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Live Great Central Railwayana Live Auction at Stoneleigh Park:
Saturday, 7 December 2019

The on-line GCR December 2019 Auction Catalogue has been updated with the Sale Results.

Sale 271: 500 Lots of Railwayana:


Locomotive Nameplate, Wild Swan

Locomotive Nameplate: WILD SWAN


Locomotive Nameplate, Sir Urre of the Mount

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, Sir William Gray

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, The Royal Dragoon

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, Hermit

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, Queen Mary

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, Ulster

Loco Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, Beachamwell Hall

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, Lechlade Manor

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate, Hutton Hall

Locomotive Nameplate:

Locomotive Nameplate:
(to be sold in the postal auction)

Cabside Numberplate: 5965
(to be sold in the postal auction)

Locomotive Nameplate:
(to be sold in the postal auction)

Locomotive Cabside Numberplate, 2887

Cabside Numberplate: 2887

Locomotive Cabside Numberplate, SAR, 4087, GMAM

Cabside Numberplate: SAR, 4087, GMAM

Locomotive Cabside Numberplate, 7825 (Lechlade Manor)

Cabside Numberplate: 7825 (Lechlade Manor)

Locomotive Cabside Numberplate, 2043, Southern Railway

Cabside Numberplate: 2043, Southern Railway

Locomotive Cabside Numberplate, 5097 (Sarum Castle)

Cabside Numberplate: 5097 (Sarum Castle)

Locomotive Cabside Numberplate, 3395 (Tasmania)

Cabside Numberplate: 3395 (Tasmania)

Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate, 30788 (Sir Urre of the Mount)

Smokebox: 30788 (Sir Urre of the Mount)

Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate, 51212

Smokebox Numberplate: 51212

Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate, 60065 (Earl of Plymouth)

Smokebox: 60065 (Earl of Plymouth)

Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate, 48000

Smokebox Numberplate: 48000

Shedplate, Stewarts Lane

Shedplate: Stewarts Lane

Locomotive Smokebox Numberplate, 60065

Smokebox Numberplate: 60065

Shedplate, 33A

Shedplate: 33A

Shedplate, King's Lynn, LNER

Shedplate: King's Lynn, LNER

>Wagonplate, Wirral Railway, 6

Wagonplate: Wirral Railway, 6

Worksplate (Steam), G.&S.W, 310, Kilmarnock

Worksplate: G.&S.W, 310, Kilmarnock

Worksplate (Steam), Dubs, 3535,1897 (30350)

Worksplate: Dubs, 3535,1897 (30350)

Worksplate (Steam), Neilson, 4536, 1893

Worksplate: Neilson, 4536, 1893

Worksplate (Steam), Sharp Stewart, 4643, 1900 (57596)

Worksplate: Sharp Stewart, 4643, 1900 (57596)

Worksplate (Steam), GNR Doncaster 1085, 1905 (62839)

Worksplate: GNR Doncaster 1085, 1905 (62839)

Worksplate (Steam), Worksplate, Kitson, 5477, 1936

Worksplate: Worksplate, Kitson, 5477, 1936

Worksplate (Steam), LNER 1842, Doncaster, 1936, R/b 1944

Worksplate: LNER 1842, Doncaster, 1936, R/b 1944

Worksplate (Steam), Franco Belge, 1272, 1899 (Barry Rly)

Worksplate: Franco Belge, 1272, 1899 (Barry Rly)

Worksplate (Diesel), Drewry RSH, 2681, 1960 (D2300)

Worksplate: Drewry RSH, 2681, 1960 (D2300)

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, GLOUCESTER EASTGATE


Target Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, MARBLE ARCH LT

Target Station Sign: MARBLE ARCH

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, LANGHOLM

Totem Station Sign: LANGHOLM

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, ILFRACOMBE

Totem Station Sign: ILFRACOMBE

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, SUTTON COLDFIELD

Totem Station Sign: SUTTON COLDFIELD

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, WALKER GATE

Totem Station Sign: WALKER GATE

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, APPERLEY BRIDGE

Totem Station Sign: APPERLEY BRIDGE

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, PETERBOROUGH EAST


Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, PENRUDDOCK

Totem Station Sign: PENRUDDOCK

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL


Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, PETERBOROUGH NORTH


Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, WOLVERHAMPTON (LOW LEVEL)


Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, NEWTON ABBOT

Totem Station Sign: NEWTON ABBOT

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, CHADWELL HEATH

Totem Station Sign: CHADWELL HEATH

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, SALISBURY

Totem Station Sign: SALISBURY

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, WILLESDEN JUNCTION


Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, SEAMER

Totem Station Sign: SEAMER

Cast Iron Sign: Locos Emitting Smoke, GCR

Railway Poster, Giants Refreshed by Cuneo

Poster: Giants Refreshed, Cuneo

Totem Station Sign in GCR Sale 271, COUPAR ANGUS

Totem Station Sign: COUPAR ANGUS

Street Direction Sign, Footpath to Station, BR(NE)

