Great Central Railwayana Limited
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Sale 272P, Closing Date: Tuesday, 17th December 2019

SRA Postal Auction: Hardware Items

Please note: Lots 501-636 are "dual catalogued items" shown in both the Great Central Stoneleigh Auction catalogue and the Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction catalogue. Bids for these items are entered in the Postal Auction.

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Lot 501 A cast iron sign, WESTWARD RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL, bridge weight, 1905. 20"x14¾", unrestored.

Lot 502 A signal box name board, NANTWICH MARKET DRAYTON JUNCTION. Length 129½", some replacement beading, original condition.

Lot 503 A signal box name board, BEDFORD, L.N.W. JUNCTION. Length 133½", original condition.

Lot 504 A GNSR running in board, CRATHES, 112"x23".

Lot 505 A GWR wooden station sign, BOOK FOR WELLINGTON & SHREWSBURY THIS SIDE, ETC. 74"x48".

Lot 506 A BR(W) enamel running in board, MORFA MAWDDACH, two sections, 229"x24".

Lot 507 An NER Warehouse cast iron sign, 36½"x23", unrestored.

Lot 508 A GWR tie bar plate, 25"x14½".

Lot 509 A Manchester South Junction and Altrincham Railway mile post, L.R. 17¾", (London Road), height 36".

Lot 510 An LNWR cast iron SV plate Loco Shed, Shunters Cabin, Cottages, 40"x28", front repainted.

Lot 511 A Wrexham, Mold and Connahs Quay boundary post, height 37¾".

Lot 512 An LNWR oval top boundary post, height 42½".

Lot 513 A North Wales and Liverpool Railway boundary post, height 30".

Lot 514 A North Eastern Railway cast iron coat of arms from a spandrel in the roof of York station, double sided.

Lot 515 An LNWR coat of arms from the roof of Leeds station, double sided.

Lot 516 An LNWR double disc ground signal, introduced in 1915, with Furness Railway balance weights. Complete and in working order.

Lot 517 An early LNWR rotating ground disc signal as introduced in 1881, with BR(M) lamp case. Complete and working.

Lot 518 A GER Home Signal, 6'6" wooden post with all fittings (non original down rod), signal is dismantled into component parts.

Lot 519 An NER Zero post with plate, A Lp. Height 51".

Lot 520 A GWR No 1 lamp column, height 95" with copper lamp top and frog, (16" of which is underground or within frog).

Lot 521 A GWR Independent Ground Disc Signal, the earliest pattern. Buyer collects from Trowbridge.

Lot 522 A BR(E) enamel sign, BRITISH RAILWAYS, WICKFORD STATION, (f/f) 54"x36", a few small face chips.

Lot 523 The following four lots comprise of Caledonian Railway cast iron balustrades from Edinburgh Princes Street station. Each lot has one large section (as shown) with CR monogram and thistles on top, 59"x29½". This lot also includes two side sections with lion, crown and sceptres, each 38"x19½", one with top detached and a little loss. (3)

Lot 524 One large section, 59"x29½", also two side sections with lions, 24"x19½". (3)

Lot 525 One large section, 59"x29½", also two side sections with lions, 24"x19½". (3)

Lot 526 One large section only, 59"x29½".

Lot 527 A GNR block bell with plate, COLSTERWORTH, original condition.

Lot 528 An LNER cast iron door plate, BOOKING OFFICE, repainted.

Lot 529 A Rhymney Railway guards whistle R R, P. WAY 99, on side.

Lot 530 A worksplate GM LOCOMOTIVE GROUP 968702-179, 11-99 from Class 66 66179. New to Toton in 1999 and currently working in France.

Lot 531 A single line key token, TOWYN-BARMOUTH SOUTH, (alloy).

Lot 532 A single line key token, HARLECH-BARMOUTH, (alloy).

Lot 533 An underground cab plate, GLOUCESTER ROAD-PARSONS GREEN, enamel, steel ends, white/blue, 28½".

Lot 534 A GWR cabside numberplate, 6353, from a 43XX Class 2-6-0 built at Swindon in September 1923. Allocated to Cardiff Canton by January 1948, it moved in January 1958 to Gloucester and later sheds included Oxley, Machynlleth and Westbury from where it was withdrawn on 24 May 1963 and taken for scrap by Cashmores at Newport on 17 June 1964. Cast iron, repainted.

