
Telephone: 01327 262193 / 01327 263633