Street Sign: Footpath to Station, BR(NE)

Street Direction Sign, Brentford Station, L&SWR

Street Sign: Brentford Station, L&SWR

Station Sign, Tinkers Green Halt, BR(W) Lamp Tablet

Sign: Tinkers Green Halt, BR(W) Lamp Tablet

Station Sign, Norwich & Cambridge Trains

Station Sign: Norwich & Cambridge Trains

Railway Poster, Forging Ahead by Cuneo

Poster: Forging Ahead, Cuneo

Railway Poster, Cornwall

Poster: Cornwall

Railway Poster, Service by Night, Shepherd

Poster: Service by Night, Shepherd

Single Line Tablet, Annat-Glenfinnan

Single Line Tablet: Annat-Glenfinnan

Coat of Arms, Bisley Opening

Coat of Arms: Bisley Opening

Uniform, GER Fireman's Helmet

Uniform: GER Fireman's Helmet

Single Line Staff, Headford Jct - Kilgarvan

Single Line Staff: Headford Junct - Kilgarvan

Drum Clock, Windermere Travel Club

Clock: Windermere Travel Club, Drum

Signal Box Nameboard, Hunstanton<

Signal Box Nameboard: Hunstanton

Wooden Notice, To Trains For Chester

Wooden Notice: To Trains for Chester

LYR China Chamber Pot

China: LYR Chamber Pot

Clock, Midland Railway 12" Dropcase

Clock: Midland Railway 12" Dropcase

Signal Box Instrument, LB&SCR Tyers Block

Signalling: LB&SCR Tyers Block

Furniture, GER Captain's Chair

Furniture: GER Captain's Chair

Handlamp, N&SJC, Corton/Surfleet

Handlamp: N&SJC, Corton/Surfleet

Armband: Stockton Station, Out Porter No. 4

Armband: Stockton, Out Porter

Signal Box Diagram, Primrose, GER

Signal Box Diagram: Primrose, GER

Model, Coin Operated Rocket

Model: Coin Operated Rocket

Ceremonial Trowel, SER

Ceremonial Trowel: SER

In addition to the 500 Lots in the Stoneleigh Auction, there are 136 Hardware Lots in the SRA Postal Auction (closing 17 December), including two locomotive nameplates, numberplates, shedplates and wagonplates in addition to a wide range of other items. Items in the Postal Auction were on display at Stoneleigh on 7 December with the exception of Lots 501-526 (due to their size and/or weight). The bids for these Postal Auction Lots must be in by 17 December. You can view these Railwayana Hardware Items on this website. The full SRA Postal Auction catalogue is available on the Sheffield Railwayana Auctions website.


January 2020 Postal Auction of Railway, Bus and Tram Tickets

Rail Ticket, Lot 264 in GCR Sale 273Rail Ticket, Lot 261 in GCR Sale 273Rail Ticket, Lot 419 in GCR Sale 273Rail Ticket, Lot 470 in GCR Sale 273

The On-Line Ticket Auction Catalogue is available to view on this website. Bidding in this Postal Auction will close on Tuesday, 7 January 2020.

The next live Paddington Ticket Auction will be on Saturday, 25 January 2020 at
The Royal National Hotel Woburn Place, London WC1H 0JX.


Calendar of Great Central Live Railwayana Auctions for 2020

Stoneleigh (Railwayana): 7 March, 6 June, 5 September & 5 December 2020.

Bloxham (General Railwayana): 22 February, 30 March & 8 August 2020.

Paddington (Road & Rail Tickets) 25 January, 25 April, 18 July & 24 October 2020.

To register for complimentary catalogues for our future auctions please or phone on 01327 263633

If you have any hardware items such as nameplates, cabsides, smokeboxes, shedplates, totems, targets, signalling items, clocks, railway lamps or paperwork items such as tickets, posters, carriage prints, pre-grouping timetables, notices etc. that you wish to sell, please contact us on 01327 263633.

In 2020 Great Central Railwayana Limited will hold the following auctions:
quarterly live Great Central Railwayana Auctions at
The Royal Show Ground, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ,
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auctions that close 10 days after each Stoneleigh auction,
quarterly live Paddington Ticket Auctions in central London,
quarterly Rail and Road Ticket Postal Auctions, and
three live Sales of General Railwayana at Bloxham (near Banbury, Oxfordshire).

We are the leading specialist auctioneers for all items of Railwayana, from a Luggage Label to a Locomotive Nameplate.

Contact Information:

Great Central Railwayana Ltd
14 School Street, Woodford Halse, Daventry, NN11 3RL

Office Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Monday to Friday
Telephone: 01327 262193 / 01327 263633