Lot 535 An LSWR Orphanage Cup Winners badge, hallmarked silver and enamel, 1¼"x1".

Lot 536 An SR telephone circuit card Exeter Central and Meldon ARP Emergency Repair Depot. Approx 6¾"x5¾". Frame stamped SWR on rear.

Lot 537 A GER silver plated dish, with inset draining tray, GER and bats wing on each side, 7" diameter.

Lot 538 A (GWR) cabside numberplate 9483 from a 9400 Class 0-6-0PT built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Works No 7634, in October 1952. Allocated new to Duffryn Yard from where it was withdrawn in July 1963 ant cut up at Swindon Works. Brass, front repainted.

Lot 539 A single line key token, CRAIGENDORAN-GARELOCHEAD, (brass).

Lot 540 A single line key token, DINGWALL-INVERGORDON, (brass).

Lot 541 A London & North Western Railway, Crewe Works, Visitors Ticket No.7, circular 1½".

Lot 542 A cash bag plate, G.W.R. GOTHERINGTON, brass on leather boss, 3"x1½".

Lot 543 A GNSR guards whistle, G. Auld, Maker Glasgow, GNSR each side.

Lot 544 An NER Refreshments Room, Middlesborough, vegetable dish. 10"x7¼".

Lot 545 An original painting, SAR 25NC, 3404, by Norman Elford. 21"x14", mounted and framed 24"x22½".

Lot 546 A South African Railways cabside numberplate, 3742, from a 3ft 6ins gauge Class S2 0-8-0 built by Krupp, Works No 3007, in 1952. The Class was specifically designed for working on lightly laid harbour track. All were withdrawn by 1983. Cast brass, 20¾"x14½", in ex loco condition.

Lot 547 Key with brass tag Palmers Green Up Dist Sig Fogging Machine, tag 3½".

Lot 548 A Caledonian Railway lavatory roll holder, brass plate C.R., with hands, 5".

Lot 549 A cash bag, LNER, Saxham and Newmarket.

Lot 550 A GWR Drawing Office cast iron paperweight, 4"x2½".

Lot 551 A boxed medalion, South Eastern Railway Jubilee 1836-1886 and Victoria 1837-1887, bronzed, ribbon.

Lot 552 A GWR framed phone circuit card, Laira Loco-Long Rock.

Lot 553 A wooden ground frame notice, LANCASTER DOWN PLATFORM FRAME, cast letters, 48"x12", unrestored.

Lot 554 A worksplate, AVELING & PORTER, ROCHESTER, 11849, Cast brass, 8"x5½", + Aveling Barford AE556, Ex North Devon Road Roller. Cast brass 9"x6", both ex loco. (2)

Lot 555 A registration plate, WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL No. 151, 26 June 1918, brass 7¼"x4¼", one corner repaired.

Lot 556 An illuminated address to Joseph Layton, Station Master, West Norwood 1918, (48 passengers presented twenty guineas) framed, 13¾"x17".

Lot 557 A Brighton Station destination plate, LIVERPOOL, enamel, 12"x1½".

Lot 558 An LSWR cast iron signal box door notice, 13"x7", unrestored.

Lot 559 A GNR wooden police truncheon, GNR 121 on side.

Lot 560 A traction engine/roller plate, CLEE HILL TRANSPORT & ROLLING Co, CLEE HILL, LUDLOW No. 17. Cast brass, 14½"x4¾".

Lot 561 An LNER cast iron door plate, PORTERS, repainted.

Lot 562 A cash bag plate, LMS MANGOTSFIELD COA, brass 3"x1".

Lot 563 A cash bag plate, N.E.R. USHAW MOOR, (Co Durham Station).

Lot 564 A ground frame key, BRENT G.F. KEY A, brass.

Lot 565 A nameplate, WOOLLAS HALL, from a GWR 4900 Hall Class 4-6-0 No 5965 built at Swindon in August 1936 and named after a country house near Pershore. Allocated to Gloucester by January 1948, it then had a lengthy spell at Oxford, finishing its days at Oxley and Tyseley from where it was withdrawn in the week ending 7 July 1962 and sold for scrap to Cashmores at Great Bridge. We are happy to accept entries for our next auction in payment for nameplates, or will consider offers of railwayana on behalf of the vendor. Phone us to discuss.

Lot 566 A GWR cabside numberplate, 5965, from WOOLLAS HALL. (See previous Lot for loco history).

