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Coronavirus Update

Great Central Auctions are staying open for business!

Our auctions will continue; however, there will be a few alterations to the way our sales are run and to our programme of events:

  • The June Main Auction will be going ahead and further entries are now being accepted. However, as we will not be able to run it as a live event at Stoneleigh, we are in the process of putting alternative and innovative bidding arrangements in place. The details of these will be announced shortly.
  • The June Postal Auction will take place as normal, though without the Alpha Lots section. Items will be available to view on the website, rather than being displayed at Stoneleigh.
  • The Ticket Postal Auctions will continue to run as usual.
  • The live Paddington Ticket Auctions will now run as postal auctions.
  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of our Bloxham Auctions, these will have to be cancelled until further notice.

Any revised dates and arrangements will be published on this website as the situation develops. Please keep checking back for updates!

We at Great Central Auctions, are fully committed to maintaining a comprehensive programme of events to keep everyone interested and in touch throughout this difficult time, albeit in some revised formats. As ever, we aim to remain true to our motto "always something under the hammer!".

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers well. Until we are able to meet again, please take care and stay safe!

Next Great Central Railwayana Auction

A small selection of items for our next auction:

Locomotive Nameplate, PORTLAND BILL

Locomotive Nameplate:

Cabside Numberplate, 2038 (Portland Bill)

Cabside Numberplate: 2038 (Portland Bill)

Single Line Tablet, Lymington Jnc - Lymington

Single Line Tablet: Lymington Jnc - Lymington

Signal Instrument, MR Block, Carlton Road Jcn Signal Instrument nameplate, Carlton Road Jcn

Signal Instrument: MR Block, Carlton Road Jcn

Signal Box Nameboard, Forest Gate Junction, LNER

Signal Box Nameboard: Forest Gate Junction, LNER

Station Sign, Upminster Trains, BR(E)

Station Sign: North London Line, BR(M)

Target Station Sign, HALWILL

Target Station Sign: HALWILL

Totem Station Sign, WITHYHAM

Totem Station Sign: WITHYHAM

Totem Station Sign, BROAD STREET

Totem Station Sign: BROAD STREET

Totem Station Sign, ILKLEY

Totem Station Sign: ILKLEY


March 2020 Postal Auction of Railway, Bus and Tram Tickets

Bidding in this Postal Auction closed on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Rail Ticket, Lot 88 in GCR Sale 278Rail Ticket, Lot 110 in GCR Sale 278Rail Ticket, Lot 143 in GCR Sale 278Rail Ticket, Lot 272 in GCR Sale 278

The On-Line Ticket Auction Catalogue on this website has been updated with the Sale Results. A complete listing of these can also be downloaded as a PDF file for printing:
Ticket Auction, Sale 278, Results.


Great Central Railwayana Live Auction at Stoneleigh Park:
Saturday, 7 March 2020.

The on-line GCR March 2020 Auction Catalogue was updated with the Sale Results after the auction.

Sale 276: the 500 Lots of Railwayana included:

Locomotive Nameplate, ANTI-AIRCRAFT COMMAND, Battle of Britain Class
Totem Station Sign, Okehampton

Totem Station Sign: OKEHAMPTON
- sold for £6,400

Locomotive Nameplate:
Battle of Britain Class
- sold for £27,000

Locomotive Nameplate, EDMUND BURKE

Locomotive Nameplate: EDMUND BURKE
- sold for £15,500

Locomotive Worksplate, LB&SCR Brighton 83, 1912 (32083)

Worksplate: LB&SCR Brighton 83, 1912 (32083)
- sold for £2,100

Signal Box Instrument, LSWR Preece Block

Signal Box Instrument:
LSWR Preece Block
- sold for £1,500

Signal Box Instrument, LNWR Train Describer, Crewe

Signal Box Instrument:
LNWR Train Describer, Crewe
- sold for £1,560

Signal Box Instrument, Tyer & Co. No. 9 key token instrument

Signal Box Instrument:
Tyer & Co. No. 9 Key Token
- sold for £1,900

Target Station Sign, Exeter

Target Station Sign: EXETER CENTRAL
- sold for £1,900

Enamel Sign, train spotters are not allowed inside this gate

Enamel Sign: No Trainspotters, BR(E)
- sold for £1,000

Locomotive Worksplate, Class 40 D326, later 40126 from the Great Train Robbery locomotive

Worksplate: Class 40 D326, later 40126
- sold for £3,100
Link to a Heritage Railway article about this worksplate from the Great Train Robbery locomotive

Great Central Railwayana Bloxham Auction Saturday, 22 February 2020

General Railwayana Items: 1000 Lots

The February 2020 GCR Bloxham auction was well attended despite the weather and a wide selection of Lots sold well with some very good prices realised. If you would like to look back through the Lots, or see what you missed, the on-line Bloxham Auction catalogue is still available to view.

Sale Location: The Warriner School, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 4LJ.


Calendar of Great Central Live Railwayana Auctions for 2020

Stoneleigh (Railwayana): 7 March, 6 June, 5 September & 5 December 2020.

Bloxham (General Railwayana): 22 February, 30 May & 8 August 2020.

Paddington (Road & Rail Tickets) 25 January, 25 April, 18 July & 24 October 2020.

To register for complimentary catalogues for our future auctions please or phone on 01327 263633

Contact Information:

Great Central Railwayana Ltd
14 School Street, Woodford Halse, Daventry, NN11 3RL

Office Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Monday to Friday
Telephone: 01327 262193 / 01327 263633