Lot 567 An underground cab plate, BOW ROAD-HOUNSLOW, enamel, brass ends, white/black, length 28½".

Lot 568 An enamel staff instrument plate, PORTARLINGTON GSR, 5"X3".

Lot 569 A brass lever description plate, HOME FROM MACROOM, 3"x1".

Lot 570 A single line tablet, WESTERFIELD-DERBY ROAD, (fibre) with carrier.

Lot 571 A lever plate ex Barnstaple Jct, includes Femington Inner Home. (3)

Lot 572 A GER Hotel Harwich salad serving fork, length 10".

Lot 573 A GER pressure gauge, initials on face, 4" diameter.

Lot 574 An LNER cast iron door plate, LAMPS, repainted.

Lot 575 An LNER cast iron door plate, GOODS OFFICE, repainted.

Lot 576 A nameplate, E. TOOTAL BROADHURST, from the LMS Patriot Class 4-6-0 No 5935 built at Derby in 1933 and named after a former Director of the LNWR. The nameplates were fitted to sister engine 5916 in March 1933 and transferred to 5935 early in 1937. No 5935 was renumbered 5534, becoming BR 45534, and rebuilt in 1948. Allocated new to Holbeck in April 1933, withdrawn from Crewe North in May 1964 and cut up at Crewe Works by 26 June 1964. Cast brass, 48½" long. We are happy to accept entries for our next auction in payment for nameplates, or will consider offers of railwayana on behalf of the vendor. Phone us to discuss.

Lot 577 A GWR Provident Society Certificate, 1877, damaged and professionally mounted, detail complete, 16"x20½".

Lot 578 BR(W) ivorine shelf plates, NORTH FITZWARREN JUNCTION, BURLESCOMBE, 4½"x1½", damage to latter. (2)

Lot 579 A large train staff, MANULLA JUNC-CASTLEBAR, from the Dublin to Westport route.

Lot 580 A large train staff, BAGNALSTOWN-PALACE EAST, from the Great Southern and Western Railway's Kildare to Palace route.

Lot 581 A GNR medal, GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY PRIZE ESSAY, coat of arms, anvil and wheel/locomotive and Roman god Mercury. 2" diameter, boxed.

Lot 582 A large train staff, FOYNES JUNCTION, the other plate absent.

Lot 583 A GWR roundel milk jug, height 4".

Lot 584 A GCR, Car No. 1608, meat dish, coat of arms, 11¾"x9".

Lot 585 A Darlington Wagon Company plate, circular, 7", front repainted.

Lot 586 An L&YR ceramic tea pot stand, full title and coat of arms, 5¾" diameter, a hairline crack.

Lot 587 An LNER Keswickware ashtray, base marked, Ashtray Property of LNER, 4½" square.

Lot 588 A coach plate, Passengers Are Not Allowed To Stand On The Platform. Ex gated coach. Brass, 14½"x3".

Lot 589 A Furness Railway star wagonplate, F R Co, 1112A, JUNE 1916, 6½"x7½", unrestored.

Lot 590 An LMS lever plate, STAPLE HILL UP INTER BLOCK DISTANT SIGNAL, alloy 4"x5", (ex Fishponds).

Lot 591 A large train staff, ATHENRY-ARDRAHAN, from the Waterford, Limerick and Western Railway's route between Limerick and Collooney.

Lot 592 An NER directors pass, Mr J.W. BULLEN, with silver band and ring, 1" diameter.

Lot 593 A GER brass table lamp, brass plate, CHANTRY, a box in Ipswich, with burner and chimney.

Lot 594 A double arrows emblem, ex 33 025, SULTAN, length 27½", ex loco.

Lot 595 A cash bag, BR, LONG SUTTON, (M&GN Line), with LNER brass tag.

Lot 596 A cash bag, LMSR, AYR GOODS, with LNWR padlock.

Lot 597 A tinplate wagonplate, WEST SHARLSTON COLLIERY, GNR, 6¾"x4½", a few face marks.

Lot 598 GNR and LNER key tags for Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross, each 4¾" long, white metal. (2)

Lot 599 A shedplate, 89D Oswestry (September 1960 to September 1963). The front repainted.

Lot 600 An enamel destination plate, SURBITON, ex Waterloo departure board. Length 17½".

Lot 601 A GER 8" dial office clock, cast bezel, clockwork mechanism, GER 4310 on face, rear instruction label marked Police Office Parkeston, lacks glass.

Lot 602 A German locomotive numberplate, 99 1789-9, alloy numbers on steel, 33"x8" + Deutsche Reichsbahn plate. Ex loco.

Lot 603 A German locomotive numberplate, 99 586, cast iron, 23"x7½", ex loco.

Lot 604 A shedplate, 12A Kingmoor, front repainted.

Lot 605 A shedplate, 30A Stratford, repainted.

Lot 606 A shedplate, 51L Thornaby, repainted.

Lot 607 A shedplate 70D Basingstoke, front repainted.

Lot 608 A Bulgarian Railway locomotive crest, 10½"x12", with date 9-9-1944 at base, cast alloy, front repainted.

Lot 609 An enamel sign, CRYSTAL PALACE, within a wooden frame, 22"x6", some restoration.

Lot 610 A LNER Dining Car tablecloth, the full coat of arms woven into the linen, 60"x40".

Lot 611 A miniature railway loco nameplate, PRINCESS MARINA, brass letters on brass backplate. Length 23½", depth 3", unrestored.

Lot 612 A destination plate from the Brighton indicator, LEEDS, enamel, length 12".

Lot 613 A destination plate from the Brighton indicator, LEICESTER, enamel, length 12".

Lot 614 A Rail Tour headboard, The Hampshire Branch Lines Rail Tour, (9/4/67) with tour details, Ten Locos inc Bulleids USA Tanks, etc, metal with bracket, 35½"x23½", original condition.

Lot 615 An S&D Joint phone circuit framed notice, Highbridge Loco, B.O. Bason Bge, Edington Jct, Cossington, Bridgwater, 1930, 4¼"x5".

Lot 616 A brass seal, LMS KINGENNIE, height 3¾".

Lot 617 A key token, NEWQUAY-ST DENNIS JUNCTION, (alloy).

Lot 618 A slate brewery advertising sign, INDE COOPE, BURTON & ROMFORD, 12"X25".

Lot 619 A wagonplate, Bristol Wagon and Carriage Works, 1892, 10¾"x5", original condition.

Lot 620 A miniature train staff, WATERFORD WEST-KILMEADEN, (alloy), from the Waterford, Dungarvon and Lismore Railway's route to Fermoy.

Lot 621 A miniature train staff, KILLONAN JC-DROMKEEN, (alloy), from the Waterford, Limerick and Western Railway's Limerick to Limerick Junction section.

Lot 622 A miniature train staff, SLIGO-BALLYMOTE, (alloy), from the Midland Great Western Railway's Sligo to Mullingar route.

Lot 623 A large train staff, KILLYLEA-TYNAN, from the Great Northern Railway's Armagh to Clones route.

Lot 624 A large train staff, CROSSDONEY JCT-BALLYWILLAN, from the Midland Great Western Railway's Cavan to Inny Junction route.

Lot 625 A silver plated sugar and milk set, STATION HOTEL, WICK. Height 8¼".

Lot 626 A wagonplate, Steetley Lime & Basic Co Worksop Notts, No 577, 13"x8", front repainted.

Lot 627 A wagonplate, Moys Wagon Co. Peterborough, 9¾"x6½", front repainted, a 1" hole filled on the first 'S', some border wasting.

Lot 628 A wagonplate, Lever Bros, Port Sunlight, No 471, 12¾"x6½", front repainted.

Lot 629 A Belfast and Northern Counties wagon plate, BNCR 995, 13¾"x6¾", front repainted.

Lot 630 A wagonplate, Bristol & South Wales 15146, 9¼"x6¾", front repainted.

Lot 631 A wagonplate, Burnyeat Brown, Docks Cardiff, Repairs Treorchy Glam. 9¾"x5½", front repainted.

Lot 632 A wagonplate, Principality Wagon Co, Ferry Road, Cardiff. 10¼"x3¾", front repainted.

Lot 633 A wagonplate, Lincoln Wagon & Engine Co, 18665, 11¼"x6½", front repainted.

Lot 634 A wagonplate, Thomas Hunter, Builders, 1924, Rugby, 9"x5½", front repainted.

Lot 635 A GER coach plate, GER DUAL, STRATFORD WORKS + GER MAKERS 1884, each 9"x7", repainted. (2)

Lot 636 A New Zealand Government Railway carriage notice. Enamel, 8"x5", edge chips, surface marks.

Total number of Lots in Hardware Items: